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About company

With a collective experience of 100 years in the Indian equity market, Lashit Sanghvi, Ashwin Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and Hiren Ved founded Alchemy Capital Management in 1999. Over the previous 19 years, Alchemy has grown in reputation and is now one of the country’s largest Portfolio Management Services (PMS) providers, having advised and invested in over $1 billion in group assets (as of 31st March 2022 ). Alchemy’s institutional history is based on honesty, protocol, intelligence, and an unshakable dedication to constantly offering great client service. Alchemy’s experience, intelligence networks, and continuing feedback from trade and business analysts have guided the main investment management team in implementing only the best-in-class practices to meet customers’ expectations and frequently attempt new things.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2002
Number of Stocks 18-20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Mr. Hiren Ved

Investment Objective

To achieve long-term returns by investing in equities and equity-related securities across all market capitalizations, with a preference for mid-cap stocks.

Investment Suitability

Suitable for an investor wishing to participate in India’s growth narrative through stocks

  • Seeking a portfolio with a high risk-high reward ratio
  • The ideal investment horizon is 3 to 5 years

Track record –19+ years of experience in investment management. An investment of INR 1 crores in the Alchemy High Growth Product in May 2002 might have increased to exceed INR 41.9 crores by February 28, 2022.

Alchemy High Growth, Alchemy Capital Management’s flagship strategy, has surpassed its benchmark in bull and negative markets (S&P BSE 500) 15 of the 20 years in the calendar year.

Unique Feature

  • A long-term strategy for investing in listed businesses 
  • Constant evaluation Disciplined Investment 
  • Process Pioneers in Bottom Up stock selecting 
  • Capability to identify trends early
  • Long-term success rate since launch in 2002
  • A portfolio-specific strategy using specific clients’ needs

Founders and the Investment Group

  • Have over 100 years of cumulative Indian equity market experience. • Have an excellent market reputation based on integrity.
  • Hiren Ved, co-founder and CEO & CIO, brings extensive experience and uniformity in investment philosophy.
  • Maintain a stable and experienced team of investment professionals who have stayed with the firm and absorbed its investment philosophy.
  • Mr Amit Nadekar is the fund manager.

Size & Vintage

Manages/advises over USD 966 million of assets onshore and offshore as of 31 July 2021, making it one of the few Portfolio Managers in India.

Compliance and risk management are given top priority

  • Having an ethical code of conduct in fund management.
  • Having transparency in business, client service, and reporting.

Offshore Asset Management Capability

  • F2005 saw the first offshore mandate.
  • Offshore equities strategies that are still active, with an AUM of USD 187 million as of 31 July 2021
  • It was a Sovereign Fund investment manager for a GCC-based fund with an AUM of more than USD 83.6 million.

Track record

  • 19 years of experience in investment management
  • An investment of INR 1 Cr in the Alchemy High Growth Product made in May 2002 may have increased to approximately INR 41 Cr by 31 July 2021. 
  • Alchemy High Growth, the company’s flagship strategy, has exceeded its benchmark in 14 of the past 19 years.

Quality of clients

  • Sophisticated Institutional investors
  • Sovereign funds
  • Ultra HNIs (Limited universe of over 1000 exclusive families and includes eminent individuals across businesses, families, and professionals )

About the strategy

  • A multi-cap approach that allows for stock selection flexibility.
  • Diversified portfolio with a maximum of 25 stock ideas and the option of being overweight in certain stocks.
  • They ensure that at least 25% of the funds are allocated to large-cap companies.
  • A Mid-Cap-biased portfolio designed to capitalise on high growth due to business scale-up.
  • “Growth at a Reasonable Price” is the Alchemy Investment Philosophy. The growth investing philosophy is based on India’s high-growth economy with robust entrepreneurial values. Our objective is to discover and invest in growth companies through a combined effect of top-down and bottom-up fundamental research to create long-term wealth.
  • Invest for the long term: Alchemy High Growth primarily evaluates stocks from a long-term investment standpoint to reduce the impact of short-term volatility while also capturing a significant portion of the value accretion during the whole life cycle of a growth stock. Compounding is central to wealth creation. Our passion is to seed optimal investment ideas and observe them develop into realising full value; aside from a few specific securities, they do not trade in and out of investments to acquire short-term volatility.

Statistical Analysis

Parameter Alchemy High Growth
(Since inception)
Benchmark S&P BSE 500
(Since inception)
Returns (CAGR) 21.3% 16.2%
Std. Dev. 18.5% 21.9%
Sharpe 0.7 0.4
Beta 0.8 1.0


With a collective information of a hundred years withinside the Indian equity market, Lashit Sanghvi, Ashwin Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Hiren Ved based Alchemy Capital Management in 1999. Alchemy has grown in fame over the past 19 years and is presently one in every of the most important Portfolio Management Services (PMS) issuer withinside the country, having lent our recommendation and funding abilities to USD $1 billion (as on 31 March 2022) really well worth of organization assets. Alchemy’s institutional pedigree rests on integrity, process, perception and an unrelenting endeavour to provide constantly advanced consumer experience. Alchemy’s experience, intelligence networks and non-stop statistics from exchange and enterprise analysts have guided the middle funding control crew in adopting not anything however the best-in-magnificence practices to supply on clients’ expectancies and frequently purpose to exceed them. In return, they’ve recounseled us for our efforts.


  • Ideation
  • Interact with management of the companies and eco system
  • Financial Analysis
  • Regular reviews to assess ongoing risk-reward and anticipate risks
  • Exit strategy

About Fund Manager

Mr. Hiren Ved : Alchemy Capital Management’s Co-Founder

Hiren Ved_Alchemy

Mr. Hiren Ved, Alchemy Capital Management’s Co-Founder, Whole-Time Director, CEO, and CIO. He began his equities market career in 1991 and spent the first nine years of his career in both sell-side and buy-side research jobs before joining Alchemy in 2000 to lead the firm’s Asset Management Unit. Hiren is well-versed in a variety of industries and is well-known for his bottom-up research and stock-picking abilities. Over the last 19 years, he has established a long-term track record of delivering considerable alpha. For Alchemy, managing and advising funds worth $1 billion USD (as of31st March 2022) across domestic and offshore mandates.

Investment Philosophy

  • The strategy invests in equities through market capitalizations with a heavy mid-cap bias in order to produce long-term returns.
  • A diversified portfolio is one with a limit of 25 stock ideas and the potential to be overweight in those stocks.

Primary objective of this Alchemy-high-growth is aimed at generating risk-adjusted returns, with a long term target. The structure of this strategy is carefully crafted with assistance to fundamental objectives and data. Stating the parameters of investment, companies which have higher growth to that of cost of capital are chosen. Also, preference is for companies which have managed to keep a track record of consistent and continuous growth. Furthermore, on the basis of certain valuations, quality assessment and risk management is performed to carefully pick out the most valuable companies, which are likely to fetch in higher CARG.

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