Navigating Market Excellence: An Inside Look at A Marcellus PMS

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Are you seeking financial growth? Explore the realm of market excellence through PMS investment strategies, a proven pathway to success. Marcellus PMS offers a personalized approach, managing your investments with precision and aligning them with your financial goals effectively.

Marcellus PMS

Why Opt for PMS Investment Strategies?

Tailored solutions:

 PMS tailors investment portfolios based on your risk appetite, financial objectives, and time horizon.

Professional expertise:

Benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers who navigate markets, making informed decisions on your behalf.


PMS spreads investments across various asset classes, mitigating risk and enhancing overall portfolio resilience.

Active management:

PMS provides active portfolio management, seizing market opportunities and adapting to changing economic conditions.

Performance tracking:

Stay informed with regular reports, tracking your portfolio’s performance and adjusting strategies as needed.

Navigating Market Trends with Marcellus PMS

Successful PMS investment strategies involve astute market navigation, and Marcellus MeritorQ PMS is one of them. Here’s how:

Market analysis: In-depth market analysis guides PMS managers, in identifying trends and seizing lucrative opportunities for optimal returns.

Risk management: Portfolio Management Services employ risk management tools, ensuring your investments are safeguarded against market volatility and unforeseen events.

Sectoral allocation: Strategic sectoral allocation is key, capitalising on growth sectors while managing exposure to potential downturns.

Investment Strategy of The Marcellus MeritorQ PMS

Now, let’s deep dive into the investment strategy Marcellus MeritorQ PMS


Exposure to a number of unrelated variables, such as price and quality

Performance from smaller enterprises is captured. Zero market capitalization bias.

Rebalancing on a regular basis:

Semi-annual portfolio rebalancing and evaluation in accordance with the rules

Ensures that the Marcellus PMS fund is in accordance with the investment objectives

Managing portfolio churn while consistently purchasing inexpensive equities.


Over the last 16+ years, the method, and portfolio creation have been tested.

Investing process versus discretion

Star portfolio manager with little risk

Active monitoring is used to ensure that the ultimate portfolio and rules are consistent with the investment objectives:

  • They also provide an STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) plan, which allows consumers to spread out their investments over 5 months.
  • Existing investors can use the Systematic Investment Plan to save for investments in Marcellus Funds consistently.

They construct their portfolio using criteria based on business fundamentals. They select respectable companies that are undervalued in comparison to the rest of the market as a whole.

Rather than just one or two stocks, they concentrate on your portfolio, which gives greater risk-adjusted returns. Every two years, they rebalance the portfolio by adding undervalued firms; using a rules-based method alongside Marcellus’ forensic framework.

Omkar Sawant – The Fund Manager Profile

Omkar worked at a CA firm in statutory audit departments from 2017 to 2020 before joining Marcellus, getting substantial knowledge of Indian accounting standards, financial statement analysis, and taxation.

Omkar is the MeritorQ PMS Fund Manager at Marcellus. Mumbai University awarded him a certification for B. Com. He also has a chartered accounting qualification.

End Note

Embark on a journey towards market excellence with PMS investment strategies. Tailored solutions, active management, and strategic insights empower investors to navigate the complex financial landscape successfully.

Remember, the key to financial success lies in adapting to market dynamics. Marcellus PMS not only unlocks the doors to market excellence but also ensures that you stride confidently towards your financial aspirations.

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