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About Abakkus Asset Manager LLP

Abakkus is an alpha focused boutique asset manager managing ~INR 20,000 crores* in long only strategies for Indian equities. Their offerings include Close ended Category III Alternative Investment Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Advisory Services for Domestic and Global Investors and UCITS Funds. In just 5 years of incorporation Abakkus has established itself in the Indian equity horizon both in terms of performance and growth in assets. Ambition and vision is to make Abakkus, one of India’s most revered and top performing asset managers over time.

Investment Approach

  • Benchmark Agnostic portfolio of around 40 companies “Bottom Up” investing in companies with decent profitable growth
  • Disciplined approach to investing across market caps and sectors
  • Focus on a value-conscious style of investing
  • Low churn long-term ideation-based approach to investing
  • Endeavour to generate alpha over 3–5 years holding period
  • Select IPO investments as an Anchor Investor \ QIB \ Pre IPO

Fund Characteristics

  • Unique 40:30:20:10 approach to portfolio construction
  • Capturing opportunities across market capitalization
  • Lower volatility through large cap and larger mid-cap exposure
  • Focus on alpha creation via exposure to mid, small & micro caps
  • Risk discipline and management by way of position sizing
  • Liquidity management as smaller capitalization companies have incrementally smaller weights

What To Expect

  • Profitable Businesses
  • Value Conscious Approach
  • Alpha focus
  • Diversification
  • Value Unlocking
  • Decent Earnings Growth
  • Decent ROE
  • Low Churn
  • Investment rather than allocation
  • Value paid commensurate to future profitability

AIF Positioning

Equity Market Outlook
Economic growth expected to accelerate, Valuations above 10-year average but reasonable. Indian economy relatively outperforming developed as well as other emerging markets

Portfolio Stance
Capturing opportunities across market capitalization 

Value-conscious style of investing in companies having robust business models and earnings growth

Alpha Generation Approach
Investment rather than allocation-based approach across market caps

Themes we are Positive on
Financials, Domestic Growth & Consumption, Manufacturing, Capex, and Digital \ IT

Expected Market Earnings CAGR 
14-15% CAGR

Investment philosophy

Risk reward equation

  • Expected returns must justify the risk / uncertainty taken
  • A good company might not necessarily be a good stock
  • Focus on the price we pay, and value derived
  • What is in the price?

Patient investors

  • Buy and hold
  • Invest in a stock as if investing in a business
  • Think like a partner

Agile and flexible

  • Each investment opportunity is looked upon individual merit
  • Not constrained to a particular theme or style

Alpha generators

  • Believe in investing with an endeavour to generate alpha over the markets rather than just allocating within benchmark index
  • Growth companies where profitability is expected to grow higher than market average
  • Fundamentally underpriced stocks with reasonable growth expectations
  • Mid Cap companies with a scalable business model and growth potential to become large cap

Fundamental driven

  • Bottom-up research with focus on balance sheet
  • Numbers speak more than presentations and hype
  • Returns ultimately are all about earnings

Happy to be contrarian

  • Prefer to be first, early and/or only investors
  • Do not chase the momentum
  • Open to look at companies across sectors, market caps and business cycles

Why Abakkus


Backed by a well-qualified dedicated team of professionals that have cumulative experience of ~200 years


A well-established performance track record over 2 decades in public equity funds and across all market cycles


Follow a start-up culture with high degree of commitment, urgency and passion 


Focused investment in Alpha plays beyond the large number of listed companies supported by non-consensus, in-house research and independent thoughts


Greater flexibility in investing into new sectors, new themes which are backed by entrepreneur driven economy 


Investment team has delivered consistently across market cycles

About Fund Manager

Sunil Singhania : Founder, Abakkus Asset Manager LLP

Sunil Singhania - AIf pms Expert Abakkus

  • Former CIO Equities of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management (now Nippon Life India Asset Management) overseeing ~USD 11 billion of equity assets
  • First Indian to be appointed to the Global Board of CFA Institute, USA (2013-2019)
  • Ex-Honorary Chairman of Investment Committee of CFA Institute (2018-19)
  • Currently, on the IFRS Capital Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC) and the only Indian member to be appointed (2020-2023)
  • Rated as among the best fund managers (Rated best Fund Manager by Outlook Business in 2016 & 2017 over 10-year time frame)
  • CA & CFA Charter Holder

