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About The AMC

360 ONE is one of India’s leading venture capital and private equity firms with more than $2.6bn AUM and unique capabilities through a company’s lifecycle. 360 ONE Seed Ventures Fund – Series 1 is tracking a Net IRR of 23% with MoIC of 3.1x & DPI of 2.1x (Jun-23). Deeply rooted within the founder ecosystem via 360 ONE network. Trusted relationships with early-stage healthcare investors via team and advisory board. The AMC provides excellent investment strategies and plans to its clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction. 360 One is one of the country’s largest and most popular portfolio management service portals. A portfolio management service model is a very popular and well-known model of the 360 One stockbroking platform. They are primarily well-known for their PMS performance.

Fund Snapshot

Focus Healthcare, Lifesciences
Fund Type Close-Ended Category II Alternative Investment Fund
Segments Single-Specialty, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT & Analytics, D2C Digital Health, Lifesciences
Criteria companies with strong growth potential, proven business models, management track record, product-market fit established
Fund Size INR 950 crs. (plus green shoe option of INR 750 crs.)
Fund life 7+2 years
Target IRR 30% Gross IRR
Deals Series B onwards
Cheque Size INR 25 – 150 crs., 12–15 investments
Total Deal Value USD 89 bn
Total Exit Value USD 78 bn
Growth in deal volume 115%
First Closing October 31, 2023
Advisors’ commitment INR 125 crs.
Sponsor commitment 5% of corpus or INR 25 crs., whichever is lower
Current commitment INR 200 crs.

Unique Feature

A differentiated investments’ portfolio at attractive economics versus traditional private equity funds

Differentiated Origination Capabilities

  • Unique deal sourcing capability through 360 ONE Wealth network’s of 7,000+ founders
  • Strong and direct relationships within the VC & PE ecosystem. Preferred access to 15 VC funds through FoF strategy
  • Sector thesis-driven origination: top sectors and potential investee companies within those sector mapped out. Leveraged India’s top consulting firm A&M for healthcare landscape mapping

Enhanced Due Diligence

  • Investments led by a team with rich experience in healthcare & tech investing, working with investee companies on value creation and driving exits through multiple routes
  • Advisors provides potential early access and insight to best evaluate commercial diligence, financial diligence and industry & company-specific risks & opportunities

Co-investment Program

  • Highly differentiated co-investment program that offers opportunities to co-invest across every deal and not just deal-spillover situations
  • 30-40% of every deal offered as co-investment to Advisors and Investors in the fund
  • Industry leading co-investment program with best terms
  • Past track record of delivering returns and exits in co-investments

Value Creation Approach

Built on high engagement and providing expert guidance to our entrepreneurs

Investment Evaluation

  • Build investing thesis across sub-segments
  • Spot the winners early
  • Leverage network to access potential investments
  • Business evaluation of opportunities across sub-segments

Value Creation

  • People & Culture
  • Finance & Fund raising
  • Operations, Sales & Marketing
  • Governance
  • Board level engagements

Exit Roadmap

  • Define the exit roadmap for portfolio companies
  • Use network to establish connect with strategics
  • Guidance on IPO / sale process

Investment Process

Deal Origination

  • Deal origination driven by investment team’s and advisors’ industry and investor relationships
  • Emphasis on creating proprietary deal flow through proactive outreach to founders, industry consultants, VC funds

Deal Screening & Due Diligence

  • Initial screening: fitment with fund strategy, segment’s attractiveness, financial health, valuation expectations, reference checks
  • Detailed evaluation of business model, projections, historical financials, leadership & senior management, competitive positioning
  • Frequent check-ins with 360 ONE’s Investment Committee & Advisors
  • Detailed due diligence – financial, legal, background, commercial (as applicable)

Deal Execution & Closing

  • Efficient documentation process
  • Investments team supported by internal legal, compliance, fund admin etc.

Post Closing

  • Identify upfront 5-10 actionable initiatives to drive value creation
  • Alignment with founders established before investment
  • Leverage Advisors and 360 ONEs’ network for strategic business initiatives, operational improvement and enhancing governance

Realization & Exit

  • Continuous assessment on best time and method to realize the most value
  • Create multiple avenues of exit: strategic/secondary sale/IPO

About The Fund Manager

Anup  Maheshwari : Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Anup Maheshwari as Chief Investment Officer and Whole-Time Director of IIFL

Anup is a seasoned financial service professional with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in investment and strategy for 360 ONE, including mutual funds and alternative investment funds (AIFs). He plays a key role in meeting the company’s ambitious growth goals, while also being responsible for product development and devising innovative investment strategies.

Unparalleled Access Gives Us a Competitive Edge

End-to-end Venture Capital and Private Equity platform extending from Series B to pre-IPO strategies

Leveraging the Power of the 360 ONE Ecosystem

  • Unique deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management capability through 7,000 Founder network
  • Entrepreneur-centric agility
  • Superior local connectivity

Strong Institutional Platform

  • Profound understanding of focus industries and Indian markets
  • Well established compliance, legal, risk and operations functions
  • Industry-leading fund performance metrics, especially capital distributions

Ability to Invest Across a Company’s Lifecycle

  • Leading and pricing deals across the VC and PE spectrum
  • Demonstrated leadership in chosen strategies
  • Successful track record of partnering with founders and management teams

Pioneering Co-Investment Program

  • Innovative format for India’s large family offices
  • Separate managed accounts with curated exposure across alternate asset classes
  • Additional capital to secure larger deals

Focused Investment Strategy

Meaningful presence on the cap table, rigorous due diligence, board seat, minority protection rights, clear exit path.

Emergence of new investment themes

  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Pet Care & Animal Health
  • Digital Health
  • Wellness & Nutrition
  • Chronic Disease Management Platforms
  • Medtech

Key Investment Themes

  • Healthcare: Reagents, instruments, tools, Diagnostics, CROs / CDMOs, Clinical lab services, Pharma products (incl. generics), Commercialization / consulting
  • Health Tech: Workflow management, Remote / home care, Revenue cycle management, Clinical / life sciences data

Investments Criteria

  • Strong growth potential, proven business models, management track record, product-market fit established
  • Meaningful presence on the cap table, rigorous due diligence, board seat, minority protection rights
  • Multiple exit avenues

Situations to avoid

  • Competitive bidding processes
  • Binary investment outcome deal constructs
  • Passive situations with limited rights
  • Control situations (except consortium situations led by a fund with prior buyout track record)

Segment prioritization

  • Factor 1: Size of the opportunity – Current and future 
  • Factor 2: Market dynamics: market shares shifting from unorganized to organized or from large players to small players 
  • Factor 3: Proven unit economics or likelihood of profitable scalability

Focused Segments

  • Eye care
  • Infertility
  • Medical Implants
  • Point-of-care Diagnostics
  • Pathology
  • Analyzers and Reagents
  • Oncology
  • IOLs
  • Consumables
  • AI in Radiology
  • Health Benefits Platforms
  • Step Down Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • B2B Technology Solutions

Target prioritization

  • Revenue Drivers: FY23 Revenue, Historical Revenue Growth, Footprint / Portfolio Offerings, Strategic Advantage, Value Proposition
  • Profitability Drivers: EBITDA for FY23, GTM Strategy, Path to profitability

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