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A long-short equity fund is one of the oldest and most popular forms of investing in the developed economy.

In India, It’s estimated that over $5 Billion worth of assets in the hedge fund space will be allocated to long-short equity strategies in the days to come. The way Arbitrage funds have witness high level of inflows in last decade; gradually Long-short is also gaining market shares and awareness amongst HNI investors.

In most volatile markets like India, The long-short equity covers several distinct strategies that any serious investor can take advantage of. Most investors don’t quite understand how it works?

Therefore, this time when the investors don’t have any views on the markets, we invited one of the largest Long –short Managers of India, Mr. Vaibhav Sanghavi, Co CEO at Avendus capital markets –alternate strategy. They manage about 5000crs in the alternate strategy.

According to us, The Avenues Absolute return funds is best suited for those

  • Intends to generate better risk adjusted returns
  • Needs liquidity
  • Looking out for Debt plus kind of retunes in the range of 6-7% post tax and post fees.
  • Looking out for consistent returns, No matter what is the direction of the markets.,
  • Being a low volatility offering, it delivers decent returns, min investment is 1crs hence its only designed for HNI clients
  • With a strong track & most consistent track record in long-short strategy.

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