An Exclusive Webinar About The Launching of Digital Compounder PMS By Complete Circle Wealth

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In this exclusive youtube webinar, Mr. Vikas Agrawal, The founder of AIF & PMS Experts India, starts with an Introduction to the co-founders of Complete Circle Wealth, Mr. Gurmeet Chadha(CEO) and Mr. Kshitiz Mahajan. 

Mr. Vikas Agrawal inquires about their experience and thoughts on launching their first PMS. The debate continues over how India is progressing in the digitization phase, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID epidemic. The AMC has been focusing on firms with a broader perspective on technologies and a long-term commitment to returns. Mr. Kshitiz Mahajan spoke about the stock selection method, as well as the risk management procedure, in accordance with his investment philosophy.

About Complete Circle

If companies are divided into two quadrants based on digital intensity and transformation management intensity, the top right quadrant qualifies to be true digital advantage beneficiaries, because digital innovation is relevant not only in business operations and customer engagement, but also in transforming the leadership capabilities of IT-Business relationships.

The Complete Circle Comes With a Philosophy:

  • I for    :   Investment Ideas which capture the India Growth Story –evolving businesses via technical prowess / technological Innovation 
  • N for  :   Numbers showing strong financials – High RoCE / Low Leverage / Consistent Topline – Bottomline  Growth
  • D for  :   Digital India Concept – Businesses Adapting & Embracing the Digital Transformation in India
  • I for   :    Inexorable Integrity / High-Quality Governance with a top management pedigree
  • A for  :    Acute Assessment of risk with each economic turn, significant corporate announcements

Empowerment of Digitalisation in India

  • Internet and cellphone penetration are increasing.
  • In India, more than half a billion people use the internet.
  • India is one of the fastest-growing digital consumer marketplaces in the world.
  • Increased use of digital payment platforms such as UPI, Wallets, and QR codes
  • Direct benefit transfer via Aadhaar CoWin application for vaccination, Fastag for toll payment, 1.3 billion people enrolled in Aadhar.

Growing Sectors

  • Digital lending market estimated to grow from $100bn in 2019 to $350bn in 2023
  • OTT revenue to grow from $1.9bn in 2021 to $4.5bn by 2026: media partners in Asia
  • Booming edtech industry, poised to reach $30bn in next 10 years
  • The digital advertising industry grew by 35% in 2021
  • Growth is fueled by 1.3 billion Indians registered in Aadhaar, which is used by 85 percent of bank accounts, a surge in internet and smartphone usage, and the inclusion of non-metro customers.
  • 2020: At 140 million 3rd highest online shopper base behind US and China
  • Over the next five years, India’s purchasing base is expected to grow to between 300 and 350 million people.

Why is data usage exploding?

  • Low wireline broadband penetration
  • Increasing digital maturity
  • Exploding internet content

UPI as the Pillar of India’s Digital Push

  • Multiple bank accounts can be accessed using a single mobile application.
  • Allows for instant money transfers through mobile devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • In India, it processes more than half of all digital transactions. The most popular digital transaction platform.
  • In March 2022, transactions reached a monthly high of 541 crores or Rs 9.6 lakh crore.
  • PwC predicts that UPI + mobile banking transactions would increase from 45 percent in FY21 to 75 percent in FY26.

What Are Digital Compounders? 

Digital compounders are businesses that are ahead of the curve in:

  • Technology adoption at every level of the value chain, from back end to front end
  • Every process in the organization is being transformed digitally, with an emphasis on ROI.
  • Investing in technical proficiency and qualities that are ahead of the norm
  • Capex is driven by innovation

Investment Objective of Digital Compounder

Digital Compounders PMS is focused on achieving long-term, consistent capital appreciation by investing in high-quality firms that use technology and technical expertise to build economic moats across industries.

Why Digital Compounders

  • Envisage A Digitally Driven Decade
  • Pandemic Pushed Adoption Of Digital Ahead By 2-3 Years
  • All Industries Driving Towards Digital Transformation
  • Digitisation Of Businesses Vital For Survival
  • Dependence On Data, AI, Core Technology Systems Growing Exponentially
  • Digital Economy Spend Growing 2x Faster: Nasscom
  • Digital Ecosystem Has Potential To Unlock Opportunities Worth $300bn By 2030:BCG

Fund Managers Profile

  • Gurmeet Chadha – Co-Founder & CEO

Gurmeet Chadha, Co-Founder, and CEO of Complete Circle Capital Private Limited, has over 15 years of experience in Private Wealth Management, Banking, and Mutual Fund Distribution. He has been trying to create a high-quality, client-centric, and truly digital boutique wealth management firm that delivers financial solutions since 2015.

Gurmeet worked for Citibank as a Vice President and Investments Head for the Northern Zone before starting Complete Circle Capital. Under his leadership, the AUMs climbed from 3600 crores to 6000 crores in just three years. For the last seven years, he has worked in the asset management sector, most recently as the Regional Head for Reliance Mutual Fund’s Greater Mumbai region.

Gurmeet brings a lot of retail, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience to the table. His demonstrated product innovation abilities, as well as his understanding of the Debt and Equity Markets, have helped him establish himself as one of the most well-known individuals in the Banking and Wealth Management business.

  • Kshitiz Mahajan – Co-Founder

With over 16 years of experience in banking, mutual fund product development, and distribution, Kshitiz Mahajan is a Co-Founder of Complete Circle Capital Private Limited. He is setting new benchmarks as an entrepreneur by developing a prominent company with a research and content-based platform that provides cutting-edge financial solutions.

Kshitiz was Vice President and Zonal Head-North Region at Motilal Oswal AMC before starting Complete Circle Capital. He was a part of a remarkable five-year growth journey that saw AUMs jump from 48 crores to 6000 crores. His previous asset management experience includes stints with Canara and Reliance AMC as Regional Head North and Regional Manager – Distribution.

Parting Note

Investing in specialist firms for the long term in order to achieve long-term capital growth. From conception through strategy and evaluation, we cover all you need to know about your portfolio so you can achieve your financial goals. Contact us and we’ll walk you through your investing experience with additional webinars with top fund managers throughout the country.


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