All About ASK Investment Philosophy

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All About ASK Investment Philosophy

Recently a new session was brought to the table by Mr. Vikas Agarwal, founder of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., on “ASK Investment Philosophy.” Our key speaker was Mr. Nimesh Mehta, the director, and Country Head- Sales & Product @ ASK Investment Managers Ltd.

Having invested for more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in investment sales. And, using his on-the-job experience, Nimesh has written a book titled ” Sales Booster ” which has become an international bestseller.

Webinar Overview

The session plays a significant role for investors who are keen on knowing the attributes of investment philosophy. Mr. Nimesh Mehta gave an insight into ASK’s investment philosophy and this great mind also well-explained the importance of 5Ps in investment. Nimesh was transparent in sharing about ASK philosophy. He emphasized the need to change the way you look into equity.

The session was exciting yet informative and touched every aspect of the investor’s mind. The talk was then followed by Q n A of various investors.


ASK PMS is one of the largest and oldest portfolio management companies in India. ASK PMS strongly believes in Pricing the value rather than valuing the price. Nimesh Mehta gave an insight into the attributes of ASK’s investment philosophy.

Attributes of ASK investment philosophy

  • Size of opportunity: The market is agnostic whether you are small or mid-cap. It is not about how big the company is instead of how big the company can become.
    ASK points out that one should think about the size of the pond, not about the size of a fish, and in that way, the investment will thrive.
  • Capital efficiency: When asked the ASK expert, what is PMS and PMS Capital efficiency, Mr. Mehta said: PMS capital efficiency is a character of business that does not change with time.
  • Earnings of the company: Consistency of earning and Paintable earning are two essential attributes in making a company.
  • Quality of management –  A company’s leadership can be seen by its Capital allocation and capital distribution. It also lies in the vision, mission, and wisdom of the company.
  • The margin of safety- ASK PMS believes that price is equal to value.

Further, Nimesh added that ASK follows a transparent investment philosophy, and they believe in the same execution.

Key Highlights of ASK Concluded In The AIF PMS Webinar:

  • Buy quality stock with self-discipline
  • Embrace the core philosophy of the company and the product
  • Keeping up with trends instead of being carried away
  • Think beyond instead of simply focusing on buying small or large caps
  • Thrive for consistency in performance

ASK PMS Works on 5Ps

  • People

We try to select managers who have experienced multi decades of the investment cycle.

  • Process – Being transparent in our activities.
  • Price – Pricing the value is our motive
  • Product – Easy to understand and non-complex products
  • Performance – Set the above four P’s, and the performance will be flawless.

He further guided investors that they should design a proper goal and work with determination. Secondly, stay away from television and measure the stocks day in and day out. Are you finding it interesting? Here both experts live on the latest AIF PMS webinar. For more information and guidance watch our full video and subscribe to the channel to find more interesting AIF & PMS investment philosophy videos and the latest market insights directly from the experts.

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