AIF & PMS Conclave 1.0: India’s Largest Summit on Alternate Investing And Portfolio Management Services

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Table of Content:

Current and future scenario of alternate investing in India
Why should you participate in this
Overview of the conclave
The golden decade for India
Parting note

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After the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine-Russia war, inflation, and energy supply disruption; recession in western countries comes to the picture. There are food crisis, civil war like situations, big names of failing banks, falling economy of neighbouring countries etc.

As the current global market is dealing with some severe issues, you might be wondering whether to invest further or not, or take a pause in your investing.

Amid of all these, India and its economy is in a stable condition. You may be an investor who has been investing for years, or you’re new to this. In this case, AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. is going to organize and host an exclusive conclave.

It would be one of the largest summits on AIF and PMS. So, bear with us to know more about this prospective conclave, ‘AIF & PMS CONCLAVE 1.0 – Bharat Sone Ki Chidiya’.

Current and future scenario of alternate investing in India

There’s a trend to invest in alternate investing options like AIF and PMS. The HNIs and Ultra HNIs are looking for a secure, risk tolerant and financial goal achieving investing vehicle. Alternate Investment Fund and Portfolio Management Service are the most suitable options in this case.

It is expected that the asset size of these two investing tools will be increased by 2.5 times in the coming years. It may grow to Rs. 30 lakh crore in the next five years.

As per the December 2022 data of SEBI, the assets under management (AUM) of discretionary PMS got a 14% absolute growth year-on-year. According to a data, it has a year-on-year asset growth rate of 23.2%.

What’s about AIF?

In the past ten years, the AIF market experienced the CAGR of almost 105%. The AIF investing grew by seven times in the past five years. Hence, all these positive data clearly indicates that the Indian ecosystem is growing well and fast.

As the awareness of investing among people is accelerating, we can surely say that Indian AIF and PMS investment would have the chances to attract more and more people in future.

Why should you participate in this conclave?

Wealth creation is one of the important aspects for us and our future generation(s). Long-term investments definitely make that process easy for us. Investing depends on several things, like, your goal, risk appetite, investment capital and most importantly on investment strategy.

You may be an experienced investor or have at least 50 lakh to invest and want to explore the alternate investments. It also happens that you’re a novice in this domain, and looking for the right platform in your investing journey.

Unfortunately, many retail investors can’t make the thing happen.

Hence, you need the correct fund manager with a suitable investment strategy that will bring great ROI for your wealth creation.

In our Portfolio Management Service experts-led conclave, you will listen and can interact with fund managers and enhance your knowledge.

Overview of the conclave:

First, let us introduce our partners. Our conclave’s title partner is Motilal Oswal Asset Management and media partner is ET Markets.

Our platinum partners are Whiteoak and Alternates. Four gold partners are ICICI Prudential, Negen Capital, InCred and IIFL. Besides that, AlfAccurate Advisors, Sundaram Alternates, Kotak Mutual Fund and Aditya Birla Sun life AMC Ltd. are our prestigious silver partners.

In our conclave, you will meet personalities who are professionally experts in finance, economic industry and fund management. As they are experienced, they will bring the idea about risk associated with investments, the outlook of alternate investments.

They will discuss the opportunities of higher returns, the impact of technology in world and investments, how investing in India will benefit you and other important topics.

This is a two day (12th and 13th April 2023) knowledge enhancing conclave for enthusiasts. The ‘AIF & PMS Conclave 1.0 Summit’ will be an online event.

This event for fund managers, family office for AIF, HNIs, Ultra HNIs and investment officials in the industry. The conclave will go from 12 PM to 6 PM. Here’s a chart you can follow.

The golden decade for India:

When the Russia-Ukraine war started in February 2022; the Sensex experienced a 2,702 point of plunge. Quickly, the Sensex along with the Nifty turned around with greater market corrections.

Though the evolving geopolitics shapes the world market as well as Indian markets, India bounce back. By a Morgan Stanley report, India will remain capable of sustaining its economy supported by its domestic demand.

In recent years, the number of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) also increased. As per the World Investment Report 2022, India is got the highest FDI inflows in the year of 2022.

India added 23 unicorns in 2022. The growth of science and technology also boosts the Indian economy and its associated companies. There are over 11 unicorn companies just added into the list during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now had the home of almost 100 unicorns!

Experts are optimistic as India may be the second-fastest growing economy after Saudi Arabia among G20 nations. This year, India will host the G20 summit along its presidency. This could be an added benefit to its economy.

In 2019, India became the fifth-largest economy, followed by the United Kingdom. The Indian government is very egger to make it a Rs. 5 trillion economies. Timely injected money into the economy, incentives various industries and policymaking, better ease of doing business ranking could be major parameters in this mission.

It is also estimated that India could be the second-largest economy in Asia-Pacific, surprising Japan, by 2030. Many industry experts think that India has the potential to be the third-largest economy among all the countries, after the USA and China.

Its socio-economic policies and emerging world-wide diplomatic presence, has made India a stable economic nation. We’ll notice a manufacturing boom in India soon. The government is now heavily investing in its infrastructure development. It means, participating in this sector is a return in the long term.

Therefore, this decade would be a game-changer, a golden decade for the Indian economy and its investors.

Parting note:

From economic liberalization to the FAME scheme, India has taken many bold and visionary policies for its economy. India has seen many ups and down until today through its decisions. The decisions taken for Portfolio Management Service in the previous decade helped our economy.

You may want to know how India will achieve its goal, and participating in its growth story will benefit you in the long term. So, you have to register now the two-day conclave organizing by AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

You can also contact us on 8368586435 or mail us through [email protected] for conclave or investment related queries.

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