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About Company

AlfAccurate’s focus is only on the fundamental skills and outstanding track record of our investment management team members.
Unlike many of our competitors, we do not provide additional services such as wealth management or brokerage, so there is no conflict of interest.
This allows our team to strategically operate at the highest levels of corporate governance in a transparent way, while also providing the necessary time and resources to focus on what’s actually essential – in-depth research and agility in tracking the appreciation of your investment.
You have unparalleled direct access to our team of fund managers, as well as access to our robust partner network.
Client onboarding is simplified, inquiries are answered quickly, and portfolio performance is updated on a regular basis, to name a few benefits.
Through our publication AAA Insights, we hope to dispel myths and misconceptions about investing possibilities and help you gain a better understanding of the investment environment and decisions.
Our whole staff is dedicated to giving the most customised service possible at all times.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2009
Number of Stocks 46
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Dr Rajesh Kothari

Unique Feature

ALFACCURATE invest in businesses with established management, a solid balance sheet, exceptional profits growth, and excellent corporate governance based on our unique 3M Investment Approach. ALFACCURATE think they can preserve money and offer stability through market cycles by making long-term investments in businesses with strong fundamentals and lasting competitive advantages.Our 3M model of market size, market share, and margin of safety guide our radically resilient strategy.The investment approach for India places a high emphasis on exceptional and sustainable growth

30 high-quality, concentrated growth firms Pay attention to businesses with solid balance sheets and excellent returns on invested capital A portfolio of 30 market leaders with solid corporate governance, significant development potential, and a three to five-year investment horizon makes up the ALFACCURATE AAA PMS plan.

ALFACCURATE navigate new territory with the support of a rigorous exit strategy and our primary focus on diversification, which naturally reduces market risks. Our approach is to adapt fast to change, guard your money against market shocks, and produce wealth over the long run.

They are dedicated to using a disciplined, fundamental, research-driven approach to identify well-managed, shareholder-friendly companies with sound business models where ALFACCURATE see a strong likelihood of continuing profitability and positive shareholder returns as part of our mission to deliver attractive long-term returns to our clients. A disciplined exit plan, cautious risk management, and the selection of 3M stocks form the foundation of our distinctive 4-Step Investment Process.

Investment Philosophy

  • To produce substantial investment returns, the scale of the opportunity should be immense.
  • The business should be profitable on a regular basis and among the industry’s top players.
  • The business should have a fair opportunity for growth while maintaining a reasonable margin of safety.

About Fund Manager

Rajesh Kothari : Founder & Managing Director Alf Accurate Advisors Pvt Ltd

Rajesh KothariMr. Rajesh Kothari is the visionary Founder and Managing Director of AlfAccurate Advisors, and he is the driving force behind AAA being one of India’s most renowned and award-winning investment management organisations. He has conceptualised and executed AAA’s unique Radically Resilient investment ethos and 3M investment philosophy towards consistent superior risk-adjusted returns over the past 11 years, with 25+ years of rich experience in the Indian capital market and deep expertise in Long Only & Long Short investment strategy.As a dynamic and results-driven leader, he brings smart analysis, incisive insights, and a results-oriented approach to driving high returns to the table. Millions of investors around the country watch him as a respected market analyst on CNBC TV18, TimesNow, and Bloomberg. He has also served as a keynote speaker at a number of events.

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI


Multi Cap
₹ 1,878.62 Strategy 6.10 10.00 15.60 28.30 13.80 20.70 17.70 20.20 18.80
BSE500 8.00 12.40 18.50 26.50 15.10 20.40 17.60 16.10 13.00


Multi Cap
NA Strategy 7.16 9.59 8.95 17.63 9.84 15.78 16.39 NA 14.43
Index BSE500 8.0 12.3 18.5 26.6 15.1 20.4 17.6 NA 13.6

AAA Budding Beasts

Mid Cap
NA Strategy 3.00 10.24 21.57 47.09 24.08 32.32 NA NA 32.32
BSE MidSmall Cap 8.0 12.3 18.5 26.6 15.1 20.4 NA NA 20.4

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