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As a brand, we undertake “LEAP” of Wealth.

L= Learning from top managers,

E= Encompassing our strategies around the long-term risk-

reward matrix,

A= Actively Analysing the active fund management strategies and

P= Presenting ideas through our unique Manager-Centric Approach

to Investing.

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What Makes Us Unique?

We have designed a Structured format for our investment philosophy which are:


We collect Performance data from all the respective fund houses and compare them to fetch out the best investments across all the categories.


We work on a ‘Manager- Centric Approach’ and make sure that the style of the portfolio manager matches the requirement of our investors.


Appropriate suggestions are given based on the risk appetite of the investors to allow them invest in high performing portfolio strategy.

Unbiased Approach

We follow unbiased approach while constructing the client’s portfolio and the allocation goes to the deserving portfolio managers.


We believe that every action that is taken for some benefit should be executed in no time. To ensure this, help our investors set up online PMS account.


Periodic review is done to check the performance of the strategy. A regular monitoring is done to keep everything in order.


We can focus on high-performance investment theories and apply the L-E-A-P of wealth because of our unique Manager-centric approach to investing.

Brands That Trust Us

We understand the significance of investments as a driver of economic growth. We are really passionate about deciphering the strengths and untangling the complexities of firms and company management. We can focus on high-performance investment theories and apply the L-E-A-P of wealth because of our unique Manager-centric approach to investing.
Top 5 PMS Performance based on last one year return as on 30th September 2021
AMC & Scheme Name Inc. Date Category 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI
Negen Special Situations & Technology Fund Oct-17 Small Cap 6.57% 14.02% 47.42% 133.91% 57.62% 33.60% NA NA 16.38%
Right Horizons – Minerva India Under-served Apr-2011 Small Cap 1.80% 41.50% 78.80% 115.20% 48.70% 28.20% 16.90% 20.50% 18.80%
Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio Sep-20 Small Cap 5.24% 12.77% 48.88% 114.31% NA NA NA NA 113.89%
Abakkus-Emerging Opportunities Approach Apr-20 Small Cap 2.90% 10.70% 46.50% 109.90% NA NA NA NA 92.20%
Care PMS Growth Plus Value Strategy Jul-11 Small Cap 4.40% 16.10% 60.90% 108.50% 48.50% 22.70% 13.20% 25.80% 23.70%
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