Benefits Of Investing In AIF And PMS

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Benefits Of Investing In AIF And PMS


The online session organized by AIF and PMS was hosted gracefully by Mr. Vikas Agrawal. The main speaker and attraction of the event were Mr. Aashish P. Somaiyaa, who is CEO at White Oak Capital Management. Before, he used to work for Motilal Oswal as CEO and is considered a master in Equity investing.


It is an excellent opportunity to listen to Mr. Aashish P. Somaiya, a great personality with decades of experience in AIF PMS. He picked a lot of doubts faced by investors and shared the benefits of investing in AIF and PMS.

Aashish also gave a brief introduction about his company White Oak. The best thing about the session was listening to the critical driver of White Oak. The talk resolved many issues and queries of the investors.

Aashish started with the most asked question that is the reasons for investing in AIF and PMS.

Reasons Of Investing In AIF And PMS

The incredible views of Mr. Aashish P. Somaiyaa concluded the following four reasons for investing in AIF and PMS:

  • When investing in PMS, your portfolio is your Demat account. Your Demat account will determine your future. This makes investing in PMS a lucrative option.
  • PMS has substantial commercial latitude, i.e., how you can structure differently.
  • Investment Latitude is different from mutual funds, i.e., what you can do and what you can not do.
  • PMS is the most transparent vehicle. One needs to be mature to handle such transparency.

History Of White Oak

White Oak is a Mumbai-based boutique investment management and investment advisory firm. It was founded by Mr. Prashant Khemka in June 2017. He has a long track record of managing Indian equity funds.

White Oak has a 22 member equity team that aims to deliver sustained capital appreciation through superior returns over time.

When asked about what is the primary quality of white oak that differentiates them from others?

Aashish says White Oak believes in a team within a team approach. We have a sub-team under those 22 equity research teams.

Those 22 members handle 2-3 members responsible for different sectors, for example, pharma, chemicals, IT, etc. He further added that we work on a team-based investment approach.

Philosophy White Oak Follows For Evaluating Companies For Investment

Mr. Aashish gave an insight into its company White Oak:

  1. White Oak looks for companies with a high level of governance. This process involves a lot of team effort.
  2. Secondly, companies that generate free cash flow over and above the cost of capital.
  3. Lastly, White Oak looks for a company with a long-term scalable business opportunity.

The talk ended with lots of knowledge, followed by a Q n A session. The session was interactive, knowledgeable, and an unforgettable experience. Listen to the detailed session here:
Interaction with Aashish P Somaiyaa | CEO-White Oak on Ask the Expert Show

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