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An exclusive and informative webinar happened between Mr Vaibhav Sanghavi and Mr Vikas Agrawal. Mr Agrawal, who hosted this webinar, is the Founder & CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. Our webinar guest is the Co-CEO and Fund Manager of Avendus Capital Public Markets.

Webinar Overview

Our honourable guest talked about many things in this webinar and especially threw light on the ‘Long Short fund’. Mr Vaibhav Sanghavi tries to express the uniqueness and capabilities of the ‘Long Short fund’ by Avendus. He discusses that this is a kind of tool that can manage strategies more efficiently to hold long and short positions in market investment. From this webinar, enthusiastic people can learn about the difference between market risk and stock risk and many other things that can influence investment returns and portfolios.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

At AIF & PMS Experts, we want to foster trust in governance while maintaining transparency and assisting our clients in creating long-term wealth. Our various products, analytics, and tools are critical to our business and assist us in meeting our objectives.

We believe in India’s growing economy. We understand the importance of investments as a driver of economic growth. And our Founder, Mr Vikas Agrawal, who is extremely passionate about decoding strengths and untangling business and management weaknesses, illustrates this belief.

Fund Manager Profile

Vaibhav Sanghavi has 17 years of work experience and deep domain knowledge in hedge funds. He is a Chartered Accountant who completed graduation from Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. Vaibhav joined Avendus in 2016 and is now the Co-CEO of Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP in Mumbai. He is the lead portfolio manager for all of the firm’s funds and has a record of success in outperforming markets across cycles.

Before starting Avendus, Vaibhav was a Managing Director at Ambit Investment Advisors, where he was in charge of the hedge fund business. He successfully handled the largest onshore Indian hedge fund with an outstanding track record during his eight-year tenure with the firm.

Before joining Ambit, he spent three years in DSP Merrill Lynch’s strategic risk group, where he was in charge of managing USD one billion in proprietary equities investments.

Vaibhav started his professional career in 2000 with HDFC Bank, where he worked in the equities and private banking departments. During his five-year tenure, he invested in equities that consistently outperformed benchmarks.

His expertise in generating risk-adjusted returns in equities across methodologies has contributed significantly to Avendus’ position as India’s largest onshore hedge fund.

Investment Philosophy

Their Alternate Strategies division specialises in managing long-short equity (alternative investment) funds and other creative product offerings that seek to deliver capital gain while minimising risk. They use Long and Short positions in equities and equity indices to achieve this. The product offerings meet the value creation needs of both onshore and offshore investors.

    • Avendus Absolute Return Fund:

A Category III Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) focuses on creative risk management strategies with a capital preservation objective. The fund focuses on strong absolute return strategies with a view to low volatility. Through long and short positions in equities and indices, the fund seeks capital growth and positive returns effectively, risk-adjusted way.

      • Investment strategy:

The long-short strategy of this fund seeks to generate absolute returns with lower volatility than the overall stock market and low correlation to traditional asset classes across a range of market scenarios.

      • Investment Philosophy:

It focuses on cutting-edge investing along with effective risk management for capital preservation. The fund aims to achieve efficient, risk-adjusted capital appreciation and attractive returns through short and long-term stock holdings and indexes.
The investment services management techniques used by Avendus Absolute Return Fund are innovative, with good risk management for capital protection.
Long and short positions in indices and equities are often used to maximise capital appreciation and positive returns while minimising risk (derivatives).

        • Avendus Enhanced Return Fund:

      The Avendus Enhanced Return Fund is a long-only strategy that seeks high alpha and low beta. The fund seeks to overperform the Nifty 50 index while limiting downside risk.

              • Investment strategy:

      The fund’s goal of outperforming the Nifty 50 index while limiting downsizing is achieved by maintaining a prudent mix of long-only and Long Short portfolios. It will invest 70% of the proceeds in a long-only portfolio to ensure high alpha and 30% in a long-short portfolio to ensure low beta.

              • Investment Philosophy:

      The fund’s investment philosophy is to produce 150 per cent of the Nifty 50 index return over the next three years while limiting the downside to 30 per cent of the index decrease within the next six months.
      The “Avendus Enhanced Return Fund-Series II” goal is to surpass the Nifty 50 index while limiting downside risk.

      Webinar Key Points

      In this YouTube webinar, our honourable hosts were asked many important questions. Mr Vaibhav answered them in a simple but informative fashion. He tries to explain his thought and knowledge on a particular topic with examples which makes the thing easier to understand.

          •  We learned from this session that the Long Short fund strategy is much more efficient, more reliable, and can provide more return.
          • This strategy helps you to manage investments with an effective risk-management procedure.
          • There are good chances to avoid a negative return if an investor invests through a Long Short fund strategy.
          • While volatility hampers other investment procedures, this helps Long Short fund strategies.

      Parting Note

      Investors should have patients for a good return on investment. It is better to invest from the three years investment procedure. As it is a low-risk management tool, investors have a bright future from an investing perspective. Therefore, investors may consult with AIF & PMS Experts India for expert investment advice.

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