A unique MEETS framework


  • Quality – Capability and track record
  • Capital Allocation – capex is fine if ROE is maintained or enhanced
  • Capital Distribution – fair to minority shareholders
  • Error in decision – Business errors vs avoidable mishaps


  • Quality of earnings vs reported numbers
  • Actual earnings vs expected
  • Cyclical vs Structural earnings
  • Companies that can double profits in 4 years or less or where EV/EBITDA can halve in four years


  • Stock movement because of events.
  • It can be Buy or Sell opportunity
  • Events on the horizon
  • Disruptive trends/New themes


  • Good company is not necessarily a good investment if price is not right
  • What is the price discounting
  • Time frame of investment
  • Mean Reversion


  • Size of the opportunity
  • Competitive positioning / MOAT
  • Consistent growth in profits

5D Investment process

From universe of 6000 companies, ~1500 companies are investable

Deeper into ~350 companies with the help of experienced investment team using MEETS framework

Macro and microanalysis on >100 companies

Idea generation on ~75 stocks

Portfolio construction and risk monitoring of ~40* stocks

Exit Discipline

  • Fundamentals don’t pan out as expected due to sector deterioration, company specific issues, governance issues.
  • Not shy to accept when thesis goes wrong.
  • Stocks may do much better than expected.
  • Position becomes insignificant and can’t /don’t want to add.
  • New investment idea better than existing holding in terms of risk reward. 

Avoid the four “C” s

Chase Momentum
We would let fundamentals drive our investment decision rather than price movements

Churn Unnecessarily
No trading. No needless churning of the portfolio

Copy & Mimic
We will not be influenced by ‘herd mentality’. All investments have to be necessarily worked internally 

Credit Risk – Fractured Balance Sheet
We believe it is very difficult to rebuild a broken balance sheet and these stocks eventually turn into value traps and hence best avoided

Risk management

Company Risk
The best way to handle company risk is by knowing in-depth details what you own and why you own it. There is no substitute for this. Our uncompromised focus on balance sheet and numbers will help us in mitigating company risk

Valuation Risk
While there is no right or wrong valuation number, we are definitely wary of overpaying. We maintain strict discipline on this

Market Risk
We would be focusing more on the portfolio than trying the futile guess over where markets are headed. While we would be definitely monitoring the market, we believe the best way to handle market risk is by being patient.

Liquidity Risk
In mid and small cap investing liquidity can be a near-term risk, the portfolio is designed to take care of this, and we would urge investors to factor a 3–5-year time horizon

Concentration Risk
Endeavour to have adequately diversified portfolio across sectors and stocks

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

Abakkus All Cap Approach

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: October 29, 2020
Multi Cap
1,865 Strategy -3.5 1.4 21 25.2 11.7 31.9 NA NA 31.8
NIFTY50 -2.9 -1.4 10.9 9.6 6.7 22 NA NA 21.7

Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Approach

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Aug-20
Small Cap
1,430 Strategy -1.4 2.5 31.5 43.7 16.1 41.3 NA NA 37.4
BSE SmallCap 250 -2.9 -1.4 10.9 9.6 6.7 22 NA NA 21

Abakkus Growth Fund - 1

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Jul-18
long only
450 Strategy 2.2 16 28 32 10.3 34.4 20.1 NA 21.5
S&P BSE 200 -1.5 5.8 14.7 8.1 6.8 20.6 10.8 NA 11.9

Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund 

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Nov-21
long only
500 Strategy 5.1 23.7 38.8 45.1 19.1 47.1 NA NA 38.4
S&P BSE 500 -0.8 7.1 16.3 9.9 7.6 21.7 NA NA 14

Abakkus Growth Fund - 2

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Jul-18
long only
450 Strategy 1.1 13.2 24.1 29.7 NA NA NA NA 20.1
S&P BSE 200 -1.5 5.8 14.7 8.1 NA NA NA NA 4.5

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