Top PMS Performers: January 2022

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Make investment a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Check out the best monthly PMS Performances of January listed below.

Top PMS Performance

We’ve compiled a list of the top five PMS Performers in the categories of Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Multi-Cap for the month of January:

Large Cap

SageOne has taken both the first and second position to the top five large-cap performance lists. The SageOne SageOne – Large-cap Portfolio performed the best with a return of 54.7%. Another fund scheme named Right Horizons- India Business has given a 39.38% return. ICICI Prudential – Largecap Strategy has gained the third position with a 33.4% return. Check out the top five Large Cap performers list of January below:

AMC Name Scheme Name 1 Year
Sage One SageOne – Large-cap Portfolio  54.7%
Right Horizons Right Horizons- India Business  39.38%
ICICI ICICI Prudential –  Largecap Strategy 33.4%
Aditya Birla Aditya Birla – Top 200 Core Equity Portfolio  32.84%
Varanium Varanium –  Focused Fund 27.2%

Mid Cap

Just like the last month, Right Horizons has taken the top place at the top five list in January again. The Right Horizons Super Value Fund performed the best, with a return of  78.7%. Sage One gained the second position this month. It ranked second on the list with a return of 77.3%. The Abakkus All Cap Approach gained the third position with a return of 71.5%. Check out the top five mid-cap performers of January listed below:

AMC Name Scheme Name 1 Year
Right Horizons Right Horizons – Super – Value Fund 78.70%
SageOne SageOne- Flagship Growth 1 Fund 77.3%
Abakkus Abakkus All Cap Approach  71.5%
Abakkus Abakkus Growth Fund – 1 69.2%
NAFA NAFA –  Emerging Bluchip Portfolio 68.3%


Roha has appeared at the top of the list with an amazing return. Roha – Emerging Champions Fund gave a return of 103.28%. Abakkus appeared in the second position with a return of 93.80%. With 92.2% return Right Horizons – Minerva India Under-served appeared at the third position. Here check out the Top five small-cap performers list for the month of January:

AMC Name Scheme Name 1 Year
Roha Roha – Emerging Champions Fund 103.28%
Abakkus Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund – 1  93.80%
Right Horizons Right Horizons  -Minerva India Under-served 92.2%
Roha Roha – Emerging Champions Portfolio 91.18%
Abakkus Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Approach 80.70%


Negen performed the best in the month of January with a return of 82.67% with the fund named Negen Capital –  Special Situations & Technology Fund. Carnelian topped in the month of December, but in January, it shifted to second place with the Carnelian Shift Strategy find with a return of 79.24%. MOAT gained third place with its MOAT – Aggressive Leaders Fund with a return of 71.88%. Find the top five performers in the month of January in the below-mentioned list:

AMC Name Scheme Name 1 Year
Negen Negen Capital –  Special Situations & Technology Fund 82.67%
Carnelian Carnelian Shift Strategy 79.24%
MOAT MOAT – Aggressive Leaders Fund 71.88%
Alchemy Alchemy- Ascent 66.94%
Valuequest Valuequest – Platinum 65.60%

Wrapping Up

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