Anantam International SPC Fund

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Fund Overview

Management Fee: 2%
Exit load: 1% in Year 1, 0% from Year 2
Minimum investment : $100,000
Reporting: Monthly returns and holdings; detailed quarterly reports
Auditor: RSM Cayman Ltd
Brokers: Interactive Brokers LLC
Bank: SBM Bank
Administrator: Ohm Dovetail Global Admin (IFSC) Private Limited

Proprietary AI system developed in-house by Upside AI

INPUT: Bottom-up and Fundamental top-down data

  • Profit Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • GDP metrics
  • Inflation metrics
  • Volatility metrics

LEARNING: Examines 50 million portfolios and teaches itself what it means to be a “good” portfolio in current markets

OUTCOME: Builds a portfolio of 20-40 ETFs and stocks with weights assigned to each

  • Low human intervention
  • Rebalanced periodically

ANALYSIS: Parses parameters

  • Growth Percentage
  • Cash flow metrics
  • Valuation metrics
  • Return ratios
  • Capital efficiency
  • Macro metrics


  • Machine learning
  • Macro + Bottom-up
  • Market-driven
  • Periodic rebalance
  • Low human intervention

Proprietary AI system developed in-house by Upside AI

  • CORNERSTONE: An Indian investor must have some exposure to the US market in accordance with prudent asset allocation. More than 50% of the global market valuation.
  • US #TECH: Indians can choose active funds investing in technology or passive funds following the SP500 or N100 that are overweight on technology. 11 unique industries with total market caps ranging from $1.5T to $10T.
  • CHAMPIONS: The top businesses across all industries are found in the US, which also serves as the entry point for innovations that lead the globe. The US market is the only place to invest in industries and companies that are best in class.

About Upside AI

On the foundation of the long-term prediction that technology would outperform humans in making investment decisions, Upside AI was founded in 2017. Machines are objective, emotionless, and unaffected by market ecstasy and fright, which is why this is the case. Their goal is to maximize your upside while providing you with the most cutting-edge investment technologies.

Upside AI uses machine learning to create long-term investment judgments that outperform those of humans. This is possible because robots may operate in times of market excitement and terror while remaining objective and emotionless. We train robots to comprehend, identify, and purchase firms that are both in-demand stocks and fundamentally sound enterprises.

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