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Mr. Vikas Agarwal, the founder of AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd., hosted the webinar held by AIF & PMS Experts. Mr. Pramod Gubbi, founder and fund manager of Marcellus Rising Giants Capital, and Mr. Ashvin Shetty were the focus of the webinar. Pramod is in charge of Marcellus’ business development initiatives. He also serves on the Investment Committee, which examines and approves the firm’s investment strategy. Pramod formerly worked at Ambit Capital as the MD and Head of Institutional Equities. Marcellus’ Little Champs strategy has Ashvin as its Portfolio Manager. Ashvin has worked in equities research for over ten years.


The webinar is quite useful in demonstrating the difficulties that certain small businesses and individuals encounter while investing in long-term AIF funds. Little Champ PMS’s past performance, as well as its growth rate and return rates, which were typically around 45 percent for a few years, were investigated. They are now ready to launch a new fund that will be open to everyone who wants to contribute a small amount. Mr. Pramod Gubbi outlines his investment philosophy and goals to AIF & PMS expert Vikas Agarwal, and the two engage in an in-depth discussion, answering the most common and significant questions such as who, why, and how.

Investment Philosophy

The mission of Marcellus is to make wealth development simple and accessible by acting as a reliable and transparent capital allocator. Their mindset at Marcellus grew out of Kirby and Thiel’s concepts, which we improved further. Marcellus is a firm believer in generating riches using simple and accessible methods. Marcellus wants to create a system that is honest and trustworthy for its investors. Their investment strategy is built around three main pillars:

Clean Accounting

Clean accounting is the first step in selecting the greatest businesses. Marcellus has aggregated financials for the universe of enterprises over the past six years. Following that, the businesses are ranked and compared. The clean accounting approach is based on Howard Schilit’s “Financial Shenanigans,” a classic treatise on forensic accounting.

Capital Allocation

The next stage is constructing portfolios and maintaining them for the following 10 years with no turnover. This activity is estimated to yield a 20 percent to 30 percent annual return. Portfolios with this level of volatility are similar to those that hold Indian government bonds.

Competitive Advantage

In the final level, firms are judged primarily on their management teams. Marcellus seeks out firms with laser-like management and competitive moats that have grown over time.

The benefits of the aforementioned concept may be observed in their results. With this mindset, compounding becomes a powerful tool. In addition, as explained in the webinar, this practice saves transaction costs and has assisted in avoiding problems.

Marcellus PMS Benefits

There are several significant advantages to using a portfolio management service provider.

  • For maximum satisfaction, the brokerage business usually provides a quick top-up service to all of its current clients.
  • All customers receive back office login assistance so that they may access complete information and reports on their investment portfolio at any time.
  • The organization is also excellent at providing each and every client with an email and SMS update option so that they may receive all sorts of notifications regarding their investment portfolio activities.
  • All existing clients can make use of the PMS house’s extensive flexibility. The organization, for example, has created customizable commission structures as well as investment programs in a variety of price ranges.
  • The brokerage house is an excellent PMS player with a wealth of expertise in the field.

The goal of Marcellus is to affect the Indian economy’s efficient capital allocation. Marcellus accomplishes this by directing household resources to high-quality enterprises with a long history of effective capital allocation, which in turn provide greater returns to depositors.

Key Points

  • Our investible universe is defined by quantitative frameworks that combine forensic accounting and capital allocation analysis.
  • An experienced investing team builds a portfolio of firms with substantial competitive moats using in-depth primary research.
  • Holding these firms for a long time with little or no turnover allows you to benefit from long-term compounding and provide greater returns.

Parting Note

It is a tremendous honor to be able to listen to such an accomplished individual who is well-versed in the field of investment. Check out the link below for a more in-depth webinar. We are a firm that focuses on multi-asset Alternative Investments. Portfolio Management Services, Public Equity (listed and unlisted), Venture Capital, Private Debt Structured Products, and Real Estate Alternative Investments are some of our core services. 

At AIF & PMS Experts, we have a mission of fostering long-term wealth development for our clients by fostering confidence in governance, ensuring transparency, and facilitating long-term wealth growth. Our many products, analytics, and tools are essential to our business and help us achieve our goals. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments box, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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