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An exclusive webinar has been held on YouTube by Mr Vikas Agrawal. This webinar is full of knowledge; therefore, you can understand how Indian equities have performed over the years since their inception. Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder & CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., presented the webinar with lots of research-based charts and graphs that led you to grab the information in an easy manner.

Webinar Overview

As the Indian market is very volatile, many investors seem to be perplexed about what to do with their investments. In this webinar, our honourable webinar host, Mr Agrawal, presented the webinar with various data sets from a different perspective. The data points show the performances of the market and help to analyze their upside-down over the 30-40 years.

In this webinar, the detailed analysis showcase the potential of the Indian market and how it has survived several falls. This type of analysis helps to predict the future growth of the market and companies based on their past performance. This webinar will help investors understand the investing strategy, long-term investment benefits, and the significance of the power of compounding.

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Here, we are discussing a few of the most important perspectives of the webinar for your enthusiasm and a brief insight into the webinar.

Asset Class Performance (in multiples)

Mr Vikas Agrawal presented a chart that wonderfully depicts how Indian equities give the returns over the one year, three years, five years, ten years, fifteen years and twenty years. If you see carefully, you will observe that the returns from the Indian equities are increasing from 1.2x to 20.4x return.

It is the most well-performed category where US equities, Debt and Gold (in INR) are there.

India Equity Markets – Performance

Here, you would see the years, Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Flexi Cap companies are giving about the same annual returns (%), especially in the last fifteen years.

Nifty 50 TRI – Rolling Returns

Within a 15Y Rolling basis, the Large Cap Index gave more than 12% or 92% of the time since its beginning. It indicates that if you have a satisfactory level of patients, you can get a very high return. There is very less chance that increased investing time will give you a negative return.

Temporary Declines

It is general that almost every year, the equity market faces 10-20% of temporary declines. There are only three such years where intra-year the decline is less than 10% in the last forty-three calendar years.

Every decade experienced one to two sharp declines of more than 30%. However, the positive returns of that time are double-digit.

Grown-Up Indian Equities

You may observe that money has grown up more than one hundred times despite all domestic and geopolitical instabilities; hence, if you invest through an expert financial advisor and make a good profit from it.

Equity Returns Are Non-Linear

Though the return is not always linear, there is some golden opportunity that can level up your return. If you invested in the entire period, you would possibly get around a 14% of return. In times of crisis and market volatility, you can make comparatively good returns through proper investment.

All-Time Highs

There might be a misconception; all-time highs don’t imply that a market automatically falls. In most cases, the returns are strong.

India Equity PMS Performance

Mr Agrawal showed how the PMS houses have performed since their beginning.

Webinar Key Points

  • You can overcome inflation through long term returns.
  • You might return more than inflation if you are a long term investor. If you invest for ten to fifteen years, there’s a great opportunity in terms of investment return.
  • The annual decline in investment return might be 10-20%.
  • There are 30-60% decline parts of expectation every seven to ten years.
  • Patients are important for long term investment.
  • Global economic crises and war circumstances can damage the market.
  • Domestic economic policies, scams, and pandemic scenarios also impact the Indian market.

Parting Note

If you are an Indian equity investor, you have to be patient and have a sufficient risk appetite. As the market emerged with volatility through the years, you can get a good return on investment. But you have to invest strategically.

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