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About Company

Aequitas Investment PMS is one of the country’s best-performing portfolio management service providers. It is a portfolio management service provider that is registered with the Sebi. It focuses heavily on research and aims to invest in high-growth firms. Aequitas PMS now manages more than $10 billion in assets and will continue to develop in the foreseeable future. The firm has one of the greatest three-year track records in the industry.

n Mumbai, Maharashtra, Aequitas Investment PMS is a private limited portfolio management service provider. It has been registered with SEBI since its beginning in 2012. Mr Siddhartha Bhaiya is the proprietor of the Aequitas Investment PMS. The Company attempts to provide the maximum return to investors for the degree of risk they are willing to take and maintain long–term, one–to–one connection with clients.

Aequitas Investment PMS intends to use bottom-up stock-picking methodologies to build a portfolio that reflects the company’s greatest conviction. The firm has a solid track record in the sector over a lengthy period.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2012
Minimum Investment 10 Crores
Number of Stocks 15-20 stocks
Investment Horizon 3-5 years
Performance Sharing 10% profit sharing with high watermarking to be charged annually at the end of the financial year

Reasons to choose

  • One of India’s best-performing mutual funds
  • A long-term plan focused on generating wealth.
  • Excessive profits
  • Multi-bagger Strategy
  • Client Relationships on a One-to-One Basis
  • Low transaction costs and a low churn rate
  • Long-term holdings are taxed at a lower rate than short-term holdings.
  • There are no distributors or intermediaries; the company has developed via referrals.
  • Returns with the lowest risk
  • The best performance over the last five years

Investment Strategy

  • Portfolio management services are available to high-net-worth individuals, Indian corporations, and non-resident Indians.
  • The portfolio management product’s main goal is to produce capital gains over the medium and long term by investing in equity-linked instruments of publicly traded corporations.
  • Aequitas Investment PMS employs a bottom-up strategy when selecting equities for inclusion in an investor’s portfolio, and portfolio management constructs portfolios based on the organisations’ high conviction opinions.
  • The portfolio’s equities are from high-quality companies with strong corporate governance.

Investment Pattern

  • The percentage invested in equity shares and IPOs ranges from 0% to 100%.
  • A total of 10 stocks can be invested, with a maximum of 30. 
  • No single stock can account for more than 15% of the portfolio during the investment term.
  • No single sector should account for more than 30% of the whole portfolio during the investing term.


  • The company strives to maintain a one-to-one relationship with the customers.
  • The company has only one product i.e. portfolio management service, and only one yardstick to measure its performance.
  • The company offers bespoke portfolios, not a model portfolio
  • Companies do not work with distributors
  • The company aim to construct a portfolio with 15-20 stocks across various sectors.

Portfolio Construction

  • Invest in high-quality businesses, with an emphasis on small and mid-cap growth.
  • The majority of market participants are concerned with a price; we are concerned with the company’s fundamentals.
  • Aim to build a portfolio of 15-20 equities from diverse industries.
  • Invest with a 3-5 year time horizon and a low churn rate in mind.
  • For a long period, a value can maintain a value. We’re always on the lookout for triggers that might lead to a stock re-rating.

Company Attributes

  • The majority of the businesses in our portfolio are market leaders with a long-term competitive advantage.
  • Companies must have very low debt levels, and some of them are actually cash positive.
  • A solid long-term performance record, strong dividend payment record, and corporate governance procedures are required.
  • The portfolio price-to-earnings ratio is lower than the market price-to-earnings ratio (adjusted for cyclicality in earnings).
  • In the 12 months leading up to our initial acquisition, the majority of the corporations had done buy-backs or creeping acquisitions.
  • Companies with strong and continuous cash flow generation are included in the portfolio.

About Fund Manager

Siddhartha( Managing Director & Fund Manager )

Siddhartha-Aequitas Investment PMS

Siddhartha started AICPL in 2012, intending to help customers build long-term wealth. Siddhartha has beaten NIFTY over the last nine years as a fund manager for AICPL, delivering industry-leading CAGR returns. Before joining AICPL, he worked at Reliance Capital Asset Management, managing assets.

Finally, it is decided that building your portfolio with Aequitas Investment is a viable option because the firm has demonstrated excellent performance and has one of the greatest three-year track records. The corporate portfolio manager’s goal is to seek and choose stocks in companies with higher return ratios than the market and at cheaper values than the market, which will benefit clients by earning higher returns.

Unique Features

Multibagger Approach
Growth X Contrarian = VALUE

 For the next 3-5 years, the firm must be a growing company with above-average growth potential. The markets reward growth firms with a greater PE multiple.

 Contrarian thinking does not imply doing things in the opposing direction of others; rather, it entails doing things differently. Investing in well-known brands will not result in multi-bagger profits.

 The cost of the item must be reasonable. This is significant since there must be the possibility of re-rating. Multi-bagger gains result from a mix of EPS growth and PE re-rating.

What Makes Them Different

  • No distributor reliance
  • Not influenced by financial news channels!
  • Don’t use Bloomberg. It’s an avoidable distraction!
  • Have only one product; efficient enough to measure the performance!
  • Bespoke portfolios rather than model portfolios.


What is the place of Aequitas AMC in the market?

Aequitas PMS already manages more than $10 billion in assets and plans to expand further in the near future. The firm boasts one of the industry’s best three-year track records.

What is the motto of Aequitas Investment PMS?

The Company strives to give investors the best possible return for the amount of risk they are prepared to accept while also maintaining long–term, one–on–one relationship with clients. Aequitas Investment PMS aspires to construct a portfolio based on bottom-up stock-picking processes that represent the company’s strongest convictions. The company has a long history of success in the industry.

What is the Investment Strategy of Aequitas Investment PMS?

The primary purpose of the portfolio management product is to generate capital gains over the medium and long term by investing in equity-linked instruments of publicly listed firms. When picking shares for inclusion in an investor’s portfolio, Aequitas Investment PMS adopts a bottom-up technique, and portfolio management develops portfolios based on the organization’s high conviction judgments.

What is the investment pattern of Aequitas Investment PMS?

  • The proportion invested in equity shares and IPOs ranges from 0% to 100%.
  • A total of 10 equities, with a maximum of 30, can be invested.
  • During the investing term, no single stock can account for more than 15% of the portfolio.
  • During the investment period, no single sector should account for more than 30% of the whole portfolio.

What is the time horizon of Aequitas Investment PMS?

Invest with a time horizon of 3-5 years and a low churn rate in mind.

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