An Exclusive Webinar on How Will The Market Look Like in 2023

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An exclusive webinar happened between Mr Vikas Agrawal and Mr Prateek Agrawal. In this exciting webinar, Mr Vikas hosted and represented AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. as the CEO & founder of the organization. On the other hand, Mr Prateek represented Motilal Oswal as the Executive Director and Business Head & Investment Strategy.

Webinar Overview:

  • Viewers of this webinar will get a lot of hope for investing in the coming year. Our webinar guest explained how this would be possible.
  • India has a sufficient amount of forex reserve. Hence, India’s economic condition is far better than several neighbouring countries.
  • If the global economy goes through a slowdown, it will not affect so much. It may be possible India’s growth will face a minimal growth slowdown.
  • Government policy, election timing and other critical domestic factors can influence growth.
  • Mr Prateek Agrawal compares India with China. As per him, many years ago, India and China were in the same economic condition. There’s a time that many foreign investors have their presence in China’s market. At present, especially after 2007, China has a strong presence in the global investing market.
  • India often made mistakes and sometimes quit participating in an opportunistic market. India has the potential to turn the section in its favour.
  • Manufacturing and other sectors will see a great scene in the next year.
  • Our webinar host and guest discussed the basics of mutual funds and alternate investments. 
  • In recent times, long-term mutual fund investors have gotten a great return. Therefore, many of them showed interest in AIF and PMS as alternate investments.
  • Significant growth is there in category III investments.
  • Many large and mid-sized companies showed growth this year. There’s a high chance that small and lower-level mid-sized companies will shortly grow.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

We are developing a digital platform at AIF & PMS Experts India that will collect data and insights from asset management companies, screen out funds based on our framework, and give investment experts a simple experience when diverting funds. Manage alternative investment portfolios and enhance the investor experience across AIF as well as PMS strategies.

Webinar Guest Profile

Mr Prateek Agrawal graduated from Sambalpur University’s Regional Engineering College in Rourkela with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a postgraduate certificate in management from Bhubaneshwar’s Xavier Institute of Management.

He formerly served as vice president and head of research at SBI Capital Markets Limited, where he gained extensive experience in finance and equity management. In addition, he has worked at ABN AMRO Bank Asset Management (India) Limited and Bharti AXA Investment Managers Private Limited.

Previously Mr Prateek was associated with the ASK Group. Now he is the Executive Director and Business Head & Investment Strategy at Motilal Oswal.

Investment Philosophy

Long-term capital growth will be generated by focusing on stocks and equity-related assets across market capitalization. The Fund’s investment strategy will be a bottom-up stock choice based on the “Buy Right: Sit Tight” principle.

To understand the full potential for growth of shares, “Buy Right” means acquiring high-quality enterprises at reasonable prices, and “Sit Tight” means investing in them for a lengthy period.

Comparison of Alternate Funds And Mutual Funds

  • Alternate and mutual funds are two types of investment vehicles that allow investors to pool their money together and invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. While both types of funds offer various benefits to investors, some key differences between them are important to consider when choosing an investment option.
  • One major difference between alternate and mutual funds is the type of assets they invest in. Alternate funds, also known as hedge funds, typically invest in alternative assets such as real estate, commodities, and private equity. On the other hand, mutual funds typically invest in traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and cash.
  • Another difference between the two types of funds is the level of risk involved. Alternate funds tend to be more risky and volatile than mutual funds due to their focus on non-traditional assets. Mutual funds tend to be less risky and more stable due to their focus on traditional assets.

Webinar Key Points

  • India has the potential to grow; it just needs the correct strategy.
  • Start-ups will grow in the near future.
  • The country’s import-export and RBI’s role are important in balancing our economy.
  • Retail equities are a great domain to explore.
  • The last three to four years were tough, but the future outlook of India’s market is opportunistic.
  • Alternate investing gives the privilege of investing in a theme-based approach and generates greater Alpha.

Parting Note

If you are interested in alternate investments, you require expert guidance. Therefore, experts at AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. can help you in this regard. Interested people can communicate with us through [email protected]  or call the following numbers: 8368586435, 1800 210 1995 and 020-48627339.

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