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Unlocking Investment Opportunities in GIFT City: India's Financial Gem

In the world of finance, few places hold as much promise as GIFT City. Whether you’re a seasoned venture capitalist, a private equity investor, or an astute individual seeking business opportunities, this thriving global financial hub offers an uncharted territory ripe for exploration. It’s time to embrace the boundless opportunities GIFT City presents and join India on its journey to financial excellence. Get ready to make your mark in GIFT City, where the future of finance eagerly awaits your participation!

Rebranding Sparks Investment Interest

A significant development in GIFT City’s growth story is the recent rebranding of SGX Derivatives as GIFT City. This strategic move has attracted Portfolio Management Services (PMS) providers, setting the stage for inbound and outbound investment services. High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs) in India now have access to a new landscape of investment opportunities right in their own backyard.

The Advantage of SEZ Designation

  • Rebranding of SGX Derivatives as GIFT City has attracted PMS providers.
  • This has set the stage for inbound and outbound investment services.
  • HNIs and UHNIs in India now have access to a new landscape of investment opportunities.

The GIFT City Revolution: Transforming India's Financial Landscape

Why should India lag when the world is witnessing the rise of “Tax Havens” and burgeoning Startup Arenas? Picture a modern city meticulously designed to be a global finance powerhouse, teeming with opportunities for private equity investors. Think of Dubai, then reimagine it as GIFT City – India’s first operational greenfield smart city and a hub for international financial services. GIFT City has set the stage for a groundbreaking ecosystem that encompasses vital economic activities, globally benchmarked rules, tax incentives, and business-friendly regulations.

A World of Financial Services

Envision a world where financial services, inspired by renowned global financial hubs like London and New York, take center stage. GIFT City aims to create a dynamic environment for financial institutions, venture capitalists, and private equity investors, with a vision of becoming a global financial hub. This ambitious endeavor is poised to revolutionize India’s financial sector, thanks to its strategic location and world-class infrastructure. However, it hinges on the implementation of standardized rules and processes that align with global standards – a crucial element in GIFT City’s journey to success.

GIFT City stands as an exceptional opportunity for investors looking to be part of India’s financial transformation. With its SEZ advantages, recent rebranding, and unwavering commitment to global standards, this emerging financial hub is poised to make waves on the international stage. As India embraces the future of finance, GIFT City eagerly awaits those ready to embark on a journey of financial exploration and excellence.

Benefit for NRIs

Income from foreign investments made by a non-resident investor through an Alternative Investment Fund established in an International Financial Services Centre is not subject to taxation. The IFSC offers financial services in foreign currencies and is regarded legally as a jurisdiction separate from the rest of India. The Central Board of Direct Taxes provided a clarification on its 2019 announcement, which stated that non-resident investors’ income from investments made outside of India through domestic investment funds would not be subject to taxation. 

According to the provisions of the Income Tax Act of 1961, non-resident or foreign corporations that receive income subject to taxation under this Act as a result of investments in IFSC-based investment funds, including Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) registered in GIFT City, are exempt from filing income tax returns in India, provided that the income tax owed on such earnings has been withheld at the source and paid to the Central Government by the appropriate investment fund. With the most recent revision, AIFs registered in the GIFT city, India, IFSC are now included in the definition of the aforementioned investment funds.