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There was an online session organized by AIF & PMS Experts India with Devina Mehra and Shankar Sharma. Devina and Shankar have both been together leading First Global for three decades and their love for markets knows no boundaries. First Global’s PMS schemes are blowing out lights by topping the industry performance tables with low volatility and a diversified portfolio.

Webinar Overview

This fantastic online session will give you an insight into creating a permanent bull market portfolio. It will provide you with a solid reason to invest globally and what it means to say global investing. This webinar answered many queries and questions of people interested in investing globally but are still confined to India due to a lack of knowledge and information.

The session is a lucky draw for the ones who want to make profits soon. So, don’t miss It. Grab the opportunity.

Is there a system that can create a permanent bull market portfolio?

Know with us the unknown or neglected truths about investing globally:

  1. India is just 2.5% of global equity markets, so why confined yourself to investing in India only.
  1. Seeing the best-performing markets in 2020 we know that Vietnam 80% plus, Denmark did well. Also, see the best-performing markets of 2019, i.e. Greece, Russia, Italy, Brazil.

India was consistent at 24th position. So, we can conclude from the above data that the Same markets and classes don’t give great returns each time.

  1. A single country, a single currency, single asset risk are enough to give you SCCAR forever,
  1. India’s derivative market is limited. Investing in industrial metals is not easy.
  1. Going global or investing globally does not mean investing in the US being in India, the world is larger. In fact, global investing means investing across classes, across countries.
  1. There is nothing as BULL or BEAR markets, both co-exist.

Defining An Intelligent Tactical Global Portfolio

The global tactical portfolio must have these three qualities:

  • Dynamic Diversification – Diversification is a primary tactic for a global portfolio. It is diversifying across stocks, sectors, geographies, and asset classes.
  • Tactical diversification insurance – Insurance is a must. in times of uncertainty, we are on side of caution. Better to rather give up little than bearing huge losses. We believe in risk management.
  • A large number of uncorrelated bets.

First Global’s Two Global investment products

  1. Global freedom(FG) – This is for investors with over US$100,000 to invest.
  2. Global multi-asset Allocation Portfolio ( GMAAP )- This is for investors with over US$10,000 to invest.

With Their Global Products, their investors don’t have to worry about how much to own?

  • Fixed income
  • Emerging markets
  • Developed market equities
  • Tech vs non-tech
  • Gold, silver, oil
  • High-yield vs grade yield

Lastly, Shankar Sharma and Devina Mehra concluded by assuring that their company do give great returns but believes in risk-adjusted returns. They believe in being transparent with their clients. Shankar Sharma suggested that the investors continue participating even when the market is down, as the future looks good for India and the global equity. At these interest rates, you will surely make money.

He also added that we are looking for corrections, and we perform them better than others. Though we are not gods, we are passionate about our work and want others to make profits with us.

For detailed learning please click on the below link:

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