Top Performers of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) – November 2023 Analysis

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Embark on a journey through the dynamic realm of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). Here, success is measured in percentages.

The Best Long-Only AIFs


AMC & Scheme Name


Overall Performance (%)

Inception Date 1Y
Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund Jun-19 46.8%
Abakkus Growth Fund 1 Jul-18 27.4%
Sage One Flagship Growth 2 Fund Aug-21 26.0%


Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund – Pioneering Excellence:

In June 2019, the Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund marked its inception, swiftly claiming a remarkable 46.8% overall performance in the last year.

Abakkus Growth Fund 1 – Nurturing Wealth since July ’18:

With a track record dating back to July 2018, the Abakkus Growth Fund 1 stands tall with a commendable 27.4% one-year performance.

Sage One Flagship Growth 2 Fund – A Newcomer’s Triumph:

Introduced in August 2021, the Sage One Flagship Growth 2 Fund showcased an impressive 26.0% performance within just one year.

The Finest Long-Short AIFs


AMC & Scheme Name


Overall Performance (%)

Inception Date 1Y
Alta Cura Absolute Return Oct-21 16.59%
Tata Absolute Return Fund Apr-19 8.6%
ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund – Series I Aug-18 7.0%


Alta Cura Absolute Return – Crafting Success since October ’21:

The Alta Cura Absolute Return, initiated in October 2021, exhibits a strategic prowess, securing a 16.59% overall performance over the past year.

Tata Absolute Return Fund – A Time-Tested Performer since April ’19:

Established in April 2019, the Tata Absolute Return Fund displays resilience with an 8.6% one-year performance.

ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund – Series I – Aug ’18 Veteran:

A stalwart since August 2018, the ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund – Series I impressed with a commendable 7.0% one-year performance.

Excellence in Long-Short Equity Plus Alternative Investment Funds


AMC & Scheme Name


Overall Performance (%)

Inception Date 1Y
Avendus Enhanced Return Fund-II Nov-18 12.85%
Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund Mar-20 12.4%
Nuvama Enhanced Dynamic Growth Equity Apr-21 9.8%


Avendus Enhanced Return Fund-II – November ’18 Maestro:

Initiated in November 2018, the Avendus Enhanced Return Fund-II commands attention with a solid 12.85% one-year performance.

Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund – March ’20 Dynamo:

Launched in March 2020, the Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund exhibits a robust performance of 12.4% over the last year.

Nuvama Enhanced Dynamic Growth Equity – April ’21 Star:

Introduced in April 2021, the Nuvama Enhanced Dynamic Growth Equity solidifies its position with a commendable 9.8% overall performance in the past year.

NOTE: All the above tables are based on last 1 year of performance.

Unlocking The Secrets behind The Numbers

In the dynamic landscape of AIFs, performance is not just a number. It’s a reflection of strategy, management, and market understanding. Proper AIF investing can bring fortune for your desired wealth management.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes these funds stand out:

  • Strategic initiatives: Explore how each fund’s investment strategies contributed to their outstanding performances.
  • Risk management: Understand the risk mitigation techniques employed, showcasing the delicate balance between risk and reward.
  • Market insights: Gain insights into how these funds navigated the unpredictable market scenarios, ensuring consistent growth.

Why Do These Numbers Matter?

In the intricate world of finance, these AIF performances aren’t just statistics; they signify the trust investors place in these funds. These stellar performances are a testament to the expertise of fund managers, the robustness of investment strategies, and the resilience of the funds in varying market conditions.

What’s Next for AIFs?

As we bid farewell to November ’23, the spotlight on AIFs continues to shine. Let’s know the trends that investors can anticipate, and how they leverage the insights from these top-performing funds for future investment decisions.

  • Emerging opportunities: Explore upcoming opportunities in the AIF space, providing investors with a forward-looking perspective.
  • Navigating challenges: Discuss potential challenges and how these top-performing AIFs have historically navigated turbulent times.
  • Diversification strategies: Highlight the importance of diversification in an investment portfolio and how AIFs can play a pivotal role in achieving it.

End Note

In the grand symphony of financial markets, AIFs emerge as virtuoso performers, each fund playing a unique note in the pursuit of investment excellence. As we reflect on the achievements of these top-performing AIFs in November 2023, the stage is set for investors to make informed decisions.

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