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An exclusive webinar has been held on YouTube by Mr Vikas Agrawal with respected Kanika Agarrwal. In this knowledge-based webinar, an investor will learn that not only in India but also return can be generated from the US market. You can do that if you have sufficient interest in the correct investing approach. But how can it be possible? Let’s discuss, but before that, you should know about the present expert in this exciting webinar.

Mr Vikas Agrawal, the host of this webinar, is the Founder & CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd. On the other hand, our honourable webinar guest, Ms Kanika Agarrwal, holds the post of CFA and Co-Founder of Upside AI.

Webinar Overview

  • In this exciting webinar, you learn about other co-founders of this organization and know how they built their platform from an investor’s perspective. You’ll also know the very role of Artificial Intelligence in their working procedure.
  • As per the statements of the webinar guest, as humans have a certain limitation, machine learning can assist them in analyzing a specific market based on several parameters. Upside AI helps investors in this regard through multiple parameters like inflation, interest rates, stock performance, RoI, debt, etc.
  • Individuals cannot hold so much critical information that can impact the overall market portfolio. Thus the investor may need unbiased and real-time-based investing suggestions.
  • Our webinar guest, Ms Kanika Agarrwal, explained how the investment sectors change with time. Therefore, she used some domestic and international examples. It would help you to understand the scenario more clearly.
  • In their system, they don’t put forward-looking estimates; they don’t look at the future, as there are no qualitative things like management. They target the stocks and sectors that have potential but are undervalued.
  • As per their vision, they also target the emerging supply-chain-oriented pockets for great returns and try to hold those. They try to consistently try and pick good companies for their investors with the help of their tool.
  • Investors can invest outside of India. If they wish to, investing in the US market is the best way. It is because anybody can directly invest in any country’s stocks and create a Demat account. But it can be possible through US market investing. Therefore they can indirectly invest in another country’s market.
  • The US is the gateway for global investing, and this nature is possible this outside investing.
  • The overall S&P 500 has fallen by 25. May the FED do some more hikes in the coming times. The market knows well that, at this moment, the FED could not give a worse commentary than the last time.
  • If you are in the scariest position because you are doing the right investing, this is your highest point of fear. If you think you’ve found a nice entry point, you can’t predict the next year and can’t predict the next five years. As the US market is quite aggressive right now, investors can have the opportunity to invest there and give good returns.
  • She said there’s a difference between the Indian and US market cap’s valuation. Hence, investing there as per the investor’s risk appetite need the proper investing procedure.
  • They have separated S&P 500 companies into several categories containing several sorts of stocks. They follow the ‘bottom-up’ investing approach. It’s because mid and small-caps are hidden treasures these are undervalued stocks. A lot of innovations are associated with these companies. In some cases, these are acquired by larger companies in the US.
  • She describes how investing in necessary things for future technologies can be profitable in the coming years.
  • Investors can invest in these stocks directly or through ETFs, or both. It’s a combination of stocks and ETFs, and they can compositely manage money. She is also investing in these stocks and keeps changing market variables.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

Our experience spans many years, notably in alternative investing. We take a sweeping look at the domestic and global economies. It aids in developing sound investing strategies and allows us to access undiscovered investment opportunities.

We can focus on strong investment philosophies and put the L-E-A-P of wealth into practice because of our distinctive Manager-centric investing methodology.

Guest Profile

Kanika Agarrwal has made investing the focus of her entire career. Before entering the public markets, she worked in investment banking at Credit Suisse, accounting at EY, and venture capital at Mayfield India (AUM $200 million). She is CFA and completed her B. Com from Mumbai University.

Kanika also likes to travel the world and likes playing strategic board games.

Investment Philosophy

  • Upside AI seeks to combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with tried-and-true value and growth investment ideas. We have created machine learning tools to help investors make fundamentally sound judgments.
  • The algorithm used by Upside AI teaches itself what constitutes a good firm and what the market currently views as a good company. Before generating the portfolio, the Upside AI team performs rigorous checks on governance and integrity.
  • The top 250 large and mid-cap firms in India are the focus of Upside AI Top 250 PMS, which builds a balanced portfolio of 10 to 25 companies. A stable, long-term (year rebalance) portfolio of high-quality equities is created by Upside AI Top 250 PMS.

Investment Objective

The top 250 Indian firms by market cap are the focus of Investment Objectives and their top 250 PMS. It will rebalance yearly and hold a diverse portfolio of 15 to 20 companies.

Quant Investment

It is a systematic approach to investing using data-intensive quantitative methodology that concludes mathematical and statistical models is used. These products are ready to take off since they have a long history and more depth in our markets. Contrary to popular belief, these can incorporate bottom-up stock-level data on progress, valuation, profits impact, minority shareholder treatment, etc., and price action data.

Upside AI uses this Quant or a Quantitative investing method in certain cases.

Webinar Key Points

  • Artificial Intelligence can help fund managers to suggest portfolios to invest in by analyzing multiple market variables.
  • Outside investment can be possible through investing in US stocks. It makes broadens the investment scope to many geographical locations.
  • An unbiased understanding of the domestic and international market is important, along with risk appetite.
  • You can reserve some part of your capital for offshore investing.
  • A sudden negative change in the Indian economy can be a good chance to invest in the USA.

Parting Note

There are opportunities to invest in national and international markets, and you can do that through the proper strategic investment philosophy. As there are so many parameters and portfolios in the market, AI-driven tools can assist in choosing the best portfolio or set portfolios to invest your capital. But you have to be careful and patient with your ETF investing.

Therefore, you may require an expert consultation from AIF & PMS Experts India. People can call us at 8368586435 or 1800 210 1995. They can also visit https://aifpms.com/contact/ and know more wise-investing-related information about many AMCs and their products.

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