Exploring the Top-Performing Alternative Investment Funds on the basis of 3 Years performance till May 2024

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Returns play a crucial role in assessing and understanding the performance of alternative investment funds. They indicate the profit a fund has generated over a specific period, such as the last three years up to May 2024. This helps investors understand how successful their investments have been in these funds and how one can invest in the top-performing AIFs.

Top Performing AIF Funds till May 2024

Let’s understand how returns can help you in evaluating the best performing AIFs:

Analyzing Performance:
Returns, particularly high ones, show a sense of optimism and hope in investors. They help us compare how well different funds do. A higher return means a fund is better at making money from its investments. This helps investors find funds that consistently do well and manage investments wisely, potentially leading to a brighter financial future.

Checking Goals: Returns show if a fund meets its goals. For example, if a fund aims for high returns each year, its actual returns tell us if it succeeded or fell short. This helps investors know if a fund delivers what it promises.

Considering Risk: We also look at risk-adjusted returns, which provide a sense of security and confidence in the fund’s performance. This means analysing how much return a fund receives compared to the risks it takes. Funds with higher returns for the risks they take are more attractive to investors because they manage risks well, offering a reassuring investment option.

Long-Term Reliability: Consistent returns over time tell us if a fund’s strategy is working well in different market situations. Funds that make steady profits show they can handle changes and are reliable for long-term investments.

Understanding Performance Reasons: Returns help us understand why a fund does well. It could be because of good market trends, specific investments, or skilled managers. Understanding this helps investors decide where to put their money based on their goals and how much risk they can handle.

Top Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) that have performed exceptionally well across different categories over the past three years

We’ll identify the top three AIFs in each category and determine why they’re successful. This will allow us to learn about their investment strategies and financial performance.

Top 3 performing Long Only AIFs

Here are the details for the Long Only AIFs in the large-cap segment as of May 2024, highlighting their returns over the past three years:

1. Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund (Inc. Jun’19):

This fund has achieved a notable return of 25.70%. It focuses on emerging opportunities within the large-cap space, delivering robust performance to its investors.


With an impressive return of 23.80%, this fund has demonstrated consistent performance and effective capital-compounding strategies in the large-cap segment over the last three years.

3. Motilal Oswal Value Migration Fund (Inc. Sep’20):

The fund has delivered a solid return of 22.00%.

These Long-Only AIFs underscore their strengths in navigating the large-cap market. Each has a distinct strategy for capitalizing on growth opportunities and delivering competitive returns over the past 3 years.

Top Performing Long Short AIF

Here are the details for the Long Short AIFs as of May 2024, highlighting their returns over the past 3 years:

1. Tata Absolute Return Fund (Inc. Apr’19):

This fund was incepted in April 2019 and has achieved a return of 9.60% over the last 3 years. The Tata Absolute Return Fund employs a long-short strategy aimed at generating positive returns irrespective of market conditions, focusing on absolute returns for investors.

2.  ICICI Prudential Long Short Fund – Series I (Inc. Aug-18):

With a return of 7.00%, ICICI Prudential’s Long Short Fund Series I utilizes a strategy combining long and short positions to capitalize on market inefficiencies and deliver consistent performance over time.

These Long-Short AIFs demonstrate their ability to navigate market volatility and optimize returns through diversified investment strategies. They cater to investors looking for opportunities beyond traditional long-only investments.

Top Performing Long Short- Equity Plus

Here’s an overview of the Long Short Equity Plus AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds) from the last 3 years till May 2024:

1. ITI Long Short Equity Fund (Inc. Apr’18):

This fund has delivered an impressive return of 52.14%. The ITI Long Short Equity Fund employs a strategy that combines both long and short positions in equity markets.

2. Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund (Inc. Mar’20):

The fund has achieved a return of 14.50%. The Tata Equity Plus Absolute Returns Fund focuses on generating absolute returns by actively managing both long and short equity positions. It aims to provide investors with steady returns while mitigating downside risks through its diversified investment strategy.

3. Avendus Enhanced Return Fund Series – II (Inc. Dec-17):

With a return of 13.56%, the Avendus Enhanced Return Fund Series II utilizes a structured approach in equity markets. It aims to enhance returns through strategic allocations and effective risk management, catering to investors seeking capital appreciation alongside downside protection.

These Long Short Equity Plus AIFs show how they use different strategies to take advantage of market opportunities and manage risks well. They aim to provide good returns by carefully balancing long-term investments and short-term trading, giving investors various choices to improve their investment portfolios.

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