Top AIF Performance : October 2021

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AIF Performance OCT 21

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Check Out This Month’s Top PMS Performance

We at AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd brings you the list of top performers of October month in the category Large-short and Long only cap.

Long Short

Avendus Capital’s (Equity : Debt :: 70:30) 49.58% return with strategy Enhanced Return Fund-I is top in the long-short fund list. Second is again Avendus Capital but with Enhanced Return Fund-II (Equity : Debt :: 70:30) with 45.46% return. The third position holder is Edelweiss Asset Management, with the strategy Alternative Equity Scheme having a return of 41.18%. Below are the top AIF performers from large-short:

AMC Name Strategy 1M 3M 6M 1Y
Avendus Capital Enhanced Return Fund-I 1.39% 12.42% 16.05% 49.58%
Avendus Capital Enhanced Return Fund-II 1.22% 12.18% 16.13% 45.46%
Edelweiss Asset Management Alternative Equity Scheme 2.33% 11.84% 21.88% 41.18%
Tata AMC Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund 1.8% 7.78% 15.85% 35.91%
The Investment Trust of India Ltd. Long Short Equity Fund 1.14% 12.02% 15.21% 33.85%

Long Only

Long Only top AIF performer is Roha Asset Managers with the strategy Roha Emerging Companies Fund having a return of 133.14%. Aequitas with 128.29% return with the approach Aequitas Equity Scheme I is at the second position. Abakkus has managed to hold the third position at long-only with the strategy of Emerging Opportunities Fund with a return of 124.30%.

Below are the top AIF performers from long Only:

AMC Name Strategy 1M 3M 6M 1Y
Roha Asset Managers Roha Emerging Companies Fund 7.1% 22.76% 73.65% 133.14%
Aequitas Aequitas Equity Scheme I 3.81% 17.97% 77.25% 128.29%
Abakkus Emerging Opport. Fund – 1 -2.5% 17.50% 51.10% 124.30%
Abakkus Growth Fund – 1 4.8% 13.70% 57.6% 117.40%
Sage one Flagship Growth 1 Fund 4.97% 13.52% 34.81% 102.26%

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