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Abakkus Growth Fund-1

Abakkus Growth Fund – 1 is a multi-cap benchmark-agnostic portfolio with 30-40 of the greatest ideas chosen from the bottom up. Abakkus Growth Fund -1, like AEOF, aims to generate alpha and wealth creation by buying and holding for 3-4 years. Individual stock exposure is limited to less than 10%, and individual sector exposure is limited to less than 30% in the stock basket. As a QIB, it becomes a chosen anchor investor in company IPOs. To ensure liquidity at all times, investments in listed long stock are made, but no unlisted names are made. ICICI Bank, Mastek, Route Mobile, HCL Technologies, Aurobindo Pharma, Adani Enterprises, Max Financial Services, Muthoot Finance, Jindal Stainless Hisar, and State Bank Of India are among AGF’s top holdings as of December 2020

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception Jul 2018
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Sunil Singhania

Unique Feature

The benchmark-neutral, diversified Abakkus Growth Fund-1 portfolio includes 30–40 firms. The portfolio invests in fundamentally sound concepts chosen using a bottom-up methodology. Large-cap allocation is based on a top-down sector approach with a focus on stability. Additionally, exposure to larger market businesses with enduring operations and strong ROEs for alpha creation From a risk management standpoint, we limit sector exposure to no more than 30% at the time of investing and single stock exposure to no more than 10%. By following our “MEETS” Framework and buying with a normal holding time of 3-5 years, the portfolio aims to create alpha and wealth. The fund was established on July 12, 2018.

A mutual fund-style portfolio that is a little bit more concentrated can be purchased through the Abakkus Growth Fund, with the obvious benefit of the core investment team’s & investment strategy’s well-known consistency. It is one of an increasing number of extremely competent fund managers using the Alternatives platforms to carry out diversified, lower-risk mandates.

About Company

Abakkus Asset Manager LLP is an alpha-focused asset manager based in India. Mr. Sunil Singhania founded it in 2018 and called it after the simplest ancient computing device, the abacus. The goal and aim of Abakkus are to become one of India’s most reputable and successful asset managers. This ideology has shaped the Abakkus portfolio’s beliefs: Keep things as straightforward as possible. Be a firm believer in the basics. Focus on the fundamentals and numbers.

Investment Philosophy

Abakkus Asset Manager LLP is an Indian asset manager that focuses on alpha. It was founded in 2018 by Mr. Sunil Singhania and is named after the simplest ancient computing equipment, the abacus. Abakkus’ objective and vision is to become one of India’s most respected and successful asset managers.

The Abakkus portfolio beliefs have been moulded by this philosophy:-

  • Profitability is predicted to expand faster than the market average for growth companies.
  • Stocks with acceptable growth prospects that are fundamentally undervalued for value companies.
  • Buy and hold: Invest in stocks as if you were investing in a company. Invest as if you’re a partner.
  • Small businesses with a scalable business plan that have the potential to grow into large cap enterprises over time
  • Research from the bottom up with a focus on the balance sheet.
  • Earnings, Earnings, Earnings, Earnings, Earnings, Earnings, Earnings, Earnings

Investment Strategy

  • Benchmark agnostic diversified all cap portfolios.
  • Fundamental based ideas picked via a bottom up approach.
  • Large cap allocation based on top-down sector view with focus on stability.
  • Alpha from exposure to broader market companies with sustainable business and high ROEs.
  • Endeavour to generate alpha and wealth creation by buying with typically 3-5 years holding period.
  • Differentiated Portfolio adhering to our “MEETS” Framework.
  • 15:15:15 discipline: Invest predominantly in companies qualifying in at least 2 out of these 3 criteria;
  • >15% ROE
  • >15% earnings growth
  • < 15 P/E Ratio

About Fund Managers

Sunil Singhania ( Founder ) 

Sunil Singhania - AIf pms Expert Abakkus

Sunil Singhania holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Bombay University and a Chartered Accountancy degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Delhi, with an all-India rank. He has also obtained the privilege to utilize the CFA Institute’s Chartered Financial Analyst credential. Sunil has over 25 years of experience as a CFA. He is the founder of Abakkus Asset Management, LLP, an asset management firm focusing on India that he founded in 2018. He was previously a Global Head of Equities at Reliance Capital Ltd. Singhania has guided Reliance Mutual Fund’s (now Nippon India Mutual Fund) equities schemes to be recognized among the top as CIO – Equities. Under Singhania’s direction, the Reliance Growth Fund (now Nippon India Growth Fund) increased by more than 100 times in less than 22 years. He is also the first person from India to be elected to the CFA Institute Board of Governors, where he now chairs the Investment Committee and serves on the Nominating Committee.

Aman Chowhan ( Fund Manager ), EXP. : 20 Years 

Aman Chowhan-Fund Manager- AIf pms Expert Abakkus
▪ Prior to joining Abakkus, he was Portfolio Manager for all local and offshore schemes for the PMS division of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management.
▪ Having worked at the Singapore office of Reliance, Aman brings along a regional and global perspective in investing and has a strong track record across – long-only, absolute, and long-short strategies.
▪ Part of Investment Committee, Leads the investment team and works closely with Sunil in Fund Management.
▪ Prior to Reliance in 2005 he was part of the research team at TAIB securities, Tata TD Waterhouse, and other brokerage firms. Aman holds an MBA degree from Mumbai University.

Mr. Deven Sangoi – Senior Fund Manager

Mr. Deven Sangoi – Senior Fund Manager

Deven Sangoi is Senior Fund Manager at Abakkus. He has experience of 22 years on the asset management side, out of which 10 years in mutual funds space and 12 years in the insurance industry. His previous assignment was Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Canara HSBC OBC life, managing both Equity and Fixed Income with a corpus of around USD 4 bn (INR 25,000 Cr). Previously he worked with many reputed organizations in financial service space which include names such as Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Ltd, Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Co. Ltd, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co. Ltd & Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance. He is graduated in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University and holds a post-graduate degree in Finance from Newport University.

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