Exclusive Webinar on How to Generate 20% Returns Consistently over A Period of 20 Years

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An exclusive webinar was held between Mr Sandip Bansal with Mr Vikas Agrawal. In this exciting webinar, they talked about many things like mutual funds, the difference between AIF and PMS, especially the ‘Growth fund’ under the AIF scheme and other interesting topics. Mr Sandip Bansal was present there as the webinar guest of this episode. He is the Senior Portfolio Manager of ASK Investment Managers. On the other hand, Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder & CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., hosted this webinar.

Webinar Overview

  • In this webinar, our webinar host tried to read the mind of our honourable host and churn out insights that can help investors in many ways.
  • Through the conversation between these two experts, we can learn certain things. ASK Investment Managers is one of India’s oldest and leading PMS houses. They have around 35,000 Cr. of assets under management.
  • ASK believes that outsized wealth creation is possible. It can be possible through the proper investment for the long term and in compounding opportunities. They look at businesses that deliver excellent growth and have a very high return on capital.
  • It defines the mode of the business and has a very large opportunity to cater to very strong management in terms of vision execution capabilities and so on.
  • As per our honourable portfolio manager, Sandip, they like to buy businesses at a discount to the fair value.
  • The beta is much higher than the market average for this fund. It has been possible as they determine to invest in businesses that have high returns on capital.
  • Their invested businesses do not require external capital for growth. Thus this system or investing method enables itself to a compound which delivers the returns.
  • Management’s capital allocation decision is essential for a particular business’s capital efficiency.
  • Our webinar guest said their plan of action for the newly launched fund is unchanged or the same as the successful previous one. They will thrive to follow the approach they believe it’s good for their investors.
  • In the ongoing conversation, Mr Sandip Bansal briefly differentiates AIF and PMS’s core functions.
  • According to Mr Bansal, investors with a long-term horizon gain more advantages. He explained the basic difference between their other funds, like Golden Decade Opportunity Fund and Emerging Opportunity Fund.
  • They discussed how the generation of GDP in manufacturing impacts our economy, especially investors. They also talked about the increased digitisation and globalised economy in our society.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

We have faith in India’s growth story. We recognise the significance of investments as a factor that drives economic growth. And our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, remarkably passionate about decrypting the strengths and untangling business and business management weaknesses, exemplifies this belief.

Our distinct Manager-centric tactic to investing enables us to focus on high-performance investment philosophies and put the L-E-A-P of wealth into action. For disciplined investors, this provides consistent growth in return.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr Sandip Bansal is now a Senior Portfolio Manager at ASK. He has nearly 20 years of expertise and previously worked as an Equity Fund Manager & Head of Investment Research for SBI Life Insurance. In addition, he has worked for UBS Securities, Kotak Securities, KPMG, and Citibank. Sandip is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and MBA graduate of IIM Ahmedabad.

Investment Philosophy

The core idea of ASK Investment Managers is based on two main ideas. These are as follows: establish capital protection (over time), followed by capital appreciation. They seek to invest in Indian shares run by high-quality management, have long-term growth potential, and are available at fair and reasonable prices.

The Investment Strategy guarantees the following.

  • Investing discipline in successful and potential organisations, rather than valuing the price,
  • Putting together a portfolio of aspirations for compounding and
  • Buying the “growing” companies at “value” prices.

The strategy is to buy high-quality businesses at reasonable prices rather than low-quality companies for a low price. Furthermore, their Key Investment Attributes assist in developing investment strategies for achieving a specific attribute for businesses.

The Growth India Fund

The Growth PMS has delivered good returns because ASK Investment Managers could implement their specific philosophy. The fund specifically has a slightly larger focus on the size of the opportunity. The size of the opportunity is that their focus is more on the size or capability of the organisations. Their aim is the runway of sure growth.

The ASK Growth India Fund has followed this philosophy. They don’t belong to the high churn investors’ group. Their churn ratio is minimal; they like to buy good businesses and try to stick with those good businesses they believe in. Strong management, large opportunity size and a high ROE create magic on their own. Ultimately that investment approach leads to wealth creation.

Their well-planned investments have delivered high growths that are free cash flow generating businesses. Those businesses are essentially net cash businesses, so at the portfolio level portfolio is net cash and does not have any debt. It is because of the businesses that they try to invest and provide a high return on capital.

Certain industrial sectors will get advantages from this fund.

Areas That Benefit

Strong progress across multiple sectors of the Indian economy,

  • Better infrastructure,
  • Increased consumption and discretionary spending,
  • Increased manufacturing and exports,
  • Acceleration of growth in different industries driven by government policies,
  • Increased financing demands,
  • Increased digitisation and
  • Low penetration provides a long runway ahead.

Webinar Key Points

  • India is like always suitable for investments. It may be one of the best countries for investments.
  • Long-term wealth and consistent wealth creation are possible by timing the market’s wealth. Aligning oneself with strong businesses, having a long period of growth and having strong management are important to succeed.
  • Recent reforms and determination to the manufacturing sector can greatly influence the Indian market.
  • ASK Investment Managers don’t take cash calls. It may do from the investor’s side.
  • Their investment procedure in regular intervention helps them plan; therefore, the money will be invested over time.

Parting Note

There’s always an opportunity for investors to invest their money in the Indian market. The market is not always the main thing; businesses’ growth potential can give great retunes irrespective of their market caps. Hence, from an individual investor’s perspective, a well-planned and disciplined fund strategy is important.

Thus, interested investors can directly contact AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. in this regard. People can call at 8368586435 or 1800 210 1995. They can visit https://aifpms.com/contact/ and know about more wise-investing-related information.

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