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Mr Vikas Agrawal, the founder of AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd., hosted the webinar held by AIF & PMS Experts. Prithipal Singh, Director & Head of Business Development Aequitas Investment PMS, was the focus of this webinar. Mr Prithipal Singh has 23 years of sales and marketing expertise working for Berger, Reliance, and BNP Paribas.


Mr Prithipal Singh and Mr Vikas Agrawal discussed many things in depth. This webinar discusses many important and interesting topics: market capitalisation, risk-taking mentality, investment approach, CAGR, investment returns, etc. Aequitas Investment PMS has a return of almost 33% in a few years. With rigorous research, Aequitas is a boutique investment firm that specialises in investing in small-caps that we feel will be large players in the future.


Investment Philosophy

Aequitas Investment PMS believe in simple and direct communicable relationship with their clients. Their object is to handle clients’ portfolios with their Portfolio Management Services to provide consistent performance in the long term. Their Alternative Investment Funds gives the client a high return on investment. Offshore people can invest in the Indian market very easily with the help of Aequitas Investment PMS. How much wealth you produce is determined by how wisely you invest it. Our multi-bagger strategy led investments uses significant in-house research to identify long-term potential.


  • Multi-bagger approach

When it comes to market investment, we take a risky approach by seeking high-growth firms in out-of-favour areas that are severely undervalued, a tried and true strategy that has delivered outsized returns for our investors.

  • Company attributes

According to our extensive study, industry leaders with low debt, solid company governance, and substantial promoter shares have the potential for disproportionately large long-term gains.


  • Process Flow

We uncover potential multi-baggers utilising a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis after a multi-step process of in-house research, so you may get the returns your money deserves.


Aequitas Products that Benefits You

We believe that crowded trading can provide you with a false sense of security while failing to provide you with above-average returns on your investment. We concentrate our efforts on one approach and three products to provide you with the outsized wealth that your money has earned.

  • Portfolio Management Services

We manage your customised portfolios to achieve steady long-term growth while minimising risk.

  • Reasonable valuation helps all of our investment decisions.
  • A portfolio typically consists of roughly 16 stocks of high-growth, under-researched companies for outsized gains.
  • We seamlessly conduct operations with constant monitoring and complete transparency.
  • The minimum investment is INR 10 crore (for residents) / USD 1.5 million (for non-residents) (Non-residents).
  • Three years and up is a good time frame for your portfolio to expand significantly.
  • Alternative Invest Fund

Our category – 3 Alternate Investment Fund, which has been approved and authorised by SEBI, provides you with the possibility to make excellent returns on your investment.

  • Comprised equity securities from small and mid-market cap companies have long-term growth potential.
  • Over time, investments provide stable returns.
  • A minimum investment of INR 3 crore is required.
  • A one-year lock-in period ensures that your investment has the best chance of growing.
  • Cash or stock transfers are the most common methods of inflow.
  • Fees on this fund are 2% of the average daily AUM and are paid monthly.
  • Our profit-sharing model is 10% profit-sharing with a high-water mark charged once a year at the end of the fiscal year.


  • Offshore Fund Under DIFC

Despite living abroad, do you wish to be a part of India’s growth storey? This is a fantastic chance for you.

  • A dollar-denominated DIFC-registered fund for professional investors.
  • It is registered with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) as an Exempt Fund.
  • Aims to manage collective investment funds, with Aequitas Investments (DIFC) Limited as the Fund Manager, which the DFSA duly regulates.
  • The fund’s principal investing goal is to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term.
  • Equity or equity-related instruments (excluding derivatives) of companies listed on the Indian stock exchange are purchased.
  • Fund’s portfolio does not include Derivatives and other sophisticated financial products.
  • Its portfolio has a low churn rate.
  • The fund aims to outperform the NIFTY, India’s benchmark index, over the long term.


Key Points

  • We go through deep research not depend on any third-party research.
  • We invest in small-cap companies.
  • The risk may come, but service will provide a good return in long-term investment.


Parting Note

It is a great opportunity to listen and learn from such a well-achieved person in the field of investment. We have expertise in small-cap investments. Our clients are over a hundred UHNIs, family offices, and FPIs. Our CAGR of 33.21% has consistently surpassed the Nifty with an AUM of INR 1,500 crore. Check out the below URL to know more in detail.

Our aim at AIF & PMS Experts is to help our clients build long-term wealth by establishing trust in governance, assuring transparency, and promoting long-term asset creation. Our numerous products, analytics, and tools are critical to our success and assist us in achieving our objectives. Please leave a question for any query in the comments section, and we will react as quickly as possible.

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