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Treasure Guarding With AIF & PMS Expert Pvt. Ltd.


We at AIF & PM Experts Pvt. Ltd. are in full force to continuously safeguard your hard-earned treasure effectively. Our family office is perfect for families who are looking for a solution to manage their wealth.

We tend to give a unique solution to different families according to their different needs. Our team follows an objective-driven approach and serves families to their requirements. Every action we take is for your long-term wealth benefit. You just need to have trust in us, and we will work the best possible for you.

We take into account the demand of different generations together. Our experts work towards giving complete satisfaction to our clients. And with AIF & PMS Experts, we assure you not to trouble you with wealth creation. Instead, we work on giving you enough time to enjoy yourself with your family and loved ones.

What does a family office do?


  • A family office gives you an independent team of experts.
  • A team that will help you to structure, plan, and manage family wealth.
  • A family office provides enough financial privacy.
  • It safeguards the family’s traditions and values.
  • It gives enough support for the multi-generational transition.
  • It guides tax optimisation.
  • It is responsible for maintaining books, accounts, and documentation.
  • It provides enough safety of wealth to families.



When is Family Office Needed?


  • A family office is needed when you have complicated financial lives and want to make it simpler.
  • When your financial needs are complicated, and you are looking for an integrated financial service model.
  • When you are personally handling a time-consuming and complex financial structure
  • When you want to have a smooth financial life in your absence
  • When you want peace of mind from all financial hassle



Why choose AIF & PMS Experts Family Office?


  • AIF & PM Experts have a unique approach towards managing exceptional wealth.
  • Choose AIF & PMS Experts for a Reliable, concerned and caring family type approach.
  • A single platform for all your needs
  • A transparent and hassle-free environment of investing
  • We understand the difference of opinion among different members and work upon it.
  • We follow a systematic management process.
  • Our experienced team is perfect for handling family offices
  • We believe in giving a personal touch to our clients, and this is what family offices are for.

Support And Services In Our Family Office

AIF & PMS Expert’s Family office offers a wide range of support and services. The platform is enough to manage your wealth-related issues. We at AIF & PMS are all set to guard your treasure.

Our services are as below:

  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • Manager Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Administration Of Assets
  • International Investments
  • Direct Investments
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Insurance Advisory
  • Capital Raising
  • Estate Planning
  • Consolidated Asset Reporting

We at AIF & PMS Experts are continuously working hard to make the required amendments to our family office. We make sure that our clients do not encounter any problems on our part.

Process Of Wealth Management/ Functioning Of A Family Office

We follow a simple and effective wealth management process here at AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd.


One of the most crucial steps involved in the process of wealth management is understanding the clients. We have a team of experts that sits with the family and try to understand their needs. We get to know our clients’ areas of interest, activities, and concerns at this step.


Here we dig deeper to understand every family member individually. We work on understanding their different lifestyles. Our team minutely discover their mindsets towards wealth. The step is crucial to get to a family closely.


Our team plans customized solutions to cater different needs of the family. At this step, we make sure that our customised solutions are loved by the clients. Then we make final changes and start with framing investment philosophy.


We at AIF & PMS Experts then consult experts for specific roles and responsibilities. With the help of experts, the final investment philosophy is planned out.


A detailed project report is made. Then the roles and responsibilities are handed over to the specialists. The format is decided for every step, and final execution is attempted.

The process sounds too easy and relaxed, but it requires much hard work and dedication. We at AIF & PMS Experts Pvt. Ltd. have a strong team that handles all the family office processes and makes your work easy and hassle-free.


Quality Control Process

It is always essential to ensure the quality of work done. We at AIF & PMS Experts are very particular about the quality of work, and hence we work hard towards the same. For us, our client’s work is a priority, and in any case, we do not want to discourage them.

Quality control is specific work. Thus we have a separate unit that takes care of quality control. The Quality Control teams perform the following functions:

  1. The quality control team gives monthly/quarterly review to the clients. The report can be in the form of an email or a paperback booklet.
  2. Every account of the family office is overseen by promoters and partners.
  3. Quality Control also manages the calls. In case of any doubts or issues, you can contact them.
  4. They also ensure that every service manager is accessible to the client when needed.
  5. To ensure the availability of markers and checkers at every stage of investment.

A Family office is a perfect choice and an easy option to manage your growing wealth effectively. We at AIF & PMS Experts ensure the transparency to be carried throughout the process of the Family office. When investments are not your cup of tea, let us handle it with full zeal and honesty.

Give us a chance, and we will not disappoint you at all. Contact for any investment-related queries, and we will revert you soon.


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