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Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder & CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., hosted an exclusive webinar. The guests of this webinar were Mr Anunaya Kumar and Mr Mayur Patel. Mr Anunaya Kumar is the Senior Executive Vice President, AMC Domestic Sales Head, IIFL. On the other hand, Mr Patel is the Senior Executive Vice President, Fund Manager, Listed Equity, IIFL.

Webinar Overview

Mr Vikas Agrawal and our honourable guests talked about the market investment and other important topics. IIFL Multi-Cap PMS dissects markets using an intriguing and instructive process. You may name this process corporate earnings. They also discussed investment frameworks several case studies.


About AIF & PMS Experts

We are a company that focuses on multi-asset Alternative Investments. Portfolio Management Services, Public Equity (listed and unlisted), Venture Capital, Private Debt Structured Products, and Real Estate Alternative Investments are some of our core services.

At AIF & PMS Experts, we have a mission of fostering long-term wealth creation for our clients by fostering confidence in governance, ensuring transparency, and facilitating long-term wealth growth. Our many products, analytics, and tools are essential to our business and help us achieve our goals.


Fund Manager Profile

Mr Mayur Patel has 14 years of job experience, including more than ten years of investment management and research. He managed the equity portfolios of DSP BlackRock Equity Savings Fund and MIP Fund at DSP BlackRock Investment Managers (a joint venture between BlackRock and the DSP Group in India) before joining IIFL Asset Management Limited. Mr Patel joined DSP BlackRock in 2013 as an Equity Analyst, where he was in charge of idea generation and distribution across the energy, industrials, and utility sectors. He previously worked as a Lead Analyst, Energy in SparkCapital’s Institutional Equities branch and with Tata Motors and CRISIL.

He holds the CFA licence and is a Chartered Accountant.


Investment Philosophy

  • Their investment philosophy is built on a high-conviction, hybrid, data-driven strategy.
  • Their research and investments use a top-down method to identify select sectors with the strongest prospects, as well as a bottom-up, fundamentals-based approach to pick stocks within these sectors.
  • They follow a similar strategy for debt investments, where we always hunt for ways to profit from the discrepancy between the market and intrinsic value of debt instruments.
  • The portfolios are well-diversified, risk-adjusted, and well-researched.


Key Features

Concentrated portfolio of 25-30 high conviction stocks.

• Bottom-up sector-agnostic investment approach.
• Optimum mix of large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap (Large-cap biased with ~61% in large-cap stocks).
• The scheme follows an SCDV (Secular, Cyclical, Defensives and Value Trap) investment framework.

SCDV Investment Framework

They divide the investment framework into four segments. Those are:

  • S- Secular – Companies with consistent ROE & PAT growth > 15%
  • C- Cyclical – Companies with PAT growth > 15% but ROE < 15%
  • D- Defensive – Companies with ROE > 15% but PAT growth < 15%
  • V- Value Traps – Companies with both ROE & PAT growth < 15%

Risk-O-Meter for Investors

Investors are aware that their money is at somewhat high risk. This product is ideal for investors looking for:

• Long-term capital appreciation,
• Investment primarily in stock and equity-related products.

If investors are unsure whether a product is right for them, they should talk to their financial advisors.

IIFL Phoenix Portfolio-Stock Selection Criteria

1. Upgrade in quadrant (SCDV).
2. Lower profitability vs historical trends.
3. Proven track record and capital efficiency (ROE>15%).
4. Trading at a discount to historical valuations.
5. Changes in management/ownership.
6. Forensics/Strong governance.
7. Stocks where price correction has occurred.

Parting Note

Their portfolio Management techniques help investors protect and grow their money while reducing risk and volatility. It’s a tremendous opportunity to learn about portfolio quadrants, investment opportunities, the importance of companies’ profiles, etc.

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