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Everyone claims to be the most trustworthy when it comes to your money. Your trust, we say, is our riches. As a new company, we’ve built our name by providing services and goods that have been thoroughly and strategically planned. At AIF & PMS, we cater to high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNIs). Our Portfolio Analytics methodologies and PMS comparison tools are among the most powerful and data-driven in the industry. We can focus on high-performance investment theories and apply the L-E-A-P of wealth because of our unique manager-centric investment approach.

Overview of Ambit PMS Management

Ambit PMS is one of India’s most dependable economic advice and funding providers. They focus on providing customised economic solutions that fit their consumers’ demands. These are based on in-depth knowledge of the Indian economy and market factors, unrivalled research, and a client-focused strategy. 

The ‘abacus,’ which has governed the advancement of civilisation for generations, is at the centre of the answers. Ambit provides intelligent responses that create intrinsic value for all stakeholders based on this concept. Ambit Capital PMS has a very remarkable and healthy rate of return. Normally, the firm can outperform MFR by around ten years ( mutual fund returns). Ambit Capital has established itself as the world’s leading provider of PMS solutions because of its robust and healthy return rate.

Ambitious business acumen allows us to see the big picture and understand the levers that influence the business drivers, making smart decisions and moves that increase long-term profitability for our clients and ourselves, resulting in long-term success. Ambit PMS can break down complexity while providing clients with the most cost-effective solutions. Ambit’s staff is a potent mix of academic depth, significant experience, and razor-sharp insight. Ambit leaders are industry specialists who build clever solutions by combining thought leadership and expertise.

Ambit Capital is the most effective portfolio management service provider in India. In the year 1997, Ashok Wadhwa created the PMS house. It is a private corporation based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, registered with India’s Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) ( securities exchange board of India ). Due to its portfolio management service solution, the stockbroking firm is well-known in the stock market. It is a very good PMS player with a strong reputation for performance. To handle its PMS business, the PMS company employs many fund managers.

Let’s Jump into Their Exciting PMS Product offers:

Ambit Coffee Can PMS

This method selects companies that have the potential to withstand both internal and external challenges for investment. Over a decade, such organisations have achieved profits growth in a narrow range of 15% to 30% every year. Firms with high-quality franchises are considered for this approach since they can produce long-term steady profits growth.

The Coffee Can Portfolio is a highly concentrated portfolio of 10-15 stocks with fewer than one stock average annual churn. As a result, the coffee can portfolio may take advantage of the “Power of Compounding.” Coffee Can Pms aims to deliver a 20-25 per cent earnings CAGR over lengthy holding periods, with portfolio volatility comparable to that of government bonds. Do not try to time the market using non-fundamental variables such as oil price speculation, exchange rates, politics, or other non-fundamental issues. Most Coffee Can Pms enterprises dominate their marketplaces and have unbeatable competitive advantages in their core sectors. Ambit PMS Asset Management’s Coffee Can PMS Fund Manager is Manish Jain.

The Coffee Can Portfolio is a growth-oriented investment strategy. According to the adage, quality comes at a cost, and it always pays off in the long run. They think that as long as earnings continue to rise, stock prices will rise in lockstep, although non-linearly.

Ambit Emerging Giants Portfolio

For this approach, organisations are chosen based on their flawless track record of clean accounting and governance and efficient capital allocation. The unique forensic accounting framework identifies organisations with weak accounting growth, while the proprietary greatness framework identifies capital allocators and takes a holistic approach to growth. In terms of return generation, the return expectation is based on risk-adjusted returns and decreased portfolio drawdown.

It’s a collection of businesses whose goal is to build wealth over time by investing in tomorrow’s leaders. Ambit’s goal is to find market leaders in narrow sectors with enormous potential for long-term growth early in the cycle to build large wealth over time. Some of the traits they seek when adding a firm to the portfolio are a good corporate governance track record, a critically under-penetrated product category, and strong market leadership.

The company selection process focuses on picking organisations with a solid track record of efficient capital allocation and clean accounting processes to select the correct investments. They want to establish a low-churn portfolio of 15-20 firms that can generate value for investors over time in a reasonably risk-free manner. The fund’s goal is to look for opportunities in the under-researched and under-owned world of small-caps to generate consistent returns in what is typically seen as a high-risk investment.

Even when small-cap indices have declined, the Emerging Giants Portfolio has consistently provided double-digit returns, exceeding peers and benchmarks by a wide margin.

Ambit Good And Clean

Good & Clean Ambit Midcap Portfolio consists mostly of mid-cap firms with a strong track record of capital allocation and transparent accounting. They look for organisations with the potential to grow into large-cap corporations in the future. The upshot of the rigorous selection process is a high-quality portfolio of chosen firms that produce higher benchmark returns while minimising drawdowns over time. 

Essentially, while the goal is to create returns, and even the more important goal is to control drawdowns better, they feel that accomplishing the former depends on attaining the latter. The goal of the Good and Clean fund is to find market leaders in specialised categories early in their growth cycles with enormous potential for long-term sustainable accretion and considerable wealth creation.

Good indicates that financial indicators have improved over the previous six years due to smart capital allocation. Clean signifies best-in-class corporate governance and financial statements that reflect the underlying firm accurately. The emphasis on “Good” contributes to the upside, while the emphasis on “Clean” reduces risk. The goal of the Good and Clean fund is to find market leaders in specialised categories early in their growth cycles with enormous potential for long-term sustainable accretion and considerable wealth creation.

The goal is to find organisations focused on growth and have high brand equity, managerial bandwidth, and market leadership. The goal is to invest in companies with long-term profits growth offered at reasonable prices. Ambit’s excellent clean has Aishvarya Dadheech as its director and fund manager.


Ambit PMS Capital is the most effective solution provider in the country. Its adaptable investing techniques have produced outstanding returns for all of its clients. Clients benefit from their customisable commission schemes and investment programmes, which bring simplicity and enjoyment. The assistance system and services are also well-organized and useful. Ambit Capital may be the finest alternative for you if you want to change to a PMS solution to invest in. To receive full-fledged guidance, contact the specialists at AIF PMS.

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