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We, AIF & PMS Experts specializes in Alternative Investment Funds(AIF) and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). We bridge the gap between our investors and the fund managers by acting as the interface. While working in this space we have developed expertise in terms of analyzing portfolios and their performances. The major out players are from the mid and small-cap sector in last one year. The logic sticks to the fact that due to the severe underperformance of small and mid-cap companies in the year 2018-19 and 2019-20, they have started participating in the rally which came post-pandemic and the fearful situation of sticking to large-cap was no longer a trend in India now.

Let’s have a glance at who topped the board and who is in the queue!

The Leaderboard:

Wizards - The Alpha Generators - Aif Pms Experts

Star Performers:

Besides the Dips of the market, Nine Rivers Capital topped the board by generation 202.80% of returns in a year. A far-fetched return has been witnessed despite the world-wide pandemic. The small cap category “Aurum small cap opportunities” made it to the top.

The second member on the board is Unifi Capital with an annual return of 154.22% with the strategy of APJ 20, in the category of Mid cap.

The “Long Horizon Fund strategy” of the Equirus Wealth is in the category of Mid & Small cap whereas  “Small and Microcap” strategy in the category small cap from Sageone continues the board equipping the 3rd and 4th position by generating the annual returns of 144.22% and 130.10% respectively.

Accuracap has been able to generate the annual return of 122.62% with the strategy “Picopower” in the category of small cap by acquiring the 5th member on the board.

The chain continues till 10th member including, Care Portfolio managers (117.18%) in the category of small & Mid cap, Motilal Oswal (116.91%) in the category of small & mid cap, Buoyant Capital (122.32%) in the category of Multi cap, Sameeksha Capital (106.42%) in the category of Multicap and Capgrow Capital Advisors (106.30%) in the category of Multicap cap.

Category-wise scrutiny:

small cap aif pms

Among the players in the category of Small cap, Nine Rivers Capital remarked tremendous performance in terms of returns with as high as 202.80% in a year. Unifi Capital on the similar lines have generated 149.83% of returns and Sageone with the return of 130.10%x` secured the 3rd best performer in the category.

Small & Mid-Cap:

small and mid cap aif pms

The category, Small & Midcap has been headed by Equirus Securities with the annual return of 144.22% in the strategy Long Short Horizon. Care Portfolio Managers on the other hand were able to generate a return of 117.18% with the strategy Growth Plus Value. The 3rd position in the category has been equipped by Motilal Oswal by generating an annual return of 116.91%.


mult cap aif pms

The Multi Cap category has been onboarded by Sageone with the strategy “Core”, having annual return of 114.66%. Buoyant Capital queued the top performer list by giving the annual return of 112.32% with the strategy “Opportunities”. Sameeksha Capital on the other hand has shown up with the annual return of 106.30% with the strategy “Equity Fund”

Mid Cap:

mid cap aif pms

Unifi Capital has outperformed the mid Cap category bringing into play its various strategies. It has been able to generate a return of 154.22% with the strategy APJ. Motilal Oswal followed the queue by giving 101.26% of returns and Right Horizons has been seen among the top 3 performers by generating 99.68%.

Large Cap:

Large Cap aif pms

The category Large-cap witnessed ICICI Prudential being in the top by providing the annual returns of 77.72 with the strategy large-cap portfolio. With India Business Leader strategy, Right Horizons have generated 70.68% of annual returns.

On the other hand, Nippon India equipped the 3rd position in the category by generating an annual return of 61.70% with the strategy of Absolute freedom.

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