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An exclusive webinar recently held on YouTube on a very interesting topic that every enthusiastic investor should know. Mr Vikas Agrawal conducted this webinar and brought many informative stories and conclusions. Here, Mr Samraat Jadhav, the Founder & CEO of Prosperity Wealth Adviser, presented as our guest. On the side, Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., successfully handled the entire session and threw different investment-related aspects.

Webinar Overview

  • Mr Samraat told about his journey to becoming a SEBI registered advisory portfolio. He told how this drives the benefits an investor should get for proper equity investing.
  • Previously, Mr Samraat Jadhav noticed that many people were interested in investing but couldn’t due to limited investment constraints.
  • On the hand, people who invest in Mutual Funds or alternate investment options have separate investment budgets.
  • Therefore, he bridged the gap and thrived to work on that. Eventually, he applied for SEBI registered advisor and succeeded.
  • He said India is a developing nation, and many mid-time millionaires are adding up in this section. The way it has been happening, there should be a product to serve such a set of clients.
  • The Founder of Prosperity Wealth Adviser explained the importance of Artificial Intelligence and data science in investing. He also described how those things help to pick potential stocks to pick.
  • They have multiple parameters and a data funnel to process their stock selection from their 300 stock universe. He explained with example how ‘stock favouritism’ affect a particular stock’s price.
  • They recommend when they should buy a particular and in what range for their clients.
  • According to him, we noticed that the new Demat account creation almost suddenly increased in recent times. It can benefit them as it will provide more necessary data from the market. It would assist in picking the most appropriate stocks to invest in.
  • They discussed the proper guidance of the SEBI that helps to expand well.
  • He told that large-cap investing ensures great returns as the big companies are well-managed. If a company has a big debt, it becomes easier to manage properly.
  • He beautifully distinguished between SEBI-registered investment advisors and research analysts.
  • Mr Vikas and our webinar guest Mr Samraat Jadhav discussed an important aspect. They explained at what stage of investment they charge for their service. As investors pay at the early stage of investment to a SEBI registered advisor, they get more clarity of stock investment.
  • It will lead an individual investor to take a better decision for her or his stock investment.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

We are a responsible organisation have expertise in multi-asset Alternative Investments. Some of our key services include portfolio management, listed as well as unlisted public equities, venture capital, private debt instruments, and real estate alternative investments.

Our mission at AIF & PMS Experts is to foster long-term wealth generation for our clients by instilling trust in governance, ensuring transparency, and facilitating long-term asset growth. Our numerous products, predictive analysis, and tools are critical to our company or organisation and help us achieve our objectives.

Webinar Guest Profile

Mr Samraat Jadhav is an XLRI alumnus and a respected figure in the financial services industry; his two decades in the industry are a testament to his devotion, which not only eligible him as an industry expert but also allows him to advise his clients on making wise decisions that will increase their wealth.

He is dedicated to accumulating capital for every Prosperity Wealth Adviser member. He is well-versed in the macro- and micro-economic issues that affect the Indian economy. He is convinced that incorporating technology into the asset management procedure can yield significant scientific results. In this age of rapid change, he can assist people in accumulating the wealth they crave.

Mr Samraat previously worked for Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, JM Financial Ltd, and Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.

Investment Philosophy

Their investment philosophy is based on several key pillars. These are below.

Quality control:
  • Governance: A solid track record, interests that are aligned with those of the shareholders, and
  • Competence: Margins are increasing yearly, and sales are increasing quarterly.
Products and profits:

Distribution, price parity, innovation; profits: % of growth, the margin of protection, cash accrual

Company MOAT:
  • Cost advantage,
  • Brand value,
  • Market share,
  • Competitive advantage, and
  • License areas are the company’s MOATs.
Portfolio culture:

A good mix of market caps from a larger market.

Exposure to a variety of fields and industries

High potential returns across all market capitalisation and

A larger audience ensures participation across markets and industry cycles.

Why should you go with Exclusive Advisory Portfolio?

  • Navigate the challenges presented by the market’s rapid transformation.
  • The experts are always available to provide a reliable, relevant investing recommendation, allowing you to delegate the time-consuming and often complex process of developing a successful strategy.
  • They spend minimal effort and time than you would maintain your portfolio. The Exclusive Advisory Portfolio will offer investors peace of mind by closely monitoring asset management and lowering risk exposure. They also thrive on pursuing long-term development. They always operate with complete transparency and make market modifications, so you don’t have to.

Webinar Key Points

  • India is changing, so the coming five years will be great for the market.
  • Equities are one of the great options for investments.
  • Cash calls are important.
  • SIP investment in alternate investing is possible.
  • You may invest quarterly or half-yearly, but the market always goes through cycles in its own manner. Hence, you must be patient and believe your fund manager to get returns.
  • Technology can help experts to pick up the appropriate stocks depending on market conditions and human behaviour.

Parting Note

As the market has its way of cycle, you may require an expert recommendation to invest in stocks. It helps to lead patient investors to achieve a good return in the long run.

Investing is subject to market risk, and you need a proper appetite for that. You can consult with the experts for professional financial advice on investment at AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. You can connect with us through [email protected]

You can also call at 8368586435, 1800 210 1995 and 020-48627339.

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