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The contemporary Indian economy provides domestic and international residents with a wide range of investment opportunities. Mutual funds, stock markets, alternative investment funds (AIF), and other investment options are the most popular. AIF investments are becoming more popular among investors who are Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), Non-Resident Indians (NRI), and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI).

An Overview of the Indian Economy & The NRI Investor Activities

According to a projection, India’s GDP will overtake China’s as the second-largest in the world by 2050. According to the gross domestic product, it now holds the sixth-place position worldwide. This suggests that for NRI investors, India may be a terrific alternative. An economy with more than 130 crores of citizens offers tremendous potential for investment rewards across most industries.

About AIF for NRI

By issuing units, AIFs allow investments from all Indians, including NRIs. According to the AMC compliance policy, the fund can have geographical limits. To invest in AIFs, investors must first fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • AIFs must have a minimum corpus of Rs. 20 crores, but just Rs. 10 crores if angel investors are involved.
  • For each plan, a maximum of 1000 investors may participate.
  • A continuing stake of Rs. 5 crores or less than 2.5% of the initial corpus shall go to the management or sponsor.

India’s Growth Opportunity

India’s GDP has increased significantly over time. It is now ranked sixth globally. In the following thirty years, this economy is anticipated to rank among the top two economies in the world. According to the GDP projection for the next five years, the economy will expand at around 6.5% to 7%. On the other side, investment risk is decreased by economic stability. At the moment, India has a stable central government as well. Political stability contributes to economic stability, which in turn, lessens market volatility.

Why An NRI Should Invest

Typically, resident Indians, Indians who have immigrated overseas, and foreigners can make investments in Alternative Investment Funds. The permitted amount for regular investors is Rs. 1 crore. The minimum investment required of angel investors is Rs. 25 lakhs. The minimum investment requirement for top management, including directors, fund managers, and other AIF employees, is Rs. 25 lakhs.

For NRIs, investing in India would be a great choice. The enormous economy of India is capable of producing profitable returns on investments. Make investing simple with the help of AIF & PMS Experts India.

NRIs can also invest in PMS

The NRI has to appoint a stock broker who is a resident of India and can buy or sell shares on his behalf. The NRI also has to open a separate NRI PMS Account and sign an agreement with the PMS Service provider. The documentation process is typically handled by the stockbroker or service provider themselves on behalf of the NRI.
All the other dos and don’ts are applicable to NRIs under the RBI’s PIS Scheme. These include limits on the investments made in single stocks or on the procedure for investments made under repatriation & non-repatriation basis as well as those applicable for short-selling of shares.
The NRI can also transfer existing investments to the PMS service provider. On the expiry of the PMS contract, NRI investors can repatriate the net investments, post-tax, if they were done through the NRE PIS Account.
Charges for PMS may be fixed or performance-linked, or a combination of both. These are clearly communicated to the NRI investor and documented in the agreement between the two. Other charges, those applicable for operating the PIS Account, demat maintenance charges as well as brokerage charges for transactions are also required to be paid.
For NRI’s, PMS services offer the benefit of personalised, professional money management with easy access to the fund manager as well as flexibility in investment decisions – making them attractive avenues for investment.


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