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In the ever-changing financial landscape, where market circumstances fluctuate and investing methods evolve, the search for top-performing portfolios is never-ending. In contrast to typical investment options, a meticulously designed Portfolio Management Service provides a customized approach, aligning precisely with an investor’s risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Top Performing PMS till march 2024


What are Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) cater to the distinctive needs of high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional investors by providing a personalized approach to investment management. Unlike mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), PMS offers tailored portfolios curated by dedicated portfolio managers or teams, allowing for individualized asset selection, allocation strategies, and risk mitigation methodologies. With direct ownership of securities, clients gain transparency and control over their investments, supported by regular reporting and communication from PMS providers, ultimately offering affluent investors a sophisticated solution aligned with their financial goals and preferences.

What are the Benefits of PMS?

  • Customization: PMS enables tailored investment portfolios aligning with clients’ financial objectives, risk appetite, and preferences.
  • Direct Ownership: PMS clients have direct ownership, enhancing transparency, control, and potential for tax efficiency.
  • Enhanced Diversification: PMS offers diverse investment options, mitigating risk and enhancing stability.
  • Professional Management: Managed by experts, PMS conducts research, identifies opportunities, and manages risks for potentially higher returns.
  • Regular Monitoring and Reporting: PMS provides ongoing performance monitoring and comprehensive reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Flexibility: PMS allows adjustments in strategies, asset allocation, and investment horizons, adapting to market conditions and client needs.

Discover The Best PMS as of March 2024

Let’s analyze the top-performing Portfolio Management Services (PMS) across different categories, focusing on their performance over the past 3 years.

We’ll identify the three leading PMS in each category and thereby examine the factors contributing to their success, shedding light on their investment strategies and outcomes in the finance domain.

Best Performing Large Cap PMS till March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

ICICI Prudential PMS Large Cap Strategy (Inception: Mar ’09)

With a seasoned veteran, 25.8% Strategy Performance demonstrates stability and long-term wealth management. ICICI Prudential’s expertise shines through in the strategy’s resilience, standing as a testament to their proficiency.

ACE 15 (Inception: Dec ’17)

Displaying a noteworthy 24.49% Performance, ACE 15 demonstrates resilience and a commitment to long-term wealth accumulation. The seasoned expertise behind ACE’s Growth Strategy underscores its stability and proficiency in navigating market fluctuations, positioning it as a reliable choice for investors seeking consistent returns.

Renaissance Opportunities Portfolio (Inception: Jan’18)

It boasts a commendable 23.36% Strategy Performance. Renaissance’s smart moves make this portfolio a good choice for investors who want steady returns in a changing market.

Best Performing Mid-Cap PMS till March, 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

Ace Midcap (Inception: Dec’17)

This portfolio has soared with an impressive 35.70% Strategy Performance. Ace Midcap proves to be an excellent choice for investors looking for high growth potential in the mid-cap segment.

AAA Budding Beasts (Inception Jan’21)

This indicates 29.1% performance and reflects promising mid-sized companies and capitalizing on their potential for growth.

Right Horizons Super Food (Inception Nov’12)

Right Horizons Super Food portfolio has delivered impressive results with a 27.69% Strategy Performance indicating its success in navigating the market dynamics and capitalizing on opportunities in the food sector.

Best Performing Small Cap PMS till March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund (Inception: Dec’17)

With an impressive 58.72% Strategy Performance, the Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund stands out as a top performer in the small-cap segment over the past three years.

Carnelian Shift Strategy (Inception: Nov’20)

With a 37.3% Strategy Performance; its ability to deliver robust returns in a short period highlights its strategic agility.

ICICI Prudential OMS Pipe Strategy (Inception: Sep’19)

It showcases a commendable 35.2% Strategy Performance, reflecting its ability to generate consistent returns in the small-cap space over the last three years. Its strategic approach and track record of success underscore ICICI Prudential’s proficiency in small cap investing, making it a compelling choice for investors looking to capitalize on opportunities in this segment.

Best Performing Multi Cap PMS till March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

Bonanza Edge (Inception: Aug’15)

With an impressive 41.61% Strategy Performance, Bonanza Edge has established itself as a top performer in the multi-cap segment over the last three years.

Ace Makeup (Inception: Aug’18)

Ace Makeup shines with a strong 40.23% Strategy Performance, showcasing its ability to deliver consistent returns in the multi-cap space. Despite its relatively shorter inception period, Ace Makeup’s strategic approach has proven effective in capitalizing on diverse market opportunities, making it a noteworthy contender among multi-cap portfolios.

Green Lantern Capital Alpha Fund (Inception: Feb’20)

Despite its recent inception in February 2020, Green Lantern Capital Alpha Fund impresses with a solid 39.02% Strategy Performance, reflecting its agility and adeptness in adapting to market dynamics.

Best Performing Multi Asset PMS till March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

ACE Regular Income (Inception: Oct’18)

ACE Regular Income demonstrates a robust 30.07% Strategy Performance.

First Global -IMAAP (Inception: Feb’20)

First Global – IMAAP displays solid performance with a 17.1% Strategy Performance, reflecting its balanced approach across asset classes.

RH All Seasons (Inception: Nov’19)

RH All Seasons maintains stability with a commendable 15.53% Strategy Performance, highlighting its ability to navigate diverse market conditions.

Best Performing Thematic PMS till March 2024 (Based on the performance over the last three years)

GREEN PORTFOLIO-Super 30 Dynamic Fund (Inception: Sep’19)

GREEN PORTFOLIO-Super 30 Dynamic Fund (Started in September 2019) boasts an impressive 51.13% performance, showcasing its dynamic approach to investment.

GREEN PORTFOLIO-Dividend Yield Fund (Inception: Sep’19)

It delivers solid returns with a growth of 36.60%, emphasizing its focus on generating income through dividends.

GREEN PORTFOLIO-MNC (Inception: Sep’19)

It demonstrates consistent growth, achieving a commendable 29.37% performance, highlighting its investment in multinational corporations.

Navigating the complex world of investing necessitates a thorough awareness of market dynamics as well as a strategic approach customised to individual preferences and objectives.. These standout Portfolio Management Services showcased here demonstrate remarkable proficiency in consistently generating returns across diverse market segments. They showcase expertise in seizing opportunities and navigating risks adeptly. Whether it’s the stability of large-cap investments, the growth potential of mid-caps, the agility of small-caps, or the diversification offered by multi-caps, investors can discover customized solutions to match their requirements. As we move forward, these PMS providers persist in innovating and adjusting, equipping investors with the confidence and resilience needed to traverse the dynamic financial terrain.

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