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An exclusive webinar was taken place on YouTube where Mr Siddhartha Bhaiya joined the webinar as our guest. Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., hosted the webinar. Mr Siddhartha Bhaiya is the Managing Director & Fund Manager of Aequitas.

Webinar Overview

Our webinar guest talked about the multi-bagger approach, how to invest in companies, what’s the worth of the valuation of companies, specifically the future valuation. He explained the importance of good and committed investing. He tried to mention the distinction between investing in shares and investing in companies. He told how they tried to achieve their success.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

We believe in India’s growth trajectory. We understand the importance of investments as a driver of economic growth. And our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, who is extremely passionate about decoding strengths and untangling business and business management flaws, exemplifies this belief.
At AIF & PMS Experts India, we have a vision of fostering trust in governance, maintaining transparency, and assisting our clients in creating long-term wealth. Our numerous products, analytics, and tools are critical to our business and assist us in meeting our objectives.
His extensive experience, particularly in Alternative Investing, has provided him with a bird’s-eye view of the economy. It allows us to enter a previously untapped investment segment and develop viable investment strategies.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr. Siddhartha has more than two decades of experience, especially in equity investing. He started with small companies and started his journey to success. Earlier, he worked with then one of the largest mutual funds in India. He successfully managed funds there. After that, he started his own company, The PMS House, which specialized in working with mid & small caps.

Investment Philosophy

  • Aequitas believes in straightforward and transparent communication with its clients. Their goal is to manage their clients’ portfolios with Portfolio Management Services to provide consistent long-term performance. Their Alternative Investment Funds provide a high return on investment to their clients. With the help of Aequitas Investment PMS, offshore investors can easily invest in the Indian market.
  • The amount of wealth you generate is determined by how wisely you invest it. Our multi-bagger strategy-led investments are based on extensive in-house research identifying long-term potential.

Our investment philosophy has three major pillars:

  •  Multi-bagger approach:

When it comes to market investment, we take a risky approach by looking for high-growth firms in out-of-favour areas that are significantly undervalued, a tried-and-true strategy that has delivered outsized returns for our investors.

  • Company attributes:

According to our extensive research, industry leaders with low debt, strong corporate governance, and substantial promoter shares have a disproportionately large long-term gain potential.

  • Process Flow: 

After a multi-step process of in-house research, we uncover potential multi-baggers using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, so you can get the returns your money deserves.

Aequitas Equity Fund Performance

Performance 1 month 3 month 6 month 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 5 yr    10 yr    Since Inception  
Strategy 11.59% 12.48% 13.62% 99.46% 104.39% 23.99% NA NA 23.4%
Benchmark – NIFTY 3.99% 0.64% -0.87% 18.88% 42.56% 14.53% NA NA 15.2%
Benchmark – BSE SMALLCAP 5.83% -4.22% 0.48% 36.64% 71.42% 23.36% NA NA 23.36%

*As of 31st March 2022

Defining The Multi-Bagger Approach

We take a contrarian method of investing by pursuing high-growth companies that are significantly undervalued in out-of-favour industries. This approach has earned outsized returns for our clients.
A contrarian approach entails uniquely doing things. Popular stocks do not provide multi-bagger returns, but stocks with the right potential do. We carefully examine growing companies with above-average growth potential over three to five years. Markets reward growth companies with a higher PE multiple.
Investing in such firms at a significant discount to intrinsic value provides a margin of safety.
Multi-bagger returns result from a combination of EPS growth and PE re-rating.

Webinar Key Points

  • The historical success of companies is not so relevant now.
  • Invest in the company’s future growth.
  • The market goes through many ups and downs; therefore, you have to be patient for making a profit.
  • Investors should be committed. Committed and wise investing is the key.
  • The last decade of the market was not well, but the next decade has opportunities.

Parting Note

Correct investment has contributed to the Indian economy’s growing power. In recent years, economic sectors have expanded. The changes in the old Indian economy and the upcoming manufacturing movement can uplift the market. Investors would have a bright scope for investing.

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