Top Five Portfolio Management Services to Achieve Your Goals

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PMS, or Portfolio Management Services, is an investment option that provides customised investment solutions to individuals based on their financial goals and risk appetite. PMS enables investors to build a portfolio that is tailored to their specific investment needs and goals, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

This blog post will explore how PMS investments can help you achieve your financial goals and maximize your returns.

What are PMS investments?

PMS investments are a relatively new concept in the world of investing, but they are rapidly gaining popularity. PMS is a type of investment where a portfolio manager is appointed to manage the investment portfolio of an individual or a group of individuals.

This portfolio manager is responsible for selecting and managing a set of investments that align with the investment goals and risk tolerance of the individual or group.

PMS investments are different from traditional investments such as mutual funds, as they are more personalised and offer a higher degree of control over the investment portfolio. PMS investments are ideal for high-net-worth individuals who are looking for customised investment solutions as well as for individuals who are looking for professional management of their investments.

Advantages of PMS investments:

  • Customized portfolios:

One of the biggest advantages of PMS investments is that they offer customised investment portfolios. This means that investors can choose investments that align with their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon.

This level of customization enables investors to build portfolios that are tailored to their specific investment needs.

  • Professional management:

Another advantage of PMS investments is that they are professionally managed. This means that investors can benefit from the expertise and experience of professional portfolio managers, who are well-versed in the investment markets and have a deep understanding of the financial products available. This professional management helps investors make informed investment decisions and maximises their returns.

  • High potential for returns:

PMS investments have the potential to generate higher returns compared to traditional investment options such as mutual funds. This is because PMS portfolios are customized to the investment goals and risk tolerance of the individual.

It enables portfolio managers to make more informed investment decisions.

  • Increased control:

PMS investments also offer investors increased control over their portfolios. Investors can choose the investments that they want to include in their portfolios, and they can also monitor the performance of their portfolios regularly.

This level of control enables investors to make informed investment decisions and ensures that their portfolios align with their financial goals.

Top five PMS to consider for your next investments:

As per our parameters, here we’re going to discuss the top Portfolio Management Services. You can invest in these funds as per your goal and risk appetite.

Green Lantern Capital LLP PMS

By investing in mid- and small-cap firms, the fund strategy seeks to achieve better risk-adjusted returns in different market situations. ideal long-term investment choice (3-5 year horizon) for investors who want to develop a portfolio of firms that are leaders in the industry and can generate substantial ROE and trade at a high safety margin.

Portfolio organization:

  • 0—30% Large Cap
  • 70-100% for mid-and small-cap stocks
  • Stocks available: 20–25
  • Cash: Failure The BSE Small Cap Index serves as a position benchmark.

White Oak India Top 200 PMS

Mr Prashant Khemka exclusively manages this fund.

Their investment objective is

The strategy’s investment goal of White Oak India PMS is to seek long-term capital accumulation by predominantly investing in India’s top 200 “listed securities” by market capitalization. With a bottom-up stock selection technique, the investing strategy is just long.

The underlying concept is that investing in exceptional firms at appealing prices yields outsized returns over time.

A.K. Wealth Debt PMS

Ms Aditi Mittal is managing the fund.

Their investment objective is

There is a discretionary PMS available that will participate in fixed-income securities. In the PMS, they attempt to:

  • Your entire investment is in the red.
  • Give yourself a consistent and dependable income.
  • Actively manage portfolios by integrating trading and investing tactics.

Product offering:

  • A product offering will invest in fixed-income securities.
  • The securities’ ratings will range from AAA to A-.
  • Depending on market circumstances and the accessibility of arbitrage possibilities, the strategy will combine a hold-to-maturity and a trading approach. The portfolio may be modified to suit larger investment demands from investors.
  • Depending on the plan, they strive for returns of 9% to 10%.
  • Two to three years is the best investment horizon.
  • It is possible to register without using a distribution provider.

Motilal Oswal Multifactor Equity PMS

Sankaranarayanan Krishnan will be working as a quant fund manager for PMS and AIF products. He is in charge of managing the funds as well as coordinating the firm’s factoring and quantitative research.

Their investment objective is

Motilal Oswal’s Multifactor Equity PMS seeks to construct a portfolio that exceeds the broader market over the long term.

the rise of the investment period by using a rigorous, rules-based technique to get diversified exposure to numerous investing elements. As a result, many enthusiasts, such as Motilal Oswal PMS, begin their investment journey.

Marcellus MeritorQ PMS

Mr Omkar Sawant and Mr Krishnan V. R. are in the fund management team.

Their investment objective is

  • Portfolio construction using criteria based on business principles
  • Select respectable companies that are undervalued in comparison to the rest of the sector.
  • Instead of focusing on one or two stocks, concentrate on your portfolio, which gives greater risk-adjusted returns.
  • Every two years, rebalance the portfolio by adding undervalued firms.

Choose a portfolio manager:

Once you have defined your financial goals and assessed your risk tolerance, the next step is to choose a portfolio manager. This is a critical step, as the portfolio manager will be responsible for managing your investments.

When choosing a portfolio manager, look for someone with a track record of success and experience in the investment markets.

AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. could help you in this case. We’ll make sure your portfolio is aligned with your financial goals to maximise returns within the time frame. You can call us at 8368586435 for your investment journey at Portfolio Management Services. Enthusiastic people may connect with us through [email protected].

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