The Top-Performing Portfolio Management Services of August 2023

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The world of investment is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve often requires making informed decisions. One way to do that is by analysing the performance of Portfolio Management Services (PMS).

In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the top three large-cap PMS strategies based on their remarkable performance over the last year. We will discuss those funds along with the data.

The performance tables of Portfolio Management Services funds:

All the data tables are based on one year performance.

Large cap triumphs:

In the world of (PMS), August 2023 witnessed some remarkable performers, especially in the large-cap segment. These funds have consistently outshone the market over the past year, demonstrating the prowess of their strategies. Let’s delve into the top performers.

The 2 Best Performing Large Cap PMS in August 2023:

AMC & Fund Names Inception Date Strategy Performance
LIC MF Value Equity + PMS May-13 23.69%
ICICI Prudential PMS Large Cap Strategy Mar-09 23.60%

 LIC MF Value Equity + PMS

Inception Date: May-13

Strategy Performance: 23.69%

LIC Mutual Fund’s Value Equity + PMS strategy secures the second spot, with a one-year performance of 23.69%. This fund’s longevity since May 2013 is a testament to its consistency in delivering value to investors.

ICICI Prudential PMS Large Cap Strategy

Inception Date: Mar-09

Strategy Performance: 23.60%

ICICI Prudential’s Large Cap Strategy rounds off the trio with a remarkable performance of 23.60% over the last year. With a history dating back to March 2009, this fund has proven its mettle over time.

Mid-cap marvels:

While large-cap funds shine, the mid-cap segment is not to be outdone. Here are the three best-performing mid-cap funds of Portfolio Management Services in August 2023.

The 3 Best Performing Mid-Cap PMS in August 2023:

AMC & Fund Names Inception Date Strategy Performance
ACE Midcap Dec-17 42.52%
AAA Budding Beasts Jan-21 33.99%
Right Horizons -Super-Value Fund Nov-12 30.14%

 ACE Midcap

Inception Date: Dec-17

Strategy Performance: 42.52%

ACE Midcap takes the top spot among mid-cap PMS funds with a phenomenal one-year performance of 42.52%. Launched in December 2017, this fund has demonstrated the potential of mid-cap stocks to deliver substantial gains.

AAA Budding Beasts

Inception Date: Jan-21

Strategy Performance: 33.99%

In just over two years since its inception in January 2021, AAA Budding Beasts has managed to secure a remarkable 33.99% return over the last year. This fund’s rapid rise highlights the dynamism of mid-cap investments along with its PMS performance.

Right Horizons -Super-Value Fund

Inception Date: Nov-12

Strategy Performance: 30.14%

Right Horizons’ Super-Value Fund, in action since November 2012, secures the third spot with a commendable one-year performance of 30.14%. This fund’s longevity underscores its ability to adapt and thrive in changing market conditions.

Small cap sensations:

Small-cap stocks have their own allure, often promising substantial growth potential. Here are the top three small-cap PMS funds that stood out in August 2023.

The 2 Best Performing Small Cap PMS in August 2023:

AMC & Fund Names Inception Date Strategy Performance
Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund Dec-17 45.42%
Abakkus Emerging Aug-20 43.2%

 Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund

Inception Date: Dec-17

Strategy Performance: 45.42%

Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund secures the second position with a remarkable one-year performance of 45.42%. Launched in December 2017, this fund showcases the potential of carefully selected small-cap investments.

Abakkus Emerging

Inception Date: Aug-20

Strategy Performance: 43.2%

Abakkus Emerging takes the third spot with a solid one-year performance of 43.2%. This fund, with an inception date in August 2020, has quickly gained recognition for its ability to unearth promising emerging market gems.

The winning strategies what sets these PMS strategies apart?

It’s a combination of factors. These are discussed below.

  • Innovation
  • Consistency
  • Experience

Making informed choices:

While these two PMS strategies have excelled, it’s essential to remember that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Investors should conduct thorough research, assess their risk tolerance, and consult financial experts before making investment decisions.

Final thoughts:

In the ever-fluctuating world of finance, these Portfolio Management Services have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. They serve as a reminder that careful planning, consistent efforts, and experience can lead to financial success.

With these top-performing large-cap PMS strategies as inspiration, investors can embark on their financial journeys with confidence, knowing that excellence is achievable even in challenging times.

However, always approach investments with caution and a long-term perspective. In this case, the experts at AIF & PMS Experts India are always there to help you. So, for any inquiry, you may phone us at 8368586435, email us at [email protected], or come to us. You position yourself for potentially rich rewards by doing so.

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