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Learn Investing in Helios Way with AIF PMS Experts India

Webinar organized by AIF & PMS Experts was hosted by Mr. Vikas Agarwal founder of AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd. Focus of the webinar was Mr. Samir Arora, founder and fund manager of Helios Capital. Samir is the Chief Investment Officer of Alliance Capital’s Indian mutual fund business and has also managed Alliance Capital’s Asian Emerging Markets mandates.


The webinar is all about the investment philosophy of Helios Capital. The session is quite interesting and a bonus for those who aspire to invest and what to know about the stocks and their existence.

Samir Arora skillfully showcased his experience of 29 years of investing while nailing the questions about stocks. The best thing about the session was the confidence and zeal of Mr. Arora, the way he led the session was phenomenal.

This Webinar is like an asset for the aspiring investors and current investors too.

Smart Way of Investing in Helios Way

The session elaborates the four basic questions that every enthusiastic investor is keen to know. The questions are:

  • Which stocks to buy?
  • What should be the time horizon?
  • How many stocks to own at a time?
  • When to sell?

Which Stocks to Buy?

Helios Capital chooses the companies on the following criteria:

  • Size of opportunity
  • Favorable industry dynamics
  • Low potential for disruption
  • Strong management/strategy
  • Good corporate governance
  • Clean accounting
  • Reasonable valuations.

Helios first selects the good companies on the basis of above criteria and then chooses best from those good companies. Helios Capital strongly believes in researching for reasons to reject and not for the reasons to buy. This philosophy helps in filtering companies and choosing best out of a lot.

How Many Stocks to Own at A Time?

Samir Arora, excellently explains the types of stocks a robust portfolio must have. He says there should be two types of stocks. One that offers high confidence in reasonable returns and another that offers reasonable confidence in high returns.

When To Sell?

Further Samir Arora, elucidate about when to sell? On which he says, stocks may be sold for company specific fundamentals, valuation reasons or risk control reasons:

  • If there is deterioration in fundamentals or an unexpected negative development, stock will normally be sent to zero.
  • If stock significantly outperforms underlying earnings growth over an extended period, stock weight may be trimmed or sold completely.
  • High valuation may be acceptable up to the point for quality companies but Helios don’t believe in buy/hold at any valuations.

Helios is giving edge competition by trusting the ritual of tracking the same companies and industries year after year. This tracking helps in recognizing the change at both sector and company level. And also aids in knowing when a company merits to move to a different bucket.

Parting note

It is of great honour to listen to such an experienced personality with tons of knowledge about investing. For a more detailed webinar Check out the link below. Drop your queries in the comment section and we will resolve them as soon as possible.

Have a happy investing with AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

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