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An exclusive webinar was held on YouTube between Mr Mayur Shah and Mr Vikas Agrawal. In this webinar, Mr Mayur represented Anand Rathi Advisors as a Fund Manager. On the other side, there’s Mr Vikas Agrawal, the Founder and CEO of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., in the role of this webinar.

Webinar Overview

  • The host asked about a different thing in the current market scenario in this webinar. Therefore, viewers of this show will understand what’s happening in the market and what will be in the picture coming years.
  • They first discussed the data points of US markets and analysed what these points imply.
  • Our guest tried to answer whether people should be concerned about the international market turmoil. As per the guest, there are some issues in US and Europe, but the scenario is completely different in India.
  • That indicates that investors shouldn’t be bothered about investing in India.
  • He also motioned that the policies taken back in the recent past probably upset some, but it was good that the present scenario is manageable and profitable.
  • In the coming years, new emerging sectors will lead to India’s success stories.
  • Some sectors will perform on average, and some will outperform. Hence, it would be necessary to rectify those and invest in them.
  • Investors can hold their stocks for some time. They can also buy new ones when the market gets a correction in the coming days.
  • They disused the equity market, debt investing and challenges international businesses to face. But, in India, there are no such hurdles.
  • Coming two or three years would be great from investing perspective. People notice the clearer picture nearly three months down the line.
  • Investors should have a distinctive investing approach. Wealth generation, age, and risk appetite are some of those few factors of the investing approach.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

We are an Alternative Investments firm with a diversified asset portfolio. Portfolio Management Services, Venture Capital, Private Debt Structure Products, listed and unlisted Public Equity, and Real Estate Alternative Investments are some of our key services.

Mr Vikas Agrawal, Founder of AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd., is deeply committed to identifying and resolving business and management strengths and weaknesses. His vast experience in Alternative Investing has given him a bird’s-eye view of the economy. It allows investors to capitalise on untapped investment opportunities and develop solid investment strategies efficiently.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr Rathi has over 15 years of experience in investment consulting, product development, and portfolio management. Working with Anand Rathi on Portfolio Management and Private Client Group Equity Advisory since 2007. Started my career with “Kotak Securities Ltd” in 2005 as an Investment Advisor, then moved on to creating and managing equity products.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University and the designation of Certified Financial Planner.

Investment Philosophy

Invest in Multinational Companies listed in India with a foreign promoter holding of more than 50% and management control bestowed in a foreign company and technology as well as managerial know-how brought in by foreign partner/investor to focus on consistency of return and risk moderation.

Key Approach

  • MNC stock portfolio of 18-20 stocks listed in India. Multicap strategy with a well-diversified portfolio across industries.
  • A strong business model has a strong business moat, a competitive advantage, or a business niche.
  • MNCs are large corporations with high corporate governance standards and professional management.
  • Most MNCs have a potent balance sheet with low debt, high free cash flow, and high operating efficiency.
  • Maintain a well-diversified portfolio, rebalancing as needed based on market sentiment and single stock and sector importance depending.

Understanding PMS

Portfolio Management Service, or PMS, is a professional service in which certified and experienced portfolio managers manage stock portfolios with the assistance of a research team. It is carried out on behalf of customers. As a result, the clients are not required to manage independently.

India has one of the world’s oldest stock market ecosystems, and direct equity investment has been popular for decades.

  • Individuals who manage their investments buy less quality and focus more on price than value.
  • Because PMS is transparent, investors can acquire a ball-by-ball report on their portfolio in PMS if we use cricket terminology.
  • PMS aids in focusing on both mass and wealthy clients.

Webinar Key Points

  • Currently, Europe and The USA are facing the heat of inflation, rising interest rates and supply issues.
  • Their central banks are trying to cope with these challenges so that the picture will be clear in the coming months.
  • Most of the GDP is produced and managed domestically; hence, our economy is more self-sufficient.
  • Things might be different for the Indian market in the coming months.
  • New sectors will emerge and lead the economic progress in India. Therefore participating in Indian equity is essential.

Parting Note

If you are interested in participating in India’s growth story, you might have a sufficient risk appetite and look forward. Investing in stable company stocks is essential. Therefore, investors should be disciplined and have the correct approach per their investing journey and wants. Investors may find it helpful to consult AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

You may like to visit our website: https://aifpms.com/contact/ and contact us at the following.

8368586435 or 1800 210 1995.

You may also like to mail us at [email protected]

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