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Top PMS Performance

We bring you the list of the top five PMS Performers of 20 in the category- Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Multi-Cap:


The first position is backed by none other than SageOne, with a 59.9% return. Right Horizons are also stuck to the second position with 48.11%. The third position remains the same with ICICI Prudential, with a 38.5% return.

AMC & Scheme Name1M3M6M1Y
SageOne – Large-cap Portfolio-2.3%  -0.7%    14.2%  59.9%  
Right Horizons- India Business-2.87%    3.35%  16.22%    48.11%
ICICI Prudential – Largecap Strategy-5.5%    -4.7%  6.8%  38.5%
Aditya Birla – Top 200 Core Equity Portfolio-1.79%    1.08%  13.24%  37.32%  
Alchemy – Leaders-4.7%  -2.9%    17.9%  34.8%


The first position remains the same, with Nafa having a 104% return. At the same time, the second and third positions are interchanged between Right Horizon on second and Invesco at third.

AMC & Scheme Name1M3M6M1Y
Right Horizons -Super-Value Fund4.58%  13.90%      27.10%  82.98%
Invesco India – Caterpillar Potfolio-2.4  13.31    28.74  75.9%  
SageOne – Core Portfolio-0.9%  -1.3%  16.3%      64.3%
SageOne – Diversified Portfolio0.0%  0.9%  17.3%  59.6%  


Beating Roha, Aequitas has secured the first position with 103.71%. Roha stepped down to the second position with 90.54%. Third position is with Right Horironz with 85.1%.

AMC & Scheme Name1M3M6M1Y
Aequitas Equity Fund – Equity Scheme-8.12  -1.26  29.09  103.71%  
Roha – Emerging Champions Portfolio-2.89%  0.55%  21.89%    90.54%
Right Horizons -Minerva India Under-served    -8.3%  -6.9%    46.6%  85.1%  
NAFA – SMALL CAP PORTFOLIO2%    12%  29%  84%    
Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Approach-2.9  1.8    16.3  83.7


Negen performance with 96.14%. Negen has not moved from its first position from the previous month. Carnelian is in the second position with 89.5%. The third position is backed by Abakkus with 71.1%.

AMC & Scheme Name1M3M6M1Y
CARNELIAN SHIFT STRATEGY2.2%  4.3%    19.2%  89.5%
Abakkus All Cap Approach-2.7  1.6  13.8    71.1%
Alchemy- Ascent-0.1%  -0.8%      11.0%  67.6%  
Karma – Wealth Builder0.6%    10.5%  21.6%  67.2%  

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