Exclusive Webinar: Discussion on ASK Golden Decade Fund

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An exclusive webinar happened between our honourable guest, Mr. Prateek Agrawal, and our host Mr. Vikas Agrawal. Mr. Prateek Agrawal is the Business Head & CIO of ASK Investment Managers. Mr. Vikas is the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

Webinar Overview

In this YouTube webinar, our host and our honourable guest discussed ASK Golden Decade Fund and other important issues. Our guest, Mr Prateek, talked about how the Indian economy changed over the years and what it can be in the coming years. He also discussed the current issues that India and other countries face today.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

At AIF & PMS Experts, we envision building trust with governance, maintaining transparency, and facilitating our clients’ long-term wealth creation. Our numerous products, analytics, and tools are critical to our business and help us achieve our goals.

We have faith in India’s growth story. We recognize the significance of investments as a driver of economic growth. And our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, who is exceptionally passionate about decoding the strengths and untangling business and business management weaknesses, exemplifies this belief.

Our distinct Manager-centric approach to investing enables us to focus on high-performance investment philosophies and put the L-E-A-P of wealth into action.

Fund Manager Profile

  • Mr Prateek Agrawal is the CEO of ASK Investment Managers Ltd.’s PMS and AIF businesses. He has over 27 years of capital market experience, with a long distinctive sell-side research, investment banking, and advisory experience as a valuable asset on the buy-side. He collaborates closely with channel partners and is a strategic advisor to fund managers and research teams.
  • Prior to joining ASK Investment Managers Ltd., he was Head of Research at SBI Capital Markets and oversaw equities at ABN Amro and Bharti AXA AMCs. He’s a team member involved in the privatization of VSNL and was in charge of Hindustan Zinc for Vedanta Group.
  • He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Sambalpur University’s Regional Engineering College in Rourkela. Mr Prateek also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the Xavier Institute of Management in Bhubaneshwar.

Investment Philosophy

  • Management quality, integrity, vision, track record, execution, capital allocation and distribution abilities, corporate governance standards, and other factors are all subjectively evaluated.
  • Businesses benefit from value migration (e.g. ownership migration: PSU banks losing market share to private sector banks, shift from unorganized to organized, etc.).
  • A pure bottom-up multi-cap buy-and-hold strategy comprised of approximately 25 high-quality companies.
  • Psychographic optimization and values were used to make the final decision.

Webinar Key Points

In this YouTube webinar, the host and guest discussed many things. A few of them are below.

  • International issues can affect India’s economy.
  • How several domestic current things impacted India’s growth rate.
  • A strong political message can be beneficial for the Indian market.
  • Change in value investment.
  • A brief discussion of AIF and PMS and their distinctive benefits.
  • Better opportunities for investments in the coming decade.

Parting Note

Investing may require some time, but investors should be calm for a fruitful return. If an investor has a sufficient risk appetite, a return will be great. Investors should invest carefully; thus, they may require expert guidance.

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