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An exclusive webinar has occurred between Mr Vikas Agrawal and Mr Gaurav Mehta. Mr Vikas is the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. and also the host of this YouTube webinar. Our webinar guest holds the CFA Portfolio Manager position at SBI Funds Management. This exciting webinar discussed how and why the alternatives are in trend globally.

Webinar Overview

  • They discussed the rise of passives and shifting toward alternative investments. Mr Gaurav Mehta explained in what market circumstances, lack of liquidity and market efficiency create alpha. He explained how the proper investment strategy makes the investment ecosystem a win-win situation.
  • He explained the significance of the research in investment strategies and the vision for the future of investments. That leads to alternative investments. The new-age business people, affluent class people, are heading to new investment alternatives. All this is somewhat influenced by the new startup ecosystem and salary people.
  • Our guest also mentioned their long-short fund and how inflation influences the market and overall investment. He explained how the changing interest rates impact liquidity and volatility.


About AIF & PMS Experts India

We are an Alternative Investments firm with a diverse portfolio of assets. Among our core services are Portfolio Management Services, Public Equity (both listed and unlisted), Private Debt Structured Products, Venture Capital and Real Estate Alternative Investments.

We anticipate a perspective of trust-building with governance, maintaining transparency, and enabling our clients’ long-term wealth creation at AIF & PMS Experts. Our various products, analytics, and tools are vital to our business and assist us in meeting our objectives.

We believe in India’s growth story. We believe that there are important investments as a driver of economic growth. And our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, exemplifies this belief. He is enthusiastic about decoding strong points and untangling business and business management weaknesses.

Fund Manager Profile

Gaurav Mehta joined SBI Funds Management (SBIFM) in November 2018 as an equity analyst in the SBI Mutual Fund and has since advanced to fund management. As of October 2021, Gaurav is now CIO – Alternatives, with a commitment to the equity component of the Portfolio Management Services & Alternative Investment Funds business.

Before joining SBIFM, Gaurav managed Ambit’s Good & Clean, Emerging Giants, and Risk Optimiser funds. Gaurav has also worked as a rated equity Strategist in the Institutional Equities division at Ambit Capital. He previously worked at Edelweiss Capital, leading a proprietary trading team focused on options trading.

Investment Philosophy

Their experienced and market-savvy researchers organise comprehensive analytical and informative reports on a wide range of industries and identify stocks that have the potential to outperform in the future.

Innovation is the process of transforming ideas into concrete plans for systematic growth. Through their innovative solutions, superior stock selection, and active portfolio management, they always strive to provide our shareholders with opportunities for progressive growth. As a result, based on internal and external research, they enhance and optimise investment opportunities.

Investment Strategy

Their investment strategy can be divided into two parts, core and satellite.

  • Core: This would be the most important part of the long portfolio. The portfolio will invest in good stocks with a long-term perspective where the fund manager has a strong conviction. It will be primarily determined by three key factors: business, management, and valuations.
  • Satellite: The satellite component of the portfolio is built on tactical potentials in the medium term (ideally three to four years) based on emerging sector or macro themes. It can be supplemented with a relative return framework based on incremental fundamental change, rising market expectations, momentum, and relative valuations.

As there will be a tactical upside from this opportunity/situation, this portfolio component will have a clearly defined exit strategy.

Their High conviction strategy is associated with a concentrated 20 to 30 Bits, and Bottom-up Strategy is associated with Long term allocation.

AIF Endeavour:

AIF allow investors to invest in products with varying risk-return profiles, further diversifying their portfolios with potentially low correlation.

  • SBI Special Situations Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund in Category II. SBI This fund makes sector-agnostic strategic investments in companies. The fund has a distinct advantage in that it can source deals through various channels, including special access to SBI.
  • SBI Select Equities Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund in Category III. The fund employs a high conviction, concentrated portfolio strategy across sectors and company sizes. Unless transitory funds are to be invested in approved investments, the fund must invest only in listed equities. 


This (formerly known as SBI Growth with Values Fund) is our first PMS offering for HNI Clients who want to diversify a portion of their portfolio into alternative investments and companies that adhere to positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

Webinar Key Points

  • People all over the world are conveying their interest in alternative investments.
  • Consistent inflation can influence liquidity, and hence the market volatility changes.
  • Today, the world economy is struggling with inflation. As inflation increases, interest rates also increase, which may negatively affect the economy.
  • You need a proper investment strategy that can act shock-absorbing at crucial times.


Parting Note:

As there are investment opportunities for alternate investing approaches, you should invest wisely. The market can be changed for many reasons, but you should prepare your profile for any ups and downs in the market.

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