Exclusive Webinar on The Impact of Global Slowdown in India with Mr Aashish P. Somaiyaa

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An exclusive webinar was held on YouTube between Mr Aashish P. Somaiyaa and Mr Vikas Agrawal. Mr Aashish is the CEO of WhiteOak Capital Asset Management, and Mr Vikas Agrawal is the CEO and Founder of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

Webinar Overview

  • Here, both of them discussed a lot of things. They talked about domestic policies, the global economic crisis, and all the major factors that formed today’s market scenario.
  • Mr Aashish P. Somaiyaa described his thoughts on comparing U.S. and Indian market returns over the past two decades.
  • Here, viewers of this show will notice the timestamp when the U.S. influenced the Indian market and when it did not.
  • When the crisis was in The U.S.A., the emerging market did well, but when the U.S.A. saw a boom in their stock market, the scenario was different in India and other countries. All these happen because of several domestic Indian reasons.
  • In the conversation with Mr Vikas Agrawal, our webinar guest Mr Aashish explained how the global economy changed and the influence of geopolitical issues on it. He also talked about China for their market regulation.
  • Democracy, government policy and market mechanisms are also important.
  • He discussed the times when the INR value was comparatively low than now. He thought it might happen again.
  • Corporate and stock market performance and growth are interrelated in the long term.
  • Technological investment is essential for all corporate entities. If which company invest in it, it can enhance its cost-reduction, productivity, customer support, etc. If one doesn’t invest in their technology enhancement, they eventually fail in future.
  • PMS allows the customisation of a portfolio, but some investors are also interested in mutual funds. Hence, those who are enthusiastic about mutual funds will learn something from this session.
  • He showed how China and India ranked in the uncertainty index through a chart. There, you will see China is very uncertain, and India’s index is very low. That’s good for India.
  • As per these two honourable persons, the market is always smarter.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

It’s a firm that specialises in multi-asset Alternative Investments. Some of our core offerings include portfolio management, public equity (listed and unlisted), venture capital, private debt structured products, fixed income and real estate alternative investments.

Our mission at AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. is to foster long-term wealth generation for our clients by instilling trust in governance, ensuring transparency, and facilitating long-term asset growth. Our numerous products, analytics, and tools are critical to our business and attain our objectives.

Chief Executive Profile

Aashish has a Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Science from Pune University and a Master of Management Studies in Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai University.

Aashish has over 20 years of experience in business strategy and management, process-driven sales and distribution, product development, and investment offering marketing. He has been involved with India’s private sector asset management industry since its inception in 1998.

He holded the position of Managing Director and CEO of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company before joining WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Limited. Before joining Motilal Oswal AMC, Aashish was in charge of sales and distribution for ICICI Prudential AMC’s MF, PMS, and Real Estate offerings across multiple distribution channels in India and the Middle East.

Investment Philosophy

  • WhiteOak Capital believes investing in exceptional companies at attractive prices produces outsized long-term returns. A great company is well-managed, has a long-term modular opportunity, and provides higher returns on incremental capital. In addition, it provides a track record of execution and governance.
  • Valuation evaluation is a crucial component of their research. In-depth valuation analysis to identify companies selling at a substantial discount to their true value.
  • The valuation is appealing when the current market reference price is significantly lower than the underlying value. This AMC prioritises economic free cash flows over accounting cash flows. They thrive on assigning an end worth depending on the company’s success.
  • The investment strategy focuses on long-term absolute returns. Instead of betting on macroeconomics, they provide a simple yet productive investment strategy of choosing and investing in firms.

Webinar Key Points

  • Market volatility can happen at any time, like in the global market. Therefore investors should be strong enough.
  • As per the data, India was unaffected by global market issues in the recent past.
  • Stability in governance and regulation is important. Domestic policies always play a critical role in the long-term effect.
  • Investors should be in that firms where technological advancement is present and enhances growth.
  • PMS investing comes with volatile risk and the opportunity to get high Alpha.

Parting Note

The market always goes from volatile condition to stable condition. Hence, patience is essential from an individual investor’s perspective. Therefore, it requires a strong investing approach. So, if you, as an investor, are willing to invest and need professional advice, you can get that. AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. can help investors in this regard.

Investors can visit https://aifpms.com/contact/ and call us at the following numbers: 1800 210 1995 and 020-48627339. They can also feel free to mail us at [email protected] for expert consultation.

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