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Sunil Singhania Portfolio - Abakkus Asset Management PMS

Sunil Singhania

Founder, Abakkus Asset manager LLP

Sunil Singhania founded Abakkus Asset Manager LLP, an investment management company, in 2018 after 24 years of work experience. He is a chartered accountant who then became a chartered financial analyst from CFA Institute.

Mr. Singhania was a member of the 15-member international committee that rewrote the Code of Ethics handbook of the CFA Institute. For eight years (2005-13), he headed the Indian Association of Investment Professionals. The CFA Institute also enlisted him as a board member, and he later became the chair of the investment committee.

The renowned CFA worked at Reliance Capital for 15 years, where he initially headed the equity investments with a focus on Indian companies. He then went on to become Global Head- Equity at Reliance Capital. During Mr. Singhania’s leadership, 100% growth occurred in a reliance growth fund in 22 years.

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