Analysing the best performing Alternative Investment Funds of last 3 years till the month of March’24

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In the world of money matters and investing, people are always looking for ways to make their cash work harder. That’s where Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) come in. AIFs can help spread out your risks and potentially bring in higher returns.


Top performing AIF in March'24

What is Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)?

An Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) operates beyond traditional investments like stocks and bonds, venturing into complex and less liquid strategies. It spans various alternative asset classes like private equity, hedge funds, and real estate, offering diversification beyond conventional options. AIFs aim for higher returns through specialized strategies and niche market opportunities, albeit with higher risk and limited liquidity. Targeting sophisticated investors, they require a willingness to accept these risks for potentially greater rewards. Regulatory oversight varies, but AIFs remain integral for accessing alternative investment avenues, enriching portfolios with diverse opportunities while demanding a thorough understanding of risk and reward dynamics.

Key features of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) include:

  • Diversification: AIF offer exposure to a wide range of alternative asset classes.
  • Complexity: AIF pursue strategies that are more complex and less liquid than traditional investments.
  • Higher Return Potential: AIF target higher returns through specialized strategies and niche markets.
  • Risk: AIF come with higher levels of risk and may have limited liquidity compared to traditional investments.
  • Regulatory Oversight: AIF are subject to regulatory scrutiny, ensuring investor protection.
  • Investor Sophistication: AIF are designed for sophisticated investors with the knowledge to assess risks.
  • Flexibility: AIF offer more flexibility in investment strategies and structures.

Top-performing Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) across various categories in last 3 years

We’ll identify the top three AIFs in each category and figure out why they’re successful. By doing this, we can learn about their investment strategies and how well they’re doing in finance.

1. Top 3 Best Performing LONG ONLY AIF in March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund (Inc. Jun’19)
It boasts a remarkable strategic performance of 33.4%, reflecting its astute focus on emerging opportunities.

It demonstrates solid growth with a strategic performance of 24.9%, driven by its focused strategy on compounding investments.

Abakkus Growth Fund 1 (Inc: Jun’18)
It achieves a commendable strategic performance of 23.2%, showcasing its proficiency in capitalizing on growth opportunities.

2. Top 2 Performing LONG SHORT AIF in March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

TATA Absolute Return Fund (Inc. Apr’19)
This AIF delivers a solid performance of 9.7%, showcasing its strength in generating consistent returns in both bullish and bearish market conditions.

ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund (Inc: Oct’21)
It demonstrates a commendable performance of 8.3%, reflecting its ability to navigate market volatility effectively with its long and short investment strategies.

3. Top Performing LONG SHORT- Equity Plus AIF in March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

ITI Ling Short Equity Fund (Inc. Apr’18)

ITI Long Short Equity Fund impresses with an outstanding performance of 51.52%, showcasing its adeptness in navigating both long and short positions effectively.

Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund (Inc. Mar’20)

It delivers a solid performance of 16%, reflecting its ability to generate consistent returns with a long-short equity strategy.

The performance of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in April 2024 reflects the diverse strategies and approaches within the realm of alternative investments. Across various categories such as long-only, long-short, and benchmark AIFs, we see a mix of commendable performances driven by different investment philosophies.

Investors seeking diversification and higher returns beyond traditional asset classes can find potential avenues in AIFs. As always, thorough due diligence and understanding of individual risk appetites are paramount when considering investments in AIFs or any alternative asset class.

In the dynamic landscape of finance, the performance of AIFs serves as a testament to the innovative strategies and expertise driving the quest for superior returns in investment markets.

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