Exclusive Webinar on What Is Portfolio Management Services And The Current Outlook of Equity Markets

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An exclusive webinar was held on YouTube between Mr Mayur Shah and Mr Vikas Agrawal. If you are a mutual fund investor considering investing in PMS, you will get your answers in this exciting webinar. Mr Mayur Shah is the Fund Manager at Anand Rathi Advisors. On the other hand, Mr Vikas Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

Webinar Overview

  • Our webinar host starts the discussion by asking how Mr Mayur starts his day. He answered that and explained how his activity helped him to manage portfolios.
  • They discussed the market up-cycle and down-cycle. He mentioned how accepting investing faults and retrospection help investors for a better investment opportunity.
  • He explained several major advantages of PMS investing over-investing in any mutual fund.
  • In PMS, investors can meet and discuss their investing procedure with their fund manager. That’s not the case for a mutual fund.
  • If you start investing through PMS, you gradually receive market knowledge. It will lead to you more actively investing.
  • He highlighted that in recent times, mutual fund managers had needed help managing the high volume of AUM.
  • As mutual funds performed well, many investors started investing their money. Thus, suddenly, fund managers are getting large amounts of money. Therefore, sometimes, they have to compromise their investment philosophy and over-diversify portfolios. It may bring a negative impact on returns.
  • In this webinar, our guest, Mr Mayur Shah, stated himself as an active fund manager. It’s because many emerging sectors in India can do well and generate a great level of Alpha for investors.
  • He thinks that active fund management allows him to manage stocks in the long term and in a market correction environment.
  • Many start-ups need to do better in the stock market, but there might be a considerable reason. There is a chance that many new-edge start-ups will fail in future, and only a few will survive. Thus investing money in stocks is very critical.
  • He expressed that some old and renowned companies are emerging new and expanding their business. It implies their growth potential.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

It is a firm specialising in Alternative Investments with a diverse asset portfolio. Portfolio Management Services, Public Equity (both listed and unlisted), Private Debt Structured Products, Fixed Income, Venture Capital, and Real Estate Alternative Investments are among our core services.

We confidently predict a perspective of trust-building with governance, transparency, and enabling our clients’ long-term wealth generation at AIF & PMS Experts India. Our various products, analytics, and data-driven methods are essential to our business and assist us in meeting our objectives.

We believe in India’s growth story. Substantial investments are required to propel economic growth. Our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, illustrates this belief. He enjoys deciphering strong points and unravelling business and management flaws.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr Mayur Shah is a Certified Financial Planner with an MBA in Finance. It has 16 years of experience and a career in investment counselling, product development, and portfolio management. He controls the PMSs at Anand Rathi Advisors as the deputy vice president. Kotak Securities Ltd, founded in 2005, was his first employer.

He began his career with the Anand Rathi Group 13 years ago and has acted in both the PMS and PCG divisions. He has collaborated with Anand Rathi Advisors on Portfolio Management and Private Client Group Equity Advisory since 2007.

Investment Philosophy

It is a portfolio strategy with a dual focus. The first segment focuses on the industrial revolution, and the second focuses on stock selection.

Investing in companies expected to benefit from the Industrial Revolution, new-age businesses, favourable policies, and firms that show clear signs of a comeback in their next business upcycle with greater growth projection.

Process of Stock Selection:

  • Competitive Advantage/Business Moat Stable and enhancing margins with higher ROE and ROCE for niche business models
  • Asset Working Capital Efficiency and the Light Model (in most cases)
  • Strong Corporate Governance Standard Business Scalability / Greater Growth Gross Block Expectation/Rising
  • Significant upside from a business segment that is emerging and will lead the next up-cycle.

Investment Strategy

A multi-cap investing strategy allows the fund manager to tweak the allocation based on market conditions. A market capitalisation of at least 1000 crores is required.

Optimum Single Stocks account for 10% of the sector allocation of the Decennium Opportunity Fund. The fund offers opportunities to new businesses at all stages of development.

Sectors they focus on:

  • Banking,
  • Logistics,
  • Transportation,
  • Data,
  • Defence,
  • Electricity,
  • Chemicals and
  • Real estate is among the industries on which they concentrate.

Attributes They Search

  • Companies with strong pricing power due to their market position are sought after. Firms may also increase their profit margins and return on investment (ROI).
  • Concentrate on companies with high potential for growth and few competitors in a big market.
  • Look for companies led by individuals with a track record of success and who have seen the company through multiple business cycles. There is no compromise on management efficiency at any cost.
  • Changes in global trade dynamics have benefited Indian manufacturing in various ways. Companies at the forefront of the Y2K craze
  • Companies with strong, stable cash streams are better able to grow during times of expansion and navigate through periods of adversity.
  • Businesses have a small debt-to-equity ratio.

Webinar Key Points

  • Many new-edge technology-based companies will come and underperform in the stock market. Only very few of those will remain.
  • Capable investors can diversify their investment portfolio through mutual funds, PMS and AIF.
  • PMS has many benefits to offer its investors.

Parting Note

If you’re trying to invest in PMS, you will learn about many things in this webinar. Investing in stocks and making a strong portfolio, one may need help from an expert financial advisor. Hence, as an investor, you take professional and unbiased advice from AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

You may also visit our official website https://aifpms.com/contact/ to know more. You can also call 1800 210 1995 and 020-48627339. You can also mail us at [email protected]

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