Top PMS Performance: October 2021

Top PMS Performance: October 2021

PMS Performance Oct 21
PMS Performance Oct 21

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We intend to build trust with long-term wealth creation; hence we are happy to share that we can fulfil our objective with our team of experts. Our success services include Portfolio Management Services, AIF, Venture capital,  Private debt structure products and Real estate alternative investment.

Our founder Mr Vikas Agarwal is a passionate worker with tremendous experience in Alternative Investing. He is unequivocal in his thoughts and knows how to benefit his clients by applying a proper investment approach.

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Top PMS Performers:

We at AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd bring you the list of top performers of October month in category Large-cap, Mid-cap, Small-cap and multi-cap.

Large Cap

The first position is backed by SageOne Large Cap Portfolio, with the strategy large-cap portfolio having a return of 89.63%. Right horizons stood second with 68.88%.

Below are the top 5 PMS performers from large-cap:

SageOne Large Cap PortfolioApr-20212.40%11.17%23.58%89.63%
Right Horizons- Business LeadersApr-20193.44%13.08%26.60%68.88%
ICICI PrudentialPMS Large Cap StrategyMar-20090.55%10.97% 26.98%67.50%
Marcellus- Consistent CompoundersDec-20181.20% 11.40% 23.20% 57.40%
Alchemy LeadersDec-20061.43% 20.55% 29.18% 53.80%

Mid Cap

NAFA is topping the list of Mid-Cap with a strategy performance of 101.60%. Right Horizons and Sageone are after NAFA with a strategy performance of 96.07% and 95.31%, respectively.

Below are the top PMS performers from Mid-Cap:

NAFA Emerging Bluechip PortfolioMar-20167.46% 16.55% 40.89% 101.60%
Right Horizons Super-Value FundApr-20198.51% 15.80% 27.96% 96.07%
SageOne Core PortfolioApr-20094.27% 12.92%39.95% 95.31%
Invesco India Caterpillar PotfolioJun – 2006 9.97% 16.38% 36.90% 89.94%
SageOne Diversified PortfolioJan- 20174.50%12.38%39.40%84.62%


The top small-cap performer is Negen Capital, with 133.91%. Right horizons are also not too far, with 115.20%. The third position is held by Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio with 114.31%. Below are the top PMS performers from small-cap:

Negen Capital Special Situation & Technology FundOct-20176.57% 14.02% 47.42% 133.91%
Right Horizons- Minerva India Under-servedApr-20111.80%41.50% 78.80% 115.20%
Roha Emerging Champions PortfolioSep-20205.24%12.77% 48.88%114.31%
Abacus- Emerging Opportunities ApproachAug-20202.90%10.70%46.50% 109.90%
Care PMS Growth Plus Value StrategyJul-20114.40%16.10%60.90%108.50%


The top PMS performers in Multi Cap are ValueQuest Platinum with the 89.46%, CapGrow is second with 89.37%. Alchemy Ascent is in the third position with 88.15% strategy performance.

Below are the top PMS performers from Multi-cap:

ValueQuest PlatinumJul-20144.56%6.71%33.10%89.46%
CapGrow -Data_Special SituationsOct-20185.90%12.07%37.12%89.37%
Alchemy AscentDec-20060.74%12.16%30.33%88.15%
ValueQuest GrowthOct-20104.34%6.11%45.86%81.64%
SBI Growth With Values PMSJul-20164.49%12.98%30.88%81.58%

Multi-Asset Portfolios

The Top PMS performer under Multi-Asset Portfolios are as below

Morningstar Active Aggressive Plus PortfolioApr-20192.76%9.88% 19.75%50.98%
Morningstar Active Aggressive PortfolioApr-20191.72% 7.41% 16.49% 46.17%
First Global – (IMAAP)Feb-20202.91% 9.38% 26.00% 40.95%
Morningstar Active Aggressive Plus PortfolioApr-20191.51% 6.35% 13.68%37.00%
Morningstar Active Balanced PortfolioApr-20191.13% 5.15% 10.72%26.79%

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