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An exclusive webinar was held between Mr Shankar Sharma and Mr Vikas Agrawal. Our guest, Mr Shankar, is the founder of a Global Fintech and Asset Management Company named GQuant Investech. Vikas Agrawal hosted this exciting webinar, and he tried to read his thought on global and domestic issues. He is the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

Webinar Overview

  • In this fun-full and knowledge-based session, Mr Vikas discusses several diverse currents and past economic scenario topics. It will help us understand how US-like countries currently hold such strong economic positions.
  • This session also highlighted having a clearer view of the evolving Indian economy.
  • According to our webinar guest, Europe’s economy may not be so strong shortly as they haven’t sufficient resources in terms of land, workforce or else. He mentions Germany’s example in this context.
  • Most of the working population works in the auto sector, a dying sector. There is less innovation in EVs. Hence, this makes the situation more worsen for that country.
  • He mentioned how the past initiatives in India in education and start-ups make a fruitful scenario now for us and the globe.
  • Mr Shankar Sharma said there is no sign of recession in India, and he explained that in his manner.
  • Our webinar guest discussed global economic issues, trade, the changing behaviour towards China and how it benefits us.
  • He presented how the Indian economy is doing better, and the prospers possibilities of Indian manufacturing capabilities. He put his thought by comparing the neighbouring countries and other national countries.
  • The inflection point also helped to boost our economy.
  • He mentioned China, the current war in Ukraine, and the consequences of these entities.
  • He thinks that India’s GDP will be large in the coming years, and it will eventually help our economy to become stronger. Hence it will help India to be one of the world leaders.
  • He also highlighted the debt-to-GDP ratio and its relevance in the economy. He stated it’s not a concerning issue for India, but it is helpful in some manner.

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Webinar Guest Profile

Mr Shankar Sharma earned his MBA from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila and graduated on the Dean’s List (Top 10 per cent of the Class). He was a member of Citibank’s Investment Banking Division. He left Citibank in 1990 to found First Global, now known as ‘GQuant Investech.’

In 2000, Mr Shankar became a prestigious London Stock Exchange member. Then he became a member of the NASD, allowing First Global to begin trading in the US market. First Global expanded its research coverage of global companies and economies beginning in 2002.

First Global’s research was independent, unbiased, and capable of detecting trends before others. Its global research has gained a huge following among institutional investors all over the world. Mr Sharma was a member of the global investment management team for First Global’s asset management business. He founded GQuant Investech, a global Fintech and Asset Management firm, in 2022.

Possibility of Recession

  • Our honourable webinar guest, Mr Shankar Sharma, thinks there is no recession in India and the Indian stock market. He stated that the US and global (other nations) would face recession. It would take a minimum of twelve months to recover.
  • At that time, the Indian economy will go further by its astonishing growth. This massive performance could be there for many years, maybe ten years!

Dropping Value of the Indian Rupee

According to our guest, ‘as an emerging country, a weaker currency is always better for us than a strong currency. But is it so? As India can gain profit from export, thus the less value of the Indian Rupee in caparison to a strong currency like the USD helps the Indian economy. It also gives an extra edge in completion with other countries in trade.

Sometimes, several countries intentionally try to lower their currency for trade benefits. Hence, it’s not a new or bad thing. It might be good for India. But it might be hazardous for imports like crude oil import, but it can be mitigated in other ways.

How Is India in Better Passion Than Its Neighboring Countries?

  • The recent pandemic made the world understand that being entirely dependent on China is not great. Hence, the international community wants to shift their dependency towards other countries. As for the potential in terms of skill, human resources, required land, etc., India has these in large amounts than any other country. Here in India, we have a stable democratic structure, which can help.
  • It proves our capabilities as many Indians or Indian-origin people are in global companies and top positions. Our guest mentioned a few countries that hire Indians as their top executives for their companies. Therefore, all of the above indicates that India can be the manufacturing hub and a reliable source of supply-chain management.

Webinar Key Points

  • One must have an idea of the global economy to understand the market trend for a particular county.
  • Past start-ups are giving the benefit today we have.
  • Currency is a powerful tool. The less value of it can be beneficial.
  • Taking debt is common for emerging countries, but countries should avoid foreign debt.
  • Venture capitalism helped Indian start-ups.
  • There is potential in India and its people. Hence the long-term investment will be great as the higher GDP of India will help elevate this.

End Note

India has gone through its economic revolution, and it keeps going well under its strong influence. As the current economic and world ode rights change in future, an investor should prepare to take participation in India’s growth. Therefore, investors may require expert and unbiased financial advice.

AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. can help enthusiast investors in this regard. If you are interested in investing, you can visit our website: https://aifpms.com/contact/ and call us at the below numbers.

8368586435 or 1800 210 1995.

You may also like to contact us through our email: [email protected]

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