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At AIF and PMS Professionals India, we continue to host knowledge-based events dubbed “Ask the Expert Show,” in which we welcome industry experts to try to read their minds and predict where the markets are heading. Mr. Rajesh Kothari, the visionary founder and managing director of alpha accurate advisers, is the driving force behind alpha accurate advisor PMS becoming one of India’s most regarded award-winning investment firms. Mr. Rajesh Kothari, the Founder and CIO of Alfa Accurate, analyses the market performance and success rate of the schemes implemented.

About Alfa Accurate Advisors

The investment management team members of AlfAccurate are judged only on their essential talents and track record. There is no conflict of interest since, unlike many of its competitors, AAA does not offer additional services such as wealth management or brokerage. This allows the AAA team to strategically operate at the highest standards of corporate governance in a transparent manner, while also freeing up time and resources to focus on what matters most – in-depth research and agility in tracking your investment’s gain.

You’ll have unrivaled direct access to the fund managers, as well as AAA’s extensive partner network. To mention a few advantages, client onboarding is streamlined, queries are promptly responded to, and portfolio performance is reported on a regular basis. AAA hopes to eliminate myths and misconceptions regarding investment opportunities through the journal AAA Insights and to assist you to obtain a better knowledge of the investment environment and decisions. The whole AAA crew is committed to providing the best-personalised service possible at all times.

Alfa Accurate Advisor’s Client-Centric Business Model

  • AAA specialises in PMS and investment advisory services and does not engage in other companies such as brokerage, wealth management, or other financial services. As a result, there is no conflict of interest for the clients.
  • AAA clients benefit from direct communication with the founder, which ensures better comprehension.
  • Family offices and ultra-high nett worth individuals are among AAA’s clientele, and the AAAPMS product is now supplied through well-known national distributors.

The Track Record of AAA

  • AAA PMS is one of the few companies in the business with a ten-year track record.
  • AAA IOP PMS has achieved a 19.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the previous ten years, compared to 12.6 per cent for the BSE 500 Index.
  • PMSAIF World (Feb21) awarded AAA IOP PMS the Best 10 Year Performance Award (rank 3) in the country for generating exceptional risk-adjusted returns across categories (data analysed by IIM Ahmedabad).

He provides strong analysis, incisive insights, and a results-oriented attitude to create high returns as a dynamic and results-oriented leader. His regular TV appearances as a respected market analyst on CNBC TV18, TimesNow, and Bloomberg are seen by millions of investors throughout the country. Rajesh is extensively associated with the ‘Arham Yuva Seva Group,’ an organisation dedicated to tackling some of the most important challenges facing today’s young.

Investment Philosophy

With a 3-5-year investment horizon, the AAA FOCUS PMS plan is a portfolio of 30 market leaders with solid corporate governance and great development potential.

Generate Alpha Through 3M Investment Approach

Market Size: The size of the market dictates the magnitude of the opportunity. AAA favors businesses that aim for big market sizes in order to achieve exponential profits.

Market Share: We want to invest in firms that are market leaders because they are better positioned to weather economic ups and downs.

The margin of Safety: What you pay is what you get. What you get is what you pay for. We invest in firms that are offered at reasonable prices.

Prudent Risk Management

Diversification: Only diversification can decrease three major risks: governance, technology, and the business cycle. To mitigate company/sector risk, we invest across market capitalisation, sectors, and companies.

Staggered Investment Approach: AAA constructed the portfolio over time. We do not use a model portfolio strategy.

Defined Exit Strategy: AAA has a well-thought-out Exit plan. Due to portfolio rebalancing, a change in the portfolio company’s growth expectation, and costly values, we sell/reduce.

About The Fund Manager

Rajesh Kothari: Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Kothari is AlfAccurate Advisors’ visionary Founder and Managing Director, and the driving force behind developing AAA one of India’s most renowned and award-winning investment management organisations. APAC Insider, a UK-based website, awarded AlfAccurate Advisors PMS the Business Award for the Best PMS Provider in India. For two years in a row, PMSAIF World named AAA PMS to the Top 3 PMS in the country for Best 10 Years Performance on a risk-adjusted return basis.

Mr. Rajesh Kothari has more than 25 years of experience in the Indian capital market, with skills in both long and short investing strategies. He was a former director of Voyager Investment Advisors (US$500 million) — a specialised India fund established in the United States. During his tenure, the fund greatly outperformed the benchmark indices. After that, he spent more than four years as a Former Fund Manager with DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers (DSP MF). The funds outperformed benchmark indexes by more than 20% and 10%, respectively, with annualised returns of 55 percent (Equity Fund) and 62 percent (Top100 Fund). During his tenure, the equity plans retained their “1st Quartile Ranking.”

Parting Note

Let’s hope you have a thorough understanding of market values and the reasons for valuation declines. Rajesh Kothari expresses his ideas and insights. This outstanding webinar will provide some clear output regarding benchmarks and market volatility, allowing investors to trade securely while maintaining a clear view of the market condition in recent years.

The focus at AlfAccurate is solely on the team members’ primary talents and outstanding track records in investment management. AAA, unlike many of its competitors, does not provide additional services such as wealth management or brokerage, thus there is no conflict of interest. AAA is eager to work with AIF and PMS experts to contact the targeted investors who are interested in investing in this fund. For additional information, go visit the website today and view the YouTube video.

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