Revolutionize Your Investment Strategy with These Top Performing AIFs Till April 2024

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Ready to take your investment game to the next level? Explore the current trends and performances of April 2024’s top Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and benchmark leaders. From identifying hidden gems in growth-focused AIFs to navigating market volatility with complex long-short strategies, there is something for every investor looking to maximise their profits.

Analyzing the performance of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) requires a comprehensive approach that considers various factors. Here are some tips to effectively analyze the performance of AIFs:

  1. Understand the Investment Strategy: Before moving into performance analysis, it’s important to understand the investment strategy of the AIF. Different AIFs utilise different strategies such as long-short equity, quantitative trading, or private equity. Understanding the strategy will help you evaluate performance within the context of its intended approach.
  2. Track Performance Consistency: Consistency of performance is the key. Analyse the AIF’s track record across multiple market cycles to determine its ability to deliver consistent returns. AIFs that consistently outperform benchmarks or peers throughout fluctuating market situations showcase stability.
  3. Review Fund Manager Expertise: Evaluate the expertise and track record of the fund manager or management team. Experience, expertise, and a proven track record in implementing the chosen investment strategy are important indicators of potential success.
  4. Assess Liquidity and Redemption Terms: Evaluate the AIF’s liquidity and redemption terms. Illiquid assets may provide better profits, but they also pose challenges during market downturns. Understand the redemption terms and any lock-up periods associated with the AIF.


best performing aif funds till april 2024

By employing these tips, investors can conduct a thorough analysis of the performance of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and make informed decisions aligned with their investment objectives and risk tolerance.


Top-Performing Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) Across Various Categories on the basis of 3 years of performance

Top 3 Performing Long-Only AIFs in April 2024

((Based on the performance of three years))

Introduction: Long-only Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) focus on investing in growth-oriented assets, avoiding short positions to maximize returns. In April 2024, these top performers have shown exceptional returns over the past three years, highlighting their effective investment strategies.

  1. Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund (Inc. Jun-19): Posting healthy returns of 33.50% over the past three years, this fund excels at identifying and investing in high-growth opportunities, consistently delivering strong gains to its investors.
  2. CARNELIAN CAPITAL COMPOUNDER FUND-1 (Inc. April-19): Achieving a notable return of 28.2% over the past three years, this fund is dedicated to long-term growth through smart investment choices, making it a reliable option for investors looking for steady returns.
  3. Motilal Oswal Value Migration Fund (Inc. Sep-20): Giving a solid return of 22.9% over the past three years, this fund focuses on finding value in shifting market trends, effectively identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to achieve impressive performance.

Best Performing Long-Short AIFs in April 2024

((Based on the performance of three years))

Introduction: Long-short Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) aim to navigate market fluctuations by simultaneously holding both long and short positions. In April 2024, these top performers showed great returns over the past year, showing their ability to effectively manage risk and capitalize on market opportunities.

  1. Tata Absolute Return Fund (Inc. Apr-19): Posting a commendable return of 9.10% over the last three years, this fund has demonstrated adept management of long and short positions, reflecting its ability to capitalize on market movements and deliver consistent performance.
  2. ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund – Series I (Inc. Aug-18): With a return of 8% over the past three years, this fund has effectively leveraged its long-short strategy to navigate market dynamics, demonstrating its resilience and capability to generate returns in varying market conditions.

Best Performing Long-Short Equity Plus AIFs in April 2024

((Based on the performance of three years))

  1. ITI Long Short Equity Fund (Inc. Apr-18): Leading with a positive return of 39.66% over the last three years, this fund excels in managing both long and short positions in equities, demonstrating its ability to generate significant gains and consistently outperform market benchmarks.
  2. Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund (Inc. Mar-20): With a return of 15.4% over the past three years, this fund effectively combines long and short positions in equities, reflecting its commitment to delivering absolute returns and mitigating downside risk, positioning itself as a reliable choice for investors seeking balanced performance.

Top 3 Best Performing Benchmark AIFs in April 2024

((Based on the performance of three years))

Introduction: Benchmark Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) seek to resemble or outperform specified market indices, allowing investors to analyse fund performance. These top-performing benchmark AIFs have delivered significant returns over the last three years, matching or outperforming important market indices as of April 2024.

  1. Nifty 50: Leading the field with a decent return of 23.90% for the last three years, this benchmark AIF reflects the performance of India’s top 50 large-cap businesses, demonstrating its ability to produce steady returns in line with market trends.
  2. Nifty Tri: Nifty Tri gained 22.92% over the last three years, reflecting the combined performance of the Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50, and Nifty Midcap 50 indices. Its record reflects its effectiveness in capturing returns across various market segments.
  3. S&P BSE 500: With a return of 9.9% over the previous three years, this benchmark AIF tracks the performance of the top 500 businesses listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Despite market swings, it has proven its capacity to give investors broad market exposure while generating steady returns.


Investing in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) means finding new ways to grow your wealth beyond traditional methods. The best AIFs we’ve highlighted have shown impressive results over the past three years. Whether they focus on growth, managing risks, or mimicking market trends, they all offer potential for investors.

With the right approach and a diversified portfolio, you can revolutionise your investment strategy and strive for financial success in the ever-evolving landscape of alternative investments.

